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  1. Aquaman has a pretty good drafting record then.
  2. Nobody gives a young proven AHL goalie with 10 or so NHL starts a big paycheck. I think this is a very fair value and I would have jaw dropped to anything more.
  3. Couldn't find Bo on the list, no winner this year I guess.
  4. I have one of Pavel Bure's petrified turds from 1992, what do you guys think it's worth?
  5. It amazes me that Trident has never used him in a commercial.
  6. Dipietro is 8-0-0 in the playoffs. Not saying he will get you a top 3-4 pick but I think he is an A prospect hands down.
  7. Who is this guy haha, entertaining but I feel like everything was written by a 10 year old.
  8. I think it's a great idea. Give him one last opportunity to be an offensive player, if he pulls it off, trade him. If he doesn't, bury him on the 4th line till he is completely useless.
  9. You can only protect 1 goalie in the expansion draft.
  10. Would have been nice to have dorsett and roussel
  11. You're oldnews bud, insults that you threw around without thinking in the 80s turned out to be pretty offensive. The Canucks are huge supporters of children with special needs and so am I. Hopefully this rubs off on you someday.
  12. You've managed to lie about a portion of the insult, doesn't explain the rest though.