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  1. There's something about the Shark tank that makes me cringe - hate playing the Sharks - especially in SJ But I think the boys are liking the winning feeling and are pushing hard 2 more points to start the road trip - let's go Canucks
  2. Spent a lot of time on the edgeof my chair - great game Well done Canucks - Demko stole the game Happy happy happy GCG
  3. Ready for Canuck hockey - hope the team is as ready as the fans There isn't much room for any losing streaks - let's bring the 2 points home Go Canucks Go And as much as it was cool to see the boys at the All Stars - I want a good old hockey game
  4. A perfect way to go into the break - enjoy it boys - you earned it Hell of an entertaining game GCG
  5. A baby Horvat - cool Didn't the Ferlands just have a baby too? Future prospects? lol Hope the team is ready to play and not thinking about their vacation Go Canucks Go
  6. 6-2 nucks sharks the winner with most penalties Motte scores last goal before All Star
  7. I was expecting a boring trap game but instead I got to watch a fast paced not many whistles game. Good team game and good team win And kudo's to LE - he has played well since his move to the Horvat line - not 6mil well but he is being productive - far more productive then sitting in the press box It is going to get interesting when Ferland and Leivo return - a bridge to cross when we get there as we all know how injuries play out Have this love/hate relationship with Myers - sometimes he is so darn good and sometimes NOT. And the Sharks on Sat - we need those 2 points as well GCG
  8. This is a big game - seems like we said that a lot over the last month - but this one huge ( in my humble opinion) Hope they are ready to play Go Canucks Go
  9. For the most I thought we played fairly well But there seems very little push back - and lack of physicality And the teams coming up are bigger It is test time