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  1. A win is a win Thank You Marky Wings for dinner Tuesday GCG
  2. Demko looks good Bad hang over day? Devils barn? WTH - boring game I thought
  3. Demko - solid Quinn - wonder what his ceiling is - kid is unreal and what a set of lungs Lots to be excited about - PK is running like a well greased machine. PP needs more Vanek Was a great team win GCG
  4. This will be a test to see how we fair against the Cup team from last year - a good measuring stick for the Canucks I think it's going to be a tough one for us to win but I cannot predict a lose for out team 5-4 Canucks
  5. Best game this season so far The next game vs the Blues will kelp show our weak points and where we need to improve - always room for improvement For today we enjoy the last 3 wins Go Canucks Go
  6. Hope Demko can pick up where Markey left off - without stellar goal keeping it won't be easy. Don't know much about the Wings Hoping for a win 4-3 Nucks Brock Petey Bo Edler GCG
  7. somewhere I read he was out of the country - the Canucks did invite him
  8. That was all it was hyped up to be. A great evening - loved seeing Hank pass the C to Bo - truly the best part for me was seeing Bert skating onto the ice. Scoring from everywhere - 3 goals from our D Now if we can just carry this forward . Go Canucks Go
  9. Quinn is a beauty Miller - great addition Ferland - needs to recover from whatever is ailing him and get some energy back Benn - solid 5/6 d man Myers - undecided - parts of his game I really like - sometimes I think he isn't on top of his game defensively Fattenberg - no idea But I think we need to give this a couple more weeks - this is basically a new team thrown together and getting to know one another. let them build some chemistry and let's see where they go