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  1. If this is not appropriate - someone delete it - as it is not GDT related - but wondering if anyone has seen anything of Alf?
  2. This is gonna be an intense game - probably even intense to watch Bring it home boys GCG
  3. I feel for Ferland - time to heal and don't push to hurry back. Maybe time to retire - would hate to be in his shoes. Much like Dorcett - and does anyone know where DD ever ended up? It's gonna be a tough game today GCG
  4. The team as a whole looked flat last night - hope game 2 is better. And Kelly Sutherland - well I think he should not be allowed to ref a Canucks game - ever But on a happy note - sure is nice to have some games to watcg Go Canucks Go
  5. Chomping at the bit for the exhibition game wed evening - summer hockey - who knew??
  6. @bree2 hoping for the best for your grandson and his girlfriend. (((((hugs))))). Have they tested her or are we still running with severe shortages of test kits? Please let us know how they are doing.
  7. Toronto - centre of the flippin universe - we should be able to veiw the whole damn game on SN Pacific Makes me dislike the Leafs even more with their prejudiced media
  8. So - I am old and have nothing but time on my hands and the mind is in over drive But - did I not hear not very long ago that some of these big govt licensed pot growers were closing operations as there was not enough demand for product - could these same buildings, lights and all equipment not be used to grow veggies?. Some of us are fortunate enough to live on farms and acreages and can have gardens and animals - I am thinking about cities and people living in apartments that won't be able to grow food for themselves - and I am sure there are lots that don't have the 1st idea where to begin. I grew up (you guessed it) in Saskatchewan (and I s'pose I could be related to some of you lol) . But until I was 6 years old we had no power, farming was still done with horses - we had a garden the size of a city block, mom canned everything including meat. This was back before pressure canners so it was a long process for some things - meat, green beans etc. I am not a gloom and doom person - but there are certain life skills that we could be teaching our children right now that are out of school - some of the basics in life. They may need them - I hope not. Take care of your loved ones - your senior population lived through times that required hard work and basic life skills - never once as a child or a teenager did I think I would be able to one day sit infront of a computer and be able to talk to someone across the world in real time. That being said - if we can do that - we can beat this Stay safe everyone
  9. I feel for you - I suspect I am in your parents and fil age group and life is f'n scarey. Lots of phone calls from you, your wife and the grandkids will go a long way. I find I have to shut the TV off or watch something funny, Anything for a bit of mental relief. Get as much fresh air and sunshine (in your own back yard) as you can - viruses don't like UV rays. We are all in this together. Each day look for the positives. Stay strong and know you aren't the only one going through this. A virtual hug for you and yours