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  1. The Canucks have no hustle....they need to move a little faster, nice pass by Hughes to Miller on the goal.
  2. It is good to play the best team, and learn what areas need improvement, hopefully the luck virus will still be with us.
  3. Agree! I just want the Canucks to be a powerhouse, and score goals 5 on 5, but the style of Canucks offence seems to draw a lot of penalties... which lead to pp chances.
  4. I mean to say I would prefer someone like Trotz , Quenneville, G.Gallant, proven winners.
  5. Thanks for the upload, I did not know this about Babcock but I personally would not want him, someone like Trotz , Quenneville, G.Gallant, proven winners. But give Coach Green the rest of this season, most likely will not be any coach available until then, if a coaching change is needed.
  6. I say we need to wait and see how the season goes, and wait for the right coach to become available, Babcock is an eastern coach and may not want to commit to anything right away. Someone like Trotz or maybe AV if available.
  7. Just an opinion: let T. Demko tend net for the next few games, and coach Green: put the team through practise drills, evaluate the weak areas. Is the teams performance good enough ? is it injuries that are hurting this team? If the team performance is good enough, then the outcomes should be fine as they are, just get accustomed to these results.
  8. Just want to mention I really liked that movie Bill Murray starred in "Scrooged"; especially the taxi scene
  9. I have been wondering about Olli Juolevi, why not throw him into the deep end and see if he can swim? he is being kept back for a reason, but it would be interesting to see him play in the NHL. Maybe there are logistic reasons that someone can explain, why he has not been with the Canucks.
  10. Jeff Paterson @patersonjeff #Canucks Benning just told me that while Roussel is skating on own and has been for a while, still looking at late November for full medical clearance to return from knee surgery
  11. Tweet Conversation : is this true? if so who will be brought up to replace Tanev? Vancouver #Canucks @Canucks Injury update: Tanev suffered an upper body injury and will not return tonight. Hughes is now self-partnered. 6:55 PM · Nov 7, 2019·Twitter Web App 70 Retweets
  12. Unless my memory is faulty, I believe it was the Canucks that ended the 10 game winning streak, in Vancouver.
  13. Yes, I want to see that, The Arizona Coyotes are snapping at our heels. I notice that from Anaheim up the point totals are really close with all 9-10 wins. Canucks had a tough game with Anaheim, the Hawks beat them in OT. Seems like there are no easy wins now, GO Canucks!
  14. HA-Ha great. I had this same model Ford Fairmont in 1979, brand new, same color with a 302 v8 auto, it was light weight, like a Mustang, went pretty good. I can't see it ending up in New York though.
  15. There is no doubt Canucks can score goals, it is that dreaded collapse that needs fixing, maybe just going through it will help I don't know what the answer is. There is also momentum swing.