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  1. SedinMadness

    [Waivers] Eddie Lack

    he is better than markstrom
  2. SedinMadness

    [Waivers] Tomas Plekanec

    ya something is up with that. no respect or is it on his demand
  3. did keith hold up or try and avoid no. further discipline is needed just for that reason alone. no sympathy for a guy who is well known for dirty hits. stop trying to play the other side of it.
  4. SedinMadness

    Matheson hit on Pettersson

    no one should have to take a punch to the head! its hockey and not boxing!!!!
  5. SedinMadness

    Matheson hit on Pettersson

    we all have to remember that the canucks are for ever tainted with a bad history of bertuzzi and what happened with moore situation. players and coach were probably told not to respond. This is where stuff can get out of hand and go very wrong. I like the canucks not reacting to this. punishment was served by the nhl the right way!
  6. SedinMadness

    Mike Gillis TSN 1040 Interview

    i thought 94 was the best. in 94 the canucks had a way tougher battle and man the series against the rangers was unbelievable. end to end action. That was the best series ever in my opinion.
  7. It would cost us too much. I like our new young talent
  8. SedinMadness

    [Signing] Predators sign Dan Hamhuis

    i actually wished he signed with us again. we were so much better with him in the line up.
  9. not what i just heard! I heard from the same place team 10/40 not a real source by the way that there wasn't going to be a president named.
  10. SedinMadness

    Thank You Jim Benning.

    as I said it before! Believe in Jim Benning. For the hand that was dealt to him It would of taken a lot of time to change the team. He had to deal with a lot of bad contracts. Wonderful scouting job. Good hire linden!. 3rd or 4th liners is just what we need to defend our prospects. Go canucks Go
  11.  So when Sutter get hurts this year, they have a back up plan! finally canucks getting depth players!

  12. SedinMadness

    [Signing] Canucks re-sign Sven Baertschi

    Now we got more grit look for baert to be a scoring machine. Brilliant signings Jb
  13. SedinMadness

    [Signing] Oilers sign Tobias Rieder

    Oilers matching the Canucks with more grit
  14. awesome! I love the signings. Players have the upper hand in free agency. you want them then you have to give them what they want term and money. are you going to over pay, yes!! more term then you want Yes!!. you have to accept or they move on, simple. These signings will make us tougher to play against, which is what we really need. Also experience with the youth is also what you need for development, awesome signings. Now we need some goal scoring! and change up the Defense.
  15. Every player gets overpaid in free agency. It's how you get them to sign