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  1. I am Quinn Hughes biggest supporter. He has not been good in the series thus far.
  2. I thought we were really good the first half of this game with no puck luck. Lost our heads a bit after that second goal. I am upset by some of the officiating tonight. In my opinion, murder needs to happen on the ice in order to call 2 penalties in the first 5 minutes of a playoff game. Dumb decisions by Pearson on the "slash" and Ferland's spear. Stalock milked the contact completely. I wanted someone to run him after that. Can milk getting run over by 200 pound man on skates. Also what frustrates me is that Ferland's stick was held for like 7 seconds before the spear. If the refs did their damn job, and called the penalty before then, it wouldn't have happened. Hartman milked that spear too.
  3. The benefit of this is we know that whoever is in net for Minny isn't going to be Hellybuck.
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    NFL thread

    And to be fair. The Seahawks aren't the Jets. Pete Carroll isn't Adam Gase
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    NFL thread

    He literally said that he was playing out his rookie deal
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    NFL thread

    Adams has 2 years left on his rookie deal, plus they can franchise him.
  7. Travis Yost (Hockey Analytics guy) made headlines today by putting Elias Pettersson as 3rd on his Hart Vote Ballot. What has ensued was a "battle" on twitter about who was the Canucks most valuable player this past year, Marky or Elias? All this talk has me personally flaberghasted as I think Quinn Hughes is without a doubt our MVP and best player.

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    2. -AJ-


      Weird choice IMO. Petey was fourth for me this year after Markstrom, Miller, and Hughes (in that order). Not to say he had a bad year, but we had three other outstanding players.


      In my mind, Markstrom should finish top 5 in Vezina voting this year.

    3. Phil_314


      That is a tough vote, just like how I see the Cyclone Taylor voting going down (whether they have it officially or not).  Each of Miller/ Hughes/ Pete/ Marky bring a needed component but none can do it all without the others either.    

    4. coastal.view


      my vote is miller

      marky missed too many key games

      (not his fault, i agree)

      but miller played every game


      and had to adjust to a new team.. which he did seamlessly.. mostly because he played his game and others adjusted to him

      and i really really like ep.. .but miller did have to take so may face offs (which he did at an elite level) as petey is still lacking in that area

      ep40 needed him more then the reverse

  8. This is powerful. 



    1. Green Building

      Green Building

      Media broken, my man.

  9. Does this include non hockey jersey's? If so I probably have close to 60...
  10. That is completely and utterly false. Read a history book man.
  11. Its undeniable that it did March on Washington and Montgomery Bus Boycott. Obviously its not perfect or else threads like this wouldn't be a thing, but don't be foolish.
  12. Uhm. I think the Montgomery Bus Boycott, March on Washington, and Kaep kneeling drew a significant amount of attention and did more than say the Rodney King riots.
  13. Despite not being a racial minority, I grew up in east Vancouver in a school where there was 1 other white person in our entire grade (and tbf we are both southern european, of demographics which have been discriminated against in the last 100 years). Many of my parents friends were minorities. Many of my friends were and still are minorities. All i knew growing up was peaceful coexistence between people of different races and ethnicities (at least in my neighbourhood). I went to University in Southern Ontario, where I would say 75% of my friends were Black, Middle Eastern, or South Asian. There was casual racism (in the form of jokes) in our friend group, but there is nothing but love between us. I did a semester in the US and took a class on the Civil Rights Struggle. I barely spoke during that class, because I just wanted to hear the stories from those in the class and learn the history that surrounds what goes on today. I truly learned in that class of my privilege as a white person in our society. Basically, what I am trying to say is that while I will never truly experience injustices because of the colour of my skin, I have seen and acknowledge the struggles that my friends and classmates and I stand with them during these times with love and in solidarity. That being said, in Toronto there are protests about the suspicious death of a woman who fell off the balcony of her apartment. The police were originally called by her family due a mental health episode. They are claiming that she was pushed by police. What we know about the situation is the following; The woman had a mental health issue She stabbed a family member The Police were called to handle the situation She died after falling from the balcony There were no eye witness accounts of the situation. While I wasn't there, I find it highly unlikely that this woman was pushed off the balcony by police because of the colour of her skin. If in fact the family (who did not see the situation), is trying to take advantage of the tension and vulnerability of the situation is, in my opinion, disgusting. The fact that some assume without any evidence that the police killed this woman is disgusting. 175k dollars have been raised for this family already on a go fund me. While I am sorry for their loss and pray for the repose of Regis' soul, god will judge their actions at final judgement.
  14. So Yoko Ono and Bryan Adams are both trending. Adams sent out a unprofessional tweet about Covid that isn't racist (yet people are assuming it is), and a large contingent of twitter are cancelling him. At the same damn time, people are praising Yoko Ono despite the fact that she used the N word in her music, was an adulter, and drove John Lennon into addiction. 


