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  1. This came up on my youtube recommendations. Had a good chuckle. RIP Mr. Belak.



  2. People don't like Trump (I am neutral on him as a politician, I think he is a despicable human), but this man is without a doubt the worst leader of a democratic leader on earth. This is unacceptable behaviour for an elected official. What a despicable man.
  3. The amount of disrespect quinn hughes is receiving in this thread is borderline asinine.
  4. MVP- Hughes Unsung- Motte Most Exciting- Hughes Best Dman- Hughes
  5. Life without sports is boring. 

    1. coastal.view


      sports re runs

      so many i have been meaning to watch


    2. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      Got a lot of archived games lying around on my PC.  Time to dip in.

    3. -Vintage Canuck-
  6. Needed Win. Boes looked good after an injury layoff. Lots of energy. Edler was fighting the puck all night Does anybody notice how much of a bulldog JT is in the neutral and offensive zone? I feel like he is lazy in our own zone. We have had no puck luck the last 10 games or so.
  7. ReggieBush

    NBA Discussion

    That is an inflammatory, generalized, and ignorant comment.
  8. Hard earned road win from the boys. Showed good resolve in a game that could have easily gotten away from them. Quinn is going to run away with team awards this year. MVP, most exciting player and Best defensman.
  9. Am I the only one that doesn't see the issue with a Barrie trade? If it is Stetcher plus a pick, it is still a net positive from a talent perspective for a run this spring. It would be rental. Stetch isn't coming back either way.

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    2. ReggieBush


      Tyson Barrie is also a home town boy. @Dazzle

    3. Tystick


      For the right price, I'm all for it.

      Just no over-payment please.

    4. kingofsurrey


      2 different players. Each bring something totally different.

      Barrie seems a bit redundant with Hughes....

  10. Tyler Motte doesn't get the fanfare. But he is one of my favourite players on the team. Hard Working, physical, fast, relentless. Never takes a shift off. Extend him please.
  11. We are going to run away with the division so it doesn't really matter.
  12. Yankees affiliate in I believe Trenton did that. Chapman is just going to put a ball in Altuve's ear
  13. Good value given the market. The way the West is shaped up, we can make certainly make a run and Toffoli can help with that. I like Madden but ultimately we have a slew of forward prospects and I am not sure that Madden projects as a Center at the NHL level.
  14. I was in the 6th grade. Mr. McNeil's class 6/7 split class. We walked all the way over to 41st Ave and Gladstone to see the olympic torch pass by. My favourite moment has to be the Mens Olympic Gold. That team was stacked. @DonLever Worst memory actually happened before the games. The Nomar Kushadvilli crash I saw on CTV and cried. That was some ****** up **** I can't really think of any venue that isn't being used. We needed the improvement in infrastructure tbh.