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  1. So typical NHL garbage, here’s your golden baby
  2. They do this every year, get on with it!!
  3. It’s been a fun and frustrating season.. but you see what they’re capable of in the future. Demko, EP, Boeser, Horvat, Hughes are only going to get better. Can’t wait for this core to win some cups.
  4. 2 PPA how dare anyone want to see Quinn on PP1 in meaningless games. You should try and stop being a sheep, you know expand your imagination.
  5. Quinn should be on PP1 but nooo Green is stubborn
  6. No more like that time we went on a winning streak and missed out on Laine.
  7. Ahhhh it’s the end of the year Canucks-Go-On-A-6-Game-Winning-Streak tradition to get screwed on the draft lottery.
  8. As soon as we’re out of playoffs, here come the fricking Refs doing their job.