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  1. Prices in the Okanagan and Shuswap have been climbing steadily for the past 10 years. Kelowna is fast becoming unaffordable for the average family. And as people sell their homes in Kelowna they move further north - forcing prices up in Vernon and Salmon Arm. It's great if you want to sell and move on further north - still reasonable prices around Pr George, Quesnel and areas.
  2. [Waivers] Alex Burrows

    As much as I love Burrows it's time for new guys to take the helm and steer this ship into unchartered waters
  3. Recent draft history: Burke, Nonis, Gillis and Benning eras

    thanks for gathering the info Hawk-Eagle I think we have pretty good depth under Benning - whether or not all will make it to the NHL level remains to be seen But it looks more promising then it has in years
  4. what if aquillini want JB and TL to speed up rebuild?

    you truly are an optimist
  5. what if aquillini want JB and TL to speed up rebuild?

    I am not convinced that Linden and Benning would want to cut corners after the last effort to re- whatever they tried. I think they realize that the fan base wants a rebuild - the organization needs a rebuild and we are slowly getting there. But like Smithers Joe I too wonder if ownership would like to speed this up - he did however come out and say that he liked the direction that L & B were on so one can hope his word is good. Maybe I am naive but I think we are close to being able to ice a team to play for the cup in the next 3-4 years
  6. If it ain't broke - don't fix it
  7. I believe he has room to grow yet - thought he made great strides this past season
  8. good read - thanks for that
  9. this will be a fun series to watch Jets in 5
  10. Happy Birthday, Ben Hutton!

    Happy Birthday Hutty
  11. wondering if it is on facebook - I have been checking
  12. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Edmonton Oilers

    I am still sad that's it's over but happy to have witnessed all those years of the Sedins on the ice. Thursday - the hardest game to watch without a box of Kleenex - proud of the fans in Van for the final home game and the support shown. Many thanks to the Oilers and their fans for the send off they gave our twins The Sedin families deserve to have their husbands and dads at home - sure they were well paid for the time they played - but Hank and Dank also missed out on special occasions with their families - times they can never get back, times they gave up to entertain us and fulfill their dreams. I think we are going to miss them moving forward. But we will move forward - the future rolls in over the summer - next fall they take the big step - and we get to witness the next generation of Canucks grow and become our new core of players. It will be exciting. Thanks to all who posted GDT over the season and a special thank you to Vintage Canuck for all the PGTs'
  13. Happy Birthday, Troy Stecher!

    HAppy Birthday Troy
  14. 4-3 nucks 2 points