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  1. To all the members that do the GDT's - a tip of the hat to all of you. @Gassy Jack you seem to have never ending ideas for creativity And how did we manage to get a 7PM game against the "centre of the universe Leafs"? Expecting either a high scoring game or a tight defensive game with little scoring - hoping for a wide open game. We need these 2 points - things are getting tighter in the standings Go Canucks Go
  2. Check your date @Gassy Jack I believe tomorrow is the 10th I hoping for a huge win Run those Laffs out of town GCG
  3. I am not overly fond of afternoon games - any more than I am of morning games With bodies back maybe we can squeak out 2 points GCG
  4. Burrfect evening Tribute was tearjerking Was nice to see Burrows back in the building Canucks win Rous is back And damn that Gaudette kid is becoming a hell of a hockey player
  5. A well deserved honour for Burr Now let's send those Sens out with an L in their hands Go Canucks Go
  6. I so agree - I think too many people look at the past and then the present and just can't see past this. This team will look so different in the next 5 years - we may challenge for a playoff spot this year and next but I don't see us as serious contenders until 2021-22. And at that stage there will still be kids coming up the pipeline hunting down jobs in the NHL. I have been a Benning supporter from Day 1 - (a little prejudiced as I grew up 3 miles from his grandparents, aunts ,uncles and Dad) He inherited a team on its way out - bare cupboards - and yes he made some mistakes whether of his own choosing or not(this we will never know). But I think he tried to put a team together interim until what you see emerging now happened. Sometimes I think the future is so bright people are blinded by the light
  7. For the most part I thought the team played fairly well. But I do think they were tired. Tuesday should strong a stronger push for the W column
  8. Hope they have enough left in the tank for a repeat performance tonight Welcome home boys Go Canucks Go
  9. A fun game to watch.- 3/6 on the road - good trip A repeat of tonight at home tomorrow would do wonders GCG
  10. You're brave OP - which side of the rock did you crawl out from
  11. If the team comes in to play it should be a dynamite game If they are dragging their butts and just wanna get home the Oilers will school them. Go Canucks Go