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  1. Awful? Terrible? wow you really don't like TG Tell us how you really feel
  2. No shiat bro It's Miller time! And all the wining over the trade, guys a gem
  3. What an amazing event to be part of. So proud to be Canadian. WOW Huge shout out to all the volunteers, organizers, traffic police, servers, public transport people......etc Thank you all Huge shout down to all the very very rude Russian fans. I had beer spilled on me on purpose, the Canadian flag ripped from my hands and thrown on the ground, death glares, etc.... They really need to work on the social aspect of being involved in this type of tournament. To Team Canada. I had no doubt, I had faith and knew in my heart after Finland, that we would beat Russia. Half way through the second, down 3-1, it was pretty quiet and the Russians in the stands were mocking us, 6-1 they kept chanting.................................................. Take that Red Machine One thing to share, so many Czech people would come over and ask us "what number is your son" When we told them all 24 were our sons they got so confused. They don't understand why 5,000 Canadians would come across the globe to watch "Junior Hockey" I told them all, you have to be Canadian to understand Go Canada Go Sweden 2021
  4. Huge effort needed tonight, win this game and last year is forgotten, and on to the Gold low scoring game with a single mistake probably deciding the game... I would love a rematch with Russia for the Gold 12:33pm, tick tock, tick tock, THE CLOCK HAS STOPPED MOVING!!! Go Canada Go
  5. yup, we went to Prague first for 4 days over christmas, it was a lot of fun, beautiful city heading to Auschwitz on Jan. 3rd Great Game last night (kinda a blur.......) Power play got the job done! at the 4-2 point i was a wreck!!!! Bring on the Slovaks Go Canada G0
  6. We'll that's more like it Got lacksidaisy up 4, Respect your opponent, tightend up after that Czech took some bad penalties Bring on Slovakia So happy to be here Big shout out to organizers, workers, volunteers, for such a great job
  7. I was at the game We didn't match their speed, physicality, intensity and aggressiveness, period. They out played us all over the ice. Looked like big men against teenagers 3rd period boys on the bench had shoulders slumped and no one standing chomping at the bit to get on the ice. 2 more games to figure out what how and why Go Canada go
  8. you should be here, awesome so far win the gold or not, great experience by all involved
  9. Surprise twilight, they are alive!,, eat those negative words and I hope you get indigestion Go Canada go
  10. Wow What a game to be at. Looked like 70% Canadians in attendance Shaky start but we started skating, few big hits and the game started to swing our way Best to limit penalties and we need to work on a better kill Momentum back and forth all game Wow so glad to be here Go Canada go