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  1. @DarkIndianRises kidding earlier, cool thread. thinking about players like Pettersson and Bure together is always fun. I'll have to think about a full team though
  2. 2011 This is what we live for. By far my favorite intro ever.
  3. Jersey mail day! I have been wanting this one for so long, happy to finally have it!



  4. Got around to taking photos of some jersey collections today! Victoria Salmon Kings collection: Hartford Whalers collection: Early 2000's Canucks collection:
  5. I gotta admit, im just posting this to continue the status update trend.

  6. I really hope MacEwen makes the lineup, he brings a lot of grit which would really spark the team
  7. Want to get everyone's thoughts on what you think the Canucks lineup will (or should) look like when hockey starts up again. With a healthy team, these lineups should look pretty solid.
  8. Share your wonderful jersey collection here! I didn't notice any recent thread about this topic, so let's see how this goes! This includes non-canucks related jerseys as well, if you have any. If you don't have photos of your jerseys you are welcome to talk about your jerseys instead, jersey stories are always welcome. If The Hockey Guy sees this thread, well, let's just say we have all lost. I'll share some more photos of my collection after I get some decent photos, I have many more (maybe too many ) I look forward to seeing yours. On day #2 of the Canucks training camp in Victoria, I got my Adidas Pettersson jersey signed by Elias himself. On day #2, I got my 50th anniversary jersey signed by various players of the 50th anniversary team. It was really cool meeting all the players. This is the newest addition to my collection, it's a game-model 2010 Canada Olympic signed Crosby jersey (#1924/2020) It's the jersey I have always wanted, and it's so great to finally have it in my collection. Hanging in the background is my Canada world juniors jersey and a team Canada jacket. Victoria Salmon Kings collection: Hartford Whalers collection: Early 2000's Canucks collection:
  9. honestly I was just looking for an opportunity to use that gif
  10. as someone who has gone to games since season one, I can verify that prices in the concession have gone up a lot in price. Drinks have gone down in size over the years as well (without going down in price) which is bad. Anyways, I was surprised to see this GM move too. Although the Royals have never made it past the second round, I thought they had always done fine. We'll see how this goings I guess.
  11. FINAL RESULTS: -- 1st place: (72 votes in final round) -- 2nd place: (43 votes in final round) -- 3rd place: (32 votes in final round) -- I expected the final results to be a lot like this, and i'm sure everyone else did too. The skate flew the entire tournament and finished 1st, the original stick-in-rink went through two ties to finish 2nd place, and the blue orca with no wordmark finished in a solid 3rd place. Thanks for voting everyone! It was a fun tournament and I hope to do something similar again in the future.
  12. I was going to include that, but in the past people have said it's not actually a logo