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  1. ReggieBush

    NBA Discussion

    You have Culver as the number 2 prospect, don't @ me again
  2. Brandon Clarke is the West Coast's Zion. Except he has better awareness. he's also from Vancouver so y'all have a moral obligation to root for him
  3. ReggieBush

    NBA Discussion

    Its like you don't even know what Kawahi is about my guy.
  4. I want a Stanley Cup Winning team.
  5. Interesting that everyone has Gonzaga going out. They probably have 5 NBA players on that roster and beat Duke without one of them (Killian Tillie). If their shooters are on (especially Norvell), they won't be beat.
  6. Final 4 of Duke-Gonzaga-Tennessee-UNC Sleeper teams are Belmont, UC Irvine, Murray St. Old Dominion and Northeastern with first round upsets also
  7. Fair enough. But A-Rod was no slouch defensively having 2 Gold Gloves on his own. To each his own i guess.
  8. Bonds doesn't belong in that era. A-Rod was more talented than Alomar and Pudge. We are talking about a guy who lead basically every statistical offensive category at least once in his career and by virtue of WAR had 8 MVP calibre seasons. I can entertain the idea that he and ichiro are on similar talent level though.
  9. That deal is going to suck in those final 3-5 years
  10. No one of his more popular songs but I really like it
  11. is the most talented yes. ARod was right there tho
  12. Yankees did the same thing with Gleyber Torres last year. That scout pisses me off. Alex Rodriguez was the second most talented player of his generation, steroids or not.
  13. ReggieBush

    NFL thread

    Im going to throw this out here. I think Russell Wilson is going to get traded this offseason.
  14. No he doesn't need to be replaced. The expectations that the owner set out for him have changed. It is a mandate from ownership that "wasted" those assets. They are not doing that anymore