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  1. @FedorFedorov some day you leave me wondering WTH and then I have to think back to when my kids were teenagers. You are a teenager right? Right? If not may I suggest making seeking help. Hockey - we can take the Preds - we just gotta want the 2 points more then they do. Go Canucks Go Goals from Petey, Brock, Jake, Bo and LE oh and maybe Hutton too - we can have 6 can't we?
  2. those poor jackets - Torts gonna tort impressive come back after a slow start - a win I didn't think we would get - this one on Marky Smash'em in Nashville Go Canucks Go
  3. Bo fan

    Elias Pettersson named First Star of the Week

    of course he is
  4. go canucks go this should be one fast paced game- Jackets are young and fast- good competition for our young guns. Hope we have the best sharp shooter
  5. Bo fan

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at St. Louis Blues | Dec. 09, 2018

    so very glad they are "OURS" I wonder what Petey would really like to say to some of the reporters - someone needs to take the filter off his mouth A truly enjoyable game and so great to see our young kids bringing it on
  6. Bo fan

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at St. Louis Blues | Dec. 09, 2018

    if only we could remain healthy life could be grand
  7. Choked I missed the first period and a half - I thought we didn't do well with early games - the times have changed
  8. just got home - turned on the TV - who did the scoring? save me running thru all these pages - anyone please
  9. actually I have liked his game - and not just the last one - he has good hustle, follows through on his checks, fights for the puck and has a pretty decent shot - but then that is just my opinion