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  1. Most likely this has been said before. My opinion is that the Canucks need better defense, from all players, perhaps a new defense only assistant coach can be brought in. This will still give coach Green a chance to improve the team, changing coaching at this point is too soon? especially with coaching problems from many other teams. My main xperience is collecting broken hockey sticks as a youth from the Montreal old forum and hockey cards with the flat bubble gum inside the card pack.
  2. Maybe a former Canuck could be recruited for coaching, like Yarko Ruutu or Kevin Bieksa
  3. Speed training and weight training for the legs....and new coaches might help
  4. The Canucks have no hustle....they need to move a little faster, nice pass by Hughes to Miller on the goal.
  5. It is good to play the best team, and learn what areas need improvement, hopefully the luck virus will still be with us.
  6. Agree! I just want the Canucks to be a powerhouse, and score goals 5 on 5, but the style of Canucks offence seems to draw a lot of penalties... which lead to pp chances.
  7. I mean to say I would prefer someone like Trotz , Quenneville, G.Gallant, proven winners.
  8. Thanks for the upload, I did not know this about Babcock but I personally would not want him, someone like Trotz , Quenneville, G.Gallant, proven winners. But give Coach Green the rest of this season, most likely will not be any coach available until then, if a coaching change is needed.
  9. I say we need to wait and see how the season goes, and wait for the right coach to become available, Babcock is an eastern coach and may not want to commit to anything right away. Someone like Trotz or maybe AV if available.