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  1. Hamonic on Injured Reserve - Broken Face

    I hope that day never comes.
  2. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    unless he gets traded today
  3. [Official] 2018 Training Camp Thread

  4. Bo Horvat 2017/18 Highlight Reel

    loved the vid. some nice snipes, but, but look where Bo gets allot of his goals, dirty area, hard to play in, extra effort, takes the punishment and is rewarded. Can't win without guys like that. Heart and soul Go Canucks Go
  5. Jett Woo | D

    huh? he is #4 Canada White
  6. World Junior Summer Showdown

    Watched the first, Canada White, USA Blue Nothing fancy or flashy from Jet Woo, held his own defensively, good positioning, no offence at all. Boy oh Boy, just gotta say, Evan Bouchard is a man against boys out there, controls the play, gets shots through, physical, always came out of a board scrum with the puck. That Brady Tk is a big boy, antagonist, force out there for sure. Saturday 2pm Canada vrs USA should be a good one.
  7. World Junior Summer Showdown

    USA dominated. IMHO , Quinn is as dynamic as everyone has said. He is definitely high risk high reward player. Many times he just about coughed up the puck, he did actually but didn't cause a goal. He is not 5'10", and many times, when someone can get close, was knocked off the puck while trying to do too much seems somewhat disinterested out there, except when brother on the ice with him. Excited for this kid to grow and put on some muscle to go with that skill set
  8. World Junior Summer Showdown

    I doubt it, but you never know. There are cameras here recording
  9. World Junior Summer Showdown

    USA BLUE Slashy, hacky kinda game, felt each other out in the first, Second Sweden had some momentum and powerplays. overall not a very exciting game
  10. World Junior Summer Showdown

    I'll wait to see him at 7 and let you know
  11. World Junior Summer Showdown

    Finland 2 Toni Utunen Defence L 5'10 172 04-27-2000 Kokkola, FIN Tappara Tampere (FIN) VAN '18 (5, 130)
  12. World Junior Summer Showdown

    Canada White 1 Michael DiPietro Goaltender L 6'0 193 06-09-1999 Amherstburg, Ont. Windsor (OHL) VAN '17 (3, 64) 4 Jett Woo Defence R 5'11.75 194 07-27-2000 Winnipeg, Man. Moose Jaw (WHL) '18
  13. World Junior Summer Showdown

    USA White 24 Quinn Hughes Defence L 5'8" 157 10-14-1999 Orlando, Fla. U. of Michigan (Big Ten)
  14. World Junior Summer Showdown

  15. World Junior Summer Showdown

    For me personally, hoping to see what all the hype is about our new golden boy, Quinn Hughes, I've honestly never seen him play a shift, let alone a game. Should be a great opportunity for the 4 canucks prospects and...... Go Canada go