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  1. Purchased a Schwinn airbike this week to get my cardio back in shape. My god, I'm getting my ass kicked with HIIT and Tabata interval training. Such a punishing but satisfying workout in 8-10 minutes.
  2. That was definitely the case when I had my equipment inside - I was barely using it. I've since moved everything outside under my balcony with modular gym matting and it's been working great.
  3. I also find having everything so accessible should really eliminate any excuses not to get a workout in. One of the biggest hurdles was actually getting the motivation to make it to the gym (too far, too tired..etc.). Cant really play those cards anymore. On the topic if pets interfering - I totally empathize. I have a couple of clingy/affectionate birds in the house that refuse to give me refuge while they are out free.
  4. Installed a TRX suspension system at as well as a resistance band interchangeable set at home recently. Coupled with healthier eating and consistent sleep patterns, I've been getting the best results I've had after years of gym memberships. Accessibility and versatility of being able to seamlessly flow from exercise to exercise is really paying off in terms of results. Along with a couple free weights and kettlebells, and I'm quite a happy camper with my makeshift home gym.