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  1. Probably already brought up but......................why is Jake not on the ice practising in a 6 man unit? That to me is the confusing part
  2. I suspect that this major increase is also related to the large BLM protests 2 weeks ago. Combined with the lifting of restrictions, large protests, opening up economy............ a recipe for disaster? Oh my
  3. Interesting opinions Personally I think there will be as much pressure in play in games. Additionally I feel coaches will be cautious in a short 5 game series, sticking for the most part to proven line combination. Injuries and poor performance will inevitably require some tinkering Go Canucks go
  4. So if the season is cancelled tomorrow, would the Canucks finish 8th in the western conference and have to surrender their first round pick? Or do they finish 9th based on standings on March 12 when season was paused? And retain this year's 1st round pick?
  5. Yes thanks I'm clear on that, appreciated What I'm asking is what happens if there is NO play in, NO playoffs, the season is cancelled?.
  6. Ok, thanks So if the entire thing is shut down, no return to play, do we keep or loose the first round we traded to TBL (NJ)? Do we finish in 8th or 9th based on standings or points per game when the league was paused?
  7. Question please. As I understand it, if we loose the play in round to the Wild we retain our traded pick and enter the second lottery with 12.5% odds to pick first. Is it only the 1st selection that can be won?. Additionally, if the play in and hub tournaments are cancelled all together do the Canucks finish in the last wildcard spot or 9th? Standings when league paused or final points/game? Thanks
  8. Tell us how you really feel
  9. I'll find a vet and ask him personally. I don't buy into what your suggesting, the vets will be well rested, injury free, and through experience know how to be prepared. Just my opinion
  10. Rusty team? we'll be in the same game shape as them. Gonna be a great short series. I agree, hit them lots, hit them hard, hit them fast
  11. Thank you. We can live very comfortable for 6 months on 1/3 the cost of staying in Canada. I just wanted to say that our concerns are miniscule insignificant to the loss of loved ones, jobs, way of life, etc caused by this virus. Families and people are suffering. We really feel for the affected families
  12. Enjoy! My hope is a vaccine is approved and distributed this fall We want to travel again this winter Love beautiful BC for 6 months but it's a big beautiful world out there, especially with no snow and cold