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  1. I don't believe they come much better then the Sedins - on and off the ice. Well deserved. So glad they were both Canucks
  2. good gawd I hope the chatter - re the trade LE for Milan is just that - chatter. Louie may not be the player he once was but I think he plays a good defensive game and if not for his horrible contract we would probably be happy to have him in that role. And the other thing to remember here is his contract is not only on him -and I am not bashing Benning here either. It was a bad contract - one that should have been good had it worked with the Sedins. But all that is history. As for the comments - I am not a Swedish translator - but I really do not see Louie throwing Green under the bus - that is not the Louie we see here. I chose to believe something is lost in the translation. (seeing the cup half full)
  3. Saddened by this - felt he sometimes asked the tough questions other reporters skirted around with the team. RIP Botch Condolences to his family and friends
  4. Happy for him - he deserves the call
  5. glad to see you surfaced - some of us noticed you were MIA - thought maybe you headed to the Ukraine to join Fedor
  6. !00 50 25 to our local food bank
  7. One thing I will say regarding Jim - he isn't the greatest public speaker - however - I believe what he was saying here is when this core group -Petey, Brock, Bo, Gaudette, Jake, Demers are in their prime they will be in the running for the cup - until then - keep adding for depth - one never knows where these undrafted gems might come our way.
  8. I thought the letter was pretty straight forward - they own the team so I would expect they have input. I know if it was me I would. There is a lot of $ invested And I believe he sees the same as the majority on here - there is a core group to build around and we are taking steps forward. All is well
  9. Watched some darn good games this season and it has een fun to watch the new core take shape. Thanks for the laughs and information on this forum - you are a great group . Enjoy the off season Look forward to the draft
  10. The last GDT of the season for the Canucks - and it has been a season full of unexpected surprises Thanks to all who put up GDTs for the season - Vintage for the PGT and all the updates Hope for an exciting final game Off hockey - anyone heard anything on Alf? And does anyone know if Fedor is living happily ever after in the Ukraine?
  11. remember Will Lockwood? Sure we could be deeper - but there's a few more coming in this off season. I like JB and crew picking up some of these college kids - one never know who will pan out. Keep building on defense - sooner or later we will find a fit
  12. And they wonder why Canuck fans think the league is rigged - conspiracy folks - conspiracy - refs sucked - Pred fans had it right But 2 assists for QH 43 Brock with a couple really good chances See you Sat