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  1. [Signing] Lightning re-sign Louis Domingue

    Well played sir.
  2. [Signing] Markus Granlund, 1 year x 1.475

    @HerrDrFunk @VanGnome FYI - Merged your threads into one.
  3. Islanders and Tavares agree
  4. [GDT] 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    It’s finally here! Happy Draft Day everybody!
  5. IMO the only way we should pass on a Defenseman with our 1st overall pick is if Zadina falls to us at 7. Change my mind!

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    2. Drive-By Body Pierce

      Drive-By Body Pierce

      Refer to Sekeres's tweet regarding Zadina.



      BEST PLAYER AVAILABLE,however we are in serious need of defense men that know what they are doing.

      Play hard in your own zone, and jump up into the play at the right times to create that "killer" trailer guy offensively.

    4. Tre Mac

      Tre Mac

      BPA, I wouldn't mind another Boeser on this teamB) OW.

  6. Canucks looking for a new goaltending coach

    Thank God.
  7. FYI - Your thread (in this format) is more appropriate for the Proposal and Armchair GM’ing subforum with a “Discussion” Tag. I have taken the liberty of moving and tagging it for you. Thanks.
  8. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Richard Bachman

    What about when’s his contract expires? Should we “Let it ride” or should we let him “Roll on down the highway”...?
  9. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Richard Bachman

    Looks like Bachman is “taking care of business”... Amirite?.... nudge nudge... ... I’ll show myself out.
  10. Live feed from Ottawa Senators HQ



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    2. Rounoush


      I liked how TSN pointed out that it was only 13 months ago that they were a goal away from the Stanley Cup Finals. What happened?!

    3. Blömqvist


      @Rounoush Their franchise crashed harder than we did after 2011

    4. Roger Neilson's Towel
  11. [Trade] Hoffman to Florida

  12. All because she didn’t want to lose him... How’d that work out for ya?
  13. [Proposals] Rebuild (Weaponizing our Cap Space)

    A string of trades like this would literally never happen. I appreciate the effort though! Maybe you should put down the NHL 18 controller and go enjoy this gorgeous day!
  14. Canucks release 2018-19 preseason schedule

    I’m sure that one is for LA fans in the states, not for Canucks fans in Canada. You weren’t under the mistaken impression that Bettman cared about Canadian fans were you?
  15. Eklund Rumour (huge grain of salt), Tavares planning on meeting with Canucks before UFA.


    Here is the quote:



    Tavares and Vancouver...

    Was just told by a source that Tavares has planned to visit with Vancouver during his five day window leading up to July 1. This doesn't mean he is going to sign there, but it is perhaps most interesting because this is the first team I have heard mentioned in a "Tavares visit" which implies Tavares DOES plan to let this go to July 1 and visit teams.."


    This is most likely just click bait so I won’t bother to make a proper thread or post the link here to generate revenue for his site. You know where Hockey Buzz is if you want to find it. 


    What are your thoughts on this if you were to take a HUGE leap here and assume this rumour had any truth to it? Would you sign him?

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    2. AlwaysACanuckFan


      ^^^^ Free wine and dine at 


    3. Dazzle
    4. Dazzle


      The link is broken on my side. Anyway, the problem with Eklund is that he throws a bunch of rumours at big market teams like Vancouver and Montreal ALL the time, for no other reason than to attract fans of that market to look at his site. I will admit that he has cracked some rumours, but if you look at his track record, he has missed far more than he has hit. The ones that he has reported as E5 are usually the ones he reports after someone else has reported it.


      Look here to see how 'reputable' your precious Eklund is: