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  1. I didn’t know we were supposed to be grateful when they do their job for once and call a legitimate penalty that benefits our team.
  2. What an absolute BOMB from JT Miller on the OT one-timer to put this one away
  3. Refs miss a blatant head shot on our captain but yet the league pulls him from the game for concussion protocol. Not only do we not get a powerplay, but we lose one of our best players for the remainder of the game.
  4. ROOSTER!!!!!! Second of the game!!! Third line strikes again!!! Great rebound/pass by Jake.
  5. Second goal of the game for Leivo! Making a strong case for why he should stay in the lineup.
  6. Scary ish. Glad you’re okay! I had a grinder disc explode while I was using it once. Quickly did the body check. Only casualty was my underwear.
  7. Maple Syrup theft. In Canada I believe that’s the only crime that still calls for the death penalty.