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  1. ReggieBush

    NFL thread

    I think the Eagles will win the division. I think the Cowboys will regress (especially with no Zeke), Washington has no QB, and the Giants just don't have the talent. BC place would sellout for the hawks imo. There is a huge following of the NFL in BC, especially for the Hawks. Something like 15% of Hawk season ticket holders are from north of the border too, so there is that to consider. I think an underrated thing to consider is that BC is the only province where HS Football is played under american football rules, not canadian. I know guys from the praries that can't name 10 NFL teams (let alone players on the rosters) but are very familiar with CFL rosters.
  2. ReggieBush

    NFL thread

    But were they in the right offense? We are talking about an offense that thrives of PA and the long pass. Russ is the best deep ball thrower in the NFL. DK will get his chances to make plays. Its about having a collection of guys that bring different things to an offense.
  3. ReggieBush

    NFL thread

    I think people overemphasis DK Metcalf's faults. He will be a weapon in Seattle because of the vertical nature of their passing game. No corner in the league wants that man running Go's and Posts against them. Seattle will not be a top 5 offense in yards, but I can see them there in points scored.
  4. ReggieBush

    NFL thread

    Sure thing @Chip Kelly Seattle is going to be good on offense. Lockett is fantastic and they have some pieces who can develop into targets. John Ursua is one of them. Receivers are a dime a dozen. It is my personal belief that what separates replacement level receivers and good (not great) receivers is opportunity/targets. Additionally, the first team OL has looked good in pass pro and you know they are going to run the ball. On the defensive side of the ball I am a little worried about the pass rush. I hope that they use a draft pick or two to address that need, especially if Ziggy isn't good to go for week one. The back 7 is going to be really good. The best off ball LB corps in the NFL, and a really young secondary that was ok last season (expect major improvements from T2 and Shaquill Griffin). Special teams looks good too with the signing of Meyers. Seattle is always going to be in close games, so having a quality kicker that you can trust can easily flip L's into W's on the schedule (see 2017 as proof) They will be fine. Expecting 10 wins out of this team
  5. 3 quarters italian. My mom's side is from the Northeast part, near venice. My dad's mom has heritage in the Abruzzo region (East of rome). My dad's other half is mostly danish, with a sprinkle of welsh. My last name is danish which is weird because I am a dual citizen between canada and italy. I identify more with that part of my heritage from a cultural standpoint (food, sports, i speak a little italian too)
  6. City Arsenal Liverpool Everton Spurs Watford United Chelsea 1. City is too deep not to win the league 2. Arsenal meshes under Emery in his second year. That attack is beyond ridiculous, and if they can get a new CB (Umpecano or Rugani) they will be fine imo. 3. Liverpool will have European hang over. I see the finishing in the top 4 due to incompetencies of other teams in the Prem 4. Everton looks nice. They have always been a good side, but recently have been missing a striker. Moise Kean has Ballon D'or potential, if he hits (And im very confident he will) Everton finishes high 5. Spurs are another team that will suffer from a european hangover. I think that defense is on the precipice of being over the hill 6. Watford are a very good side and kept their talent together, they will take the next step this season 7. United are a very meh side. Maguire is fine, but he is not going to solve their defensive issues. I don't think OGK is the answer 8. Chelsea lost their best player, and an absolutely fantastic manager. They replaced them with a talented but green american winger and manager that got the job based on his history with the club.
  7. Hopefully Sevy is pitching by September. I respect Cashman for sticking to his guns. They could have used an arm, but they don't desperately need one.
  8. There are a ton of young pitchers with great arms.
  9. From that level yes. But you could have had a better return if you were not so stubborn. Frazier or Andujar are proven Major League players.
  10. Shatkins at it again. A little chapped that we couldn't get Stro, especially given that the package that we offered was better than that offered by the mets. Yes you need pitching, but to compete in the AL East you need the bats. Andujar/Frazier are two very capable major league hitters. One of them and a couple MiLB arms (not named Deivi) would have sufficed.
  11. Stroman wont get deivi. If a trade goes through, it will be Frazier, 2 Pitching prospects (1 B+, 1 C+)
  12. ReggieBush

    NFL thread

    And then they suspend Jarran Reed today for an incident that happened 2 years ago. No arrests were made. No charges. No evidence that it occurred at all. LIke what.
  13. ReggieBush


    Fed wasn't at his best today, particularly on his backhand and even still Novak only won on tiebreaks. Making the trip to flushing meadows for the second time this year. Didn't get to see Fed last time, but hopefully will this time.
  14. ReggieBush


    That final set of the Rafa-Fed final was some of the best tennis ive seen in a while. This match has been really fun though. Lets pull through Fed
  15. ReggieBush

    NBA Discussion

    What are you even saying. He had Dwayne Wade. And then he had Kyrie Irving. Who did Kawhi have this season? Kyle Lowry? Fred Vanvleet? Differrent realms of talent.