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  1. Late to the party because I had to watch on the PVR after work. What a game! I was on the edge of my seat! Another dominant performance by Captain Clutch, Bo Horvat. What a beast of a player. Built for the playoffs. Nobody questioning his Captaincy now. Cheers to the Captain! 2-0 series lead for the Canucks Go Canucks Go!!!
  2. Unfortunately I’m going to miss this one because of work but I’m super stoked to watch this one on the PVR later. Go Canucks Go!
  3. True Captain material. All heart. Leads the right way. Can’t say enough about Bo.
  4. I am just so damn impressed with this team. The buy-in. Sacrificing for eachother. Finding another gear when it matters most. Proud fan right here. What a game! Go Canucks Go!
  5. Gotta love the boys sacrificing the body for these shot blocks. That’s how you win. Team first. Love it.
  6. Tinted visor and/or white gloves is usually a pretty good indicator that you’re dealing with a world class douchebag
  7. Rookie mistake. Gotta stay a couple pages back if you’re behind live or watching online.