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  1. From the sounds of things he has skating issues holding him back, along with a lack of players capable of helping him down in Bridgeport. Dal Colle would need a great playmaker to help him make the next level. - Dopper Prospects report from June 2018 Guess we kind of lucked out he wasn't there when we drafted Virtanen
  2. [Trade] Hoffman to Florida

    Maybe Quebec will get a team after all, just not an expansion. Can imagine Sens will have many fans at games this year, they were already struggling last season...
  3. I don't question his ability, I question his drive. I seen a few Bridgeport games and he just seemed disinterested. If JB can pull a couple more trade like 2nd for Baertschi, or a whats his name for Granlund, Pedan for Pouliot ect. I'd be happy with that. They don't all have to be rock stars, but if they can slot in and fill a roll, with ability to move up and down the line up during injuries fantastic!
  4. How about Goldy for Milano and Leipsic for Petan. Not sure if Dal Colle is worth it or not, I'd personally stay away.
  5. Looks like Sharks didn't really want Hoffman, flipped to Florida for picks
  6. Then you could flip one of those 26th or 28th along with the 39th for one of Philly (14th, 19th) or NYI picks (11th, 12th). Which ever one would accept
  7. All you really need to do is look back at our 2011 group. We had solid D, no one was elite. We had solid forwards having career years, and fantastic Goaltending. That was a well rounded group, just got unlucky with some injuries, suspensions and questionable refereeing
  8. Adam Gaudette | #88 | C

    No where near good enough, why? I could say that about any player on a bad team... Back up your comments... I think he did well for what he was asked in those last 5 games. I think he has a bunch of stuff to work on, I believe he knows that too. So who's to say he doesn't have a monster off season and is ready to contribute at the NHL level next year. Personally I don't think the AHL is much, if at all better than the NCAA. I think he could learn things in the AHL and get more off ice training time with most games happening on weekends, but would not be opposed to him being in the NHL, better than some of the already full time guys the Canucks put on the ice last year... If he was a Nashville prospect or a Boston prospect, yeah I would leave him in the AHL, but he's a Canucks prospect and they need all the help they can get
  9. If we could get Grabner on a 1 year 2 to 2.5 mil deal, he has a lot of what this line up was missing. Speed and scoring, who cares if his IQ isn't as high as some
  10. Hopefully JB is reading Canucks Army, I think its a great idea.
  11. Can Benning nail the pick?

    Hopefully Coach Green is telling him to watch Wilson in these playoffs and start bringing that edge to his game
  12. What do you offer sheet him, I mean Carolina may or may not match, but if you are looking between 4 and 5.8 million you are giving up a 1st and 3rd. May as well just trade them a 1st and 3rd for the guy
  13. [Proposal] Chicago's 8th Overall

    Possibly one of NYR 3 1st rounder's for the Prospects or a couple 2nds.
  14. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    KHL season ended back in April, so yes, his season is over. 2 more years on his Contract with Auto before we find out if he does indeed want to return and make the NHL.
  15. Proposal (TRADE) VAN-CAR

    Still no, we are not in win now mode to give up any 1st round picks for the next few years