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  1. Canucks win 6-5 canucks take more shots McKinnon takes the most shots
  2. Easily scenario 2. Just like Edmonton in ‘83 and Pittsburgh in 2008.
  3. I think though that mutual termination is as likely as retirement. And what’s more is after he takes his bonus I think a team would take him for 1.5 million for one year. I think he’s worth it. Our dislike is based on not having performed to his cap hit/salary. He could play a good defensive game and he wouldn’t have the 6 million dollar cap hit expectation. He could take the money and run, but to a different team with far lower expectations that end his career on a more positive note.
  4. I hear a lot of talk about somehow getting sweetness to retires this summer, and that’s all well and good, but what if he doesn’t want to? Assuming he wants his bonus paid out this summer, and assuming he still wants to play hockey, why can’t the two sides terminate his contract after July 1st so he can sign with another team at a good price a la Kovalchuk? Is there a reason people don’t mention this option? It’s all, ‘retirement,’ or, ‘trade with a sweetener/salary retention.’
  5. I was gonna vote Miller but my clumsy fingers tapped Markstrom and as I was about to change it I hesitated and decided to stick with Markstrom. He’s the right choice as he’s had one hell of a season and been a wall more times than we should have needed him to be. While Miller edges out Hughes for me, they are the only other two that I even considered. I give it to Miller over Hughes because despite Hughes being a revelation on the back end and a superstar like (or better than) Pettersson, Miller has set the tone for not only the forward group but the whole team and he’s done it every. single. game. He plays hard every shift, goes to the dirty areas, is constantly engaged and makes good plays. Without him I think the team’s identity doesn’t form in the same way it has over this last year and the Canucks don’t make the same jump in progress.
  6. 6-4 Canucks Pettersson scores first Virtanen with the game winner