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  1. aweeee. Thats so kind of you. I love it. Yanks in 7
  2. ik. Im sad. Im in the process of making a new one
  3. There is nothing wrong with what edler did, the puck just skipped past his stick. Coleman put himself in a stupid situation
  4. Game 6 will be a Bullpen Game. I have to think that favours the Yankees. We might see a game 7 yet.
  5. That was poor umpiring. Sanchez would have been on first base if the umpire called strike three, the ball was halfway up the third baseline for christ sake. Instead he looked back and the umpire called a foul ball. The next pitch wasn't even remotely close
  6. I'd take Anathanisou on our team in a heartbeat
  7. So your PP is going to have 2 point men and 2 players that play off the board (EP and Boes) and one guy down low? There are no shooting lanes in that PP
  8. ReggieBush

    NFL thread

    Rams trade 2 firsts and a 3rd (?) for Ramsey who they have to pay, while being 3-3 and 2 games back in the division (with 2 division losses to teams they are chasing). Horrible decision making from that front office
  9. We are getting the runt end of the calls this series. Cole and Verlander are good enough, they don't need strike calls 3 inches off the plate
  10. ReggieBush

    NFL thread

    hahaha. The only thing in SF that will be stopping Russ is the playing surface. Poor grass conditions scare me
  11. ReggieBush

    NFL thread

    I've been saying this.