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  1. Actually 3 .....The Sens are worse than both the Leafs and Jackets
  2. Saw them at Edgefest at UBC in the late 90's with Foo Fighters, Creed, The Hip, Watchman, etc. Some good times
  3. Ron McLean giving a shout out to the Sedins and the Canucks Autism Network Charity hockey tournament. Classy. Great organization thats really helped my son and our family.
  4. I grew up listening to Green Day in high school and now my 13 year old loves it. I think its awesome.....better than half the other crap out there these days!
  5. I don't even let my pee wee football team tell me the positions they want to play. Lol
  6. Maybe he was really the "Bicycle Man" in Different Strokes.
  7. He's a negative tool. I seriously to block him cause 1040 retweets his crap. I honestly thought I was gonna snap and tweet something at him I would have regretted. I actually dislike the guy more than Jeff Paterson.
  8. What did that A$$ Hat say? I blocked seeing anything from that idiot on Twitter cause he is such a d bag.
  9. I had John and John on my Sportsnet Feed. I like Rick Ball. He's a 100 times better than Dave Randork.
  10. Not sure how appropriate it was he mentioned the passing of Markstrom's father...but maybe thats just me. I believe Oake lost a son a few years ago but I've never been a fan of his.
  11. Canucks the perfect tonic for teams on losing streaks and struggling goalies.
  12. Back in Toronto working for the week. Aweful Sportnet Leafs homer coverage. Aweful fans. 10pm is a crappy local start time.