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  1. I am still of the opinion that JB is doing a fine job considering the state of affairs he inherited. The move I dislike the most was the LE deal for 6 years - maybe it will still pan out - I know we needed stop gaps as our youth develop. The one thing I truly hope is that Benning and Linden are around as our last 2 years of picks and pick ups develop. Even if 25% of them develop into top 6 players I will be so happy. I think Bennings strongest suit is picking up and evaluating talent. He truly seems to love the scouting end of his job. But perhaps we should re-visit this thread in 2 or 3 years
  2. I like what I see - we are moving in the right direction. The rebuild is underway - the cupboards don't look so bare anymore.
  3. Been here through the good runs and bad runs - and always a Canuck fan I believe I see a good run in the near future - hope it is the Cup for us this round
  4. Burrows Bieksa Linden Hamhuis
  5. 2022 - don't think I will live that long - I'm skidding toward the big oven already and that's 5 years from now. But I think we have some issues to address - our D is not good enough - hope OJ and maybe Subban can be difference makers - and Centres - maybe somewhere in our prospect pool? I am thinking this draft and the expansion draft might offer some hope. And maybe - just maybe Green is an upgrade over Willie. The other thing to consider is some of these teams that made it to the playoffs this year are aging(kind of like we were) - but there are some young teams already making their mark like Edmonton, CBJ, To, Cal but if some of our young guys can make the grade out of training camp one never knows
  6. This is going to get some interesting - lots of projects on hold for now - not so sure which sectors of the economy are going to come out ahead. We wait and see
  7. Optimistic is good I have hopes for our young prospects - I do believe some will crack the line up - some will spend time in Utica or where ever and some will fall by the wayside I am hoping the ones falling by the wayside are few and far between or we can trade them for something Bring on the draft - bring on training camp - looking forward to seeing what we ice next fall
  8. There appears to be some serious talent on the horizon - Dahlen, Goldy, Boesser ,Demko. and the list goes on - draft in 2 month - who knows what we get - more and more I see a team coming together that shows some promise for the future. I hope more of this fan base is seeing the team linden and Benning are trying to develop - still we need to find some serious toughness but they know that. Working on the patience stuff Thanks for posting the Dahlen info OP
  9. Can't say I am surprised - pretty much what a lot of us expected - anything above would have been a pleasant SURPRISE. Have faith Jim will find a good player at 5 and who knows what other kind of deals may be brewing. Do we get Columbus pick this year? Maybe we can do some trading?
  10. I thought Green came across well versed in the interview . He was concise and direct with his answers. Hoping for the best - it's gonna be a rough road but exciting times for the organization. Where will we be in 2 years - who will be on this team then? Who will Jim pick in this draft? Will Jim be able to find a new home for some of our existing roster? Hurry up Sept>
  11. And there you have it - re build - hope everyone is feeling better. I was happy with transition
  12. hmmmm just hmmm Don't really like a 4 yr contract - let's hope it works out
  13. I am sure we don't know the whole story and we may never know the whole story. I don't think Nikita particularly liked playing in Vancouver. More then that I don't think he wanted to play the physical game we as fans wanted to see from him. And not just fans - I think coaching staff pushed him hard to play a physical game. I think Nikita thought himself to be a more skilled player. I also think the language barrier was a tough one. He and his wife were alone in this country (sure there are other Russians here) and in the hockey world in Vancouver did any member of the team, coaching staff or management speak Russian? I can understand his wife being homesick and wanting to go back to Russia (if that was the case) I am sad he is gone - but sometimes you have to do what is right for yourself and family. Now all that being said - I don't think as an organization we should be giving players an out clause such as the one he had. Nor do I think we can let a player come in and dictate terms. We will see how this all plays out - maybe there is more information forthcoming. And maybe this was a move to play in the Olympics?
  14. KB - one of the best Canucks since I started watching hockey - hard to see him in a Duck sweater but glad he's playing and having fun