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  1. Nasty lineup, especially with Judge/Stanton getting healthy, and Gary Sanchez playing actual baseball this year. Clint for Stro and we are set
  2. Willy Nylander might have something to say about that.
  3. Lebron had Kyrie and Wade Kobe had Shaq and Pau Steph had KD and Klay KG had Paul Pierce and Ray Allen Duncan had Manu/Tony Parker and the Admiral Dirk had Jason Kidd MJ had Pippen and Rodman Hakeem had Clyde Isaiah Thomas had Joe Dumars Magic had Kareem and Worthy Bird had McHale and Parish Kawhi had Kyle Lowry and is most definently better than Lebron. Its not about the stats sometimes. He is one of the GOAT's.
  4. Ik. I hope he does. Still going to get that team in 2k tho.
  5. I really want to see a "Big 3" of Kawhi, Draymond, and Klay. That team would be nasty af. Kawhi bout to take over in the 4th. Book it.
  6. That was great play from Green. He played the ball, and nearly got it
  7. Just shows how much more the game has to grow. It is encouraging to see the improvements. You are right. It was classless. I made a Status update about it. I understand celebrating if it is your first WNT or WC goal, but for Rapinoe (the captain might I add) to celebrate the 9-0 is awful. It doesn't happen in the mens game though or at least it doesn't happen very often. Hell, in Italy teams tend to only score 4-5 goals when they outclass an opponent. Look at this u20 WC game from a few weeks ago. Tell me if you see any egregious celebrations during this onslaught?
  8. Obviously I am rooting for the Canadians. I happen to know a few players on the team, so that makes watching that much more enjoyable. Also rooting for the Azzurre as I am of Italian heritatge and have dual citizienship. That victory over Australia was satisfying and the picture below brought back some great memories. I think it astonishing how much the game has grown the past 4 years. Technically, the teams are just so much better. Bodes well for the game
  9. Classless from Rapinoe today. Act like you have been there before. TSN panel response felt a little salty, but I agree with the sentiment.



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    2. Tre Mac

      Tre Mac

      Who's surprised?  Honestly not surprised at all - look at who were dealing with.  

    3. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill


    4. Ghostsof1915


      Makes me hope that Canada, UK, or France or any national team destroys the US in a game in the future. Just to see how they would feel. I bet the US media would be freak out. 

  10. Or you could trade a pick in exchange for picking someone else.
  11. As soon as kawhi was doubled, nick nurse should have called the final TO.
  12. This bothers me. Couldn't the same argument be made for tag?
  13. I would rather keep move the second and keep our goalies