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  1. The fact that this song was dropped the same of Kobe's passing. Absolute heat. Roddy a young GOAT
  2. Just coming to grips with the massive figures that Southern California has lost the last 12 months. First Nipsey Hussle, and now Kobe Bryant. Those two inspired millions. Its a sad world

    1. Alflives


      Do you mean Nipsey Russell, the comedian?

      Kobe did some bad stuff, but he sure has a lot of people who love him too.  It’s like he’s the OJ Simpson of this generation.  Loved and almost worshipped, but had another side to him that few really knew about.  

  3. ReggieBush

    NFL thread

    Maybe a little bit, but did you know that since Seattle moved to the CLink, about 15% of their season ticket holders hail from BC?
  4. She didn't even testify. She was 100% in it for the money.
  5. This is off base Alf. Adultery is a bad thing but by all accounts he and his wife were able to fix their marriage. As far as the sexual assault case, I am always weary in those situations as I have seen lives ruined by false accusations. I am not calling it that, but refusing to testify seems shady to me.
  6. RIP to Kobe and Gigi. I've just been sitting in my bed remembering all the great moments. Remembering his relationship with his family (particularly his kids). Remembering how he took young players under his wing. Remembering his fade aways. Remembering the look he would give when he was about to take you to the hole. Above all else though, his very sly smile. His shoes were the first ball shoes I ever owned. He jersey was the first ball jersey I ever owned. Kobe and AI were those first 2 guys I looked up to in basketball.
  7. Ciao amici, So I am planning on doing grad school in the USA next year, and of course (knowing my boujee ***) I am leaning towards private schools (Boston College, Georgetown, Gonzaga, Northwestern, and Saint Mary's). I have had help with my education (from family, and through scholarships) up until this point, but the US is a different monster in regards to tuition. So my question to y'all is how did/are you funding you post secondary schooling? I have avoided loans up until this point, and am not looking to incur debt. At the same time, I don't wan't to be a burden on my family. Is a fellowship or being a TA the route to go? Should I become a bookie? A stripper? I would appreciate any advice or insight! Grazie Mille
  8. Its not a requirement but it certainly adds to the resume. Jeter has a full season worth of Postseason appearances. He hit .309, has the most hits, doubles, triples, 3rd most HR, 4th most RBI in Postseason history. I have an issue with people going after all that he accomplished. Its not easy to play in NY, be the captain of the Yankees, to wear the only single digit jersey number not retired by the club, to play shortstop for 2 decades. Other than wearing the 10 for Real Madrid or Barcelona, I would argue that Jeter had the toughest job in sports (considering the market, pressure, among other factors). And he delivered or exceeded on every single thing that was asked of him. He was consistently great. Carlo Gonzalez won three during his Rockie tenure. Larry Walker rightfully got in, but Jeter wrongfully wasn't unanimous.
  9. Jeter also played a ton more games and had a ton more hits. You knew what you were getting out of Jeter each and every year for 20 years. He was by far a better playoff performer. He also played SS not the Corner Outfield, which is by far a more difficult position to play. He also has those moments that are synonymous when thinking about the game of baseball during his era. The Flip, the Dive, Mr. November. Larry Walker never had those moments
  10. Derek Jeter is the single greatest SS in Modern Baseball history. He won gold gloves. He won Silver Slugger Awards. He won more WS Titles than the Red Sox Organization has won in the last 100 years. He is one of the greatest playoff athletes in sports history. He was the face of the Sport for nearly 2 decades, showing class in damn near everything he did. Hell, I think he could have got to 4k hits if he didn't have a devastating injury that shortened his career. Put some respect on his name, is bigger than even some teams in this league. He should have been unanimous
  11. ReggieBush

    NFL thread

    Seattle is 2 hours from Vancouver
  12. Imagine meeting a girl so pretty that your heart skips a beat every time you even think of her. Imagine her having a beautiful sense of compassion, caring, and understanding. Sounds wonderful right? Now imagine her looking into your eyes genuinely, drawing you in, then she flips a switch and begins playing you like a fiddle.



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      Attraction is super important when you first meet someone..... but it will never be enough to keep you invested in the relationship........


      Watched a show recently... talked about the rocket needing enough fuel / jet fuel for the take off......

      But that won't keep the rocket going just on its own.....  


      Or something like that... i was a couple glasses of Shiraz in by that point.....

    4. chon derry

      chon derry