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  1. Ehlers practically doubled his production from age 20-21.
  2. Demko
  3. I just think that purposely injuring other players is wrong, not to mention highly illegal. There now I "literally" stalked you.
  4. All I did was show you a few players that would stand up for McDavid. Trying to injure players is a sure way to make the entire league including refs to hate you.
  5. Learn english.
  6. Maroon, Lucic, Nurse, Kassian.
  7. Gotta love when people fill in each spot in the lineup with future prospects and in reality 2 years down the line there are 3 of them in the lineup and the rest are gone.
  8. The only team that is a Gudbranson away from the cup is Pittsburgh. They'd probably trade a 1st for him.
  9. You asked what would a better Dman that couldn't bolt to Russia get. Sergachev is good but unproven and they had to add a conditional 2nd to get Drouin. A proven Sergachev with no risk of leaving would have got Drouin straight up. Meaning a better Dman with no risk of leaving for Russia would fetch one of the best young forwards in the league, straight up. On the other hand, a 25 year old Dman with very few points that just missed almost a full season of hockey would not fetch the same thing, not even close.
  10. Drouin straight up.
  11. Everyone is always high on prospects, but it is very unlikely that even half of them will make it.
  12. Not at all worth it though.
  13. Gudbranson and a 1st gets Sergachev.
  14. Fair points. I will only ask that individuals choosing to create a topic first search to see if their topic has already been made. That way we can contribute to an existing conversation and avoid flooding the boards with redundant information.