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  1. We've been in lockdown with a travel ban, had to get a facilitation letter to just drive to airport. That and 6 cancelled flights in the past 10 days, might answer your question We are resigned now after all this to hunker down and wait it out I'm predicting similar conditions in Canada next week so locked down here or there is a lot safer than travel at the moment And we certainly don't expect our government to jump to our rescue as I see others on the news complaining, we'll be fine Thanks for your care and concern Stay safe
  2. Thanks Full fridge and some really good inexpensive wine makes life tolerable. I really feel for families loosing loved ones
  3. Thanks, some interesting points , appreciate your thoughts I think it's difficult for an airplane, airport or train to be a cluster as people are on the move and not stationary for the incubation period 2 passengers just off Westjet from Portugal tested positive Our flight home March 27th was cancelled by Westjet, next available flight April 25th Fyi, the airports here have been swamped with stranded holiday passengers attempting to get home, many checked out of there vacation rentals and are now stuck at the airport as all hotels have been ordered closed. Our plan now is to stay put for April and only come home if there is a government repatriation flight.
  4. Well here in southern Spain it's day 7 of the lock down. Our flight home March 27th is cancelled next available flight April 25! Took a week of trying to contact Westjet to get info! Days spent on hold, emails, Facebook.......... We are staying at a small farm isolated from people but must leave tomorrow. All hotels ordered clossed. We've rented an airbnb apartment for 2 weeks, looking for another to fill the gap. Canadian consulate issued us a travel document to move location. They also recommended that airtransat has a flight leaving Sunday to Montreal, can't book online, probably full, but that we should go to the airport and see if there are any seats available? I'm questioning the recommendation to go to a crowded airport for hours, possibly get on crowded plane flying home from infection hot spot? We are going to hunker down over here and stay safe. Very unfortunate but it's the reality of the times we are living in. Stay safe, stay isolated from people, be supportive of one another. Gosh I sure miss hockey
  5. can live on surfaces for up to a week? Source please
  6. Ps Games are hard to watch over here at 4am on cell data. Highlights don't show how a particular player has been playing Hence the questions Just watched the highlights, looked like a he'll of a game What's your thoughts on the game big guy?
  7. Now I'm being told how to express my self? Wow, unbelievable I'll be sure to have you edit my posts big guy before I dare say or ask anything on cdc Perhaps your anger is misdirected for some reason?
  8. Thank you, that is what my original post was asking........ Typical CDC, get verbally attacked if you dare ask questions and state your IMHO Being a BC boy I really want Jake to be a difference maker on our team. Go Canucks go
  9. I'm getting up at 4am to watch this game Time to turn the whale (ship) around with a big victory. We need everyone at 120%, giver balls for 60 minutes boys, make us proud. Go Canucks go
  10. You didn't see my question marks? You can spout off about whatever delirious thought or opinion you may have, but ohhh my how dare anyone question your boy Jake? Dude really, really? Go Canucks go Jake too arse hole
  11. Been traveling in Morocco and Spain, catching highlights. As I said now would be an excellent time for big Jake to make an impact, we need it badly Nope not trolling, just looking for some concenses from all you experts Go Canucks go
  12. Where's Jake? Has he been noticeable in the past 4 games? I keep my open watching the games but he's been missing in action IMHO We could use some grit, big hit, secondary scoring from him now
  13. You should apply for the coaching job