    Seriously? People are wild.

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      @Squamfan you can criticize the practices of different cultures without it being necessarily racist.  People that are offended often conflate the two.  



      As the saying goes "Just because you are offended,Doesn't mean you are Right".

      Some people aren't satisfied with their lives so they sit in the basement at Moms house and Bitch on "Social Media".or is it "Not so Social Media".

    4. ba;;isticsports



      From a young age John was a tortured insecure lost man who was manipulated by Yoko when he became famous

      Not long after they met, Yoko repeatedly used to stalk the gate outside John’s and Cynthia’s Kenwood estate, before eventually being invited in from the rain out of pity by Cynthia and her mother

      Just after Johns murder, Yoko sent Julian a cheque for $1 (which he framed)


       He since sued her and got a settlement (Most likely not to bad mouth Yoko to keep receiving)

      John Lennon said in his very last radio interview (just hours before he was shot and killed) that like most young men he was more involved with his career than with his child, and he said he regretted not spending enough time with Julian. He also said that he and Julian would have a relationship in the future but sadly they both were deprived of this.


      I never lived his life and would not judge him myself

      As far as him not being a nice person ?,

      You are talking about what John was like when he was a psychologically messed up 21 year old guy, not the pro-feminist, nurturing house husband and father he remarkably became and walked away from the drugs and the music industry to "Watching the Wheels"


      John was a man of peace...grown from a boy of violence...he grew and changed and he wanted to see the world do the same

      I think he brought a lot of joy to Millions of people , (just in his music  alone), far more than most men have (and continues too) than he ever hurt in his life

      How many people that judge him, can say they have reached that many people positively?


      No-one is a saint, in death or in life and should refrain from judging someone else, especially if they were not affected - it is not like he was a murderer, he was murdered and used his powerful influence for World Peace, Women being a pro feminist, before it was popular and Minority Rights


      I don’t believe John Lennon was some saint, some perfect role model, or the embodiment of peace and love. I believe he was a human with a good heart, but not without his flaws. In his words, he was a “violent man who [had] learned not to be violent”. He had the capacity to recognize and regret his flaws, and change for the better. He wasn’t a “bad” person, or a “good” person - nobody is. It’s far more nuanced than that. His path of change does not erase his violent past with his father etc, but it is still commendable. In my eyes, his reflection on his younger self’s behavior, along with his progress away from that redeems his character. I believe that if he wasn’t killed, he would have continued to prove himself to be a better person.


      You might want to see where someone came from, how he rallied for causes, how he changed his life from what he knew as only a child to who he was as he died


      With all that John went through and the pressures and how he transformed himself

      He changed for the better, 

      Why slander his name

      I for one am glad there was a John Lennon





      That is my opinion on speaking ill of this dead man,

      Keep yours if you will

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    NFL thread

    yessir! Love that man! Are you an alum as well?
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    NFL thread

    This is kind of a surreal moment. I've known Rysen since I was 4 years old, we went to elementary school and high school together and played sports together all the way through. Really good kid, from a great family. Vancouver College has 2 players in the NFL. We are a damn NFL factory! WYA Notre Dame and STM?
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    NFL thread

    I agree with the upside on Thad Moss, I just don't see a huge need at TE for Seattle. Dissly looks like a star if he could stay healthy, then you have hollister who stepped in really nicely last year, and the vets in Willson and Olsen.
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    NFL thread

    I disagree with that completely. Look at the options Burrow had (in addition to Brady as the OC, the best offensive mind in CFB). Jefferson is a first round WR. Jamar Chase is going to be a top 10 pick. Clyde Edwards Helaire is a top 15 player in the draft talent wise. He had the best OL in college football (Charles is going to be a steal, book it), and a TE who is the son of Randy Moss lol. Tua throws as good a deep ball as I have seen in recent memory.
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    NFL thread

    3rd for me behind Chase Young and Tua