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  1. Will you be running "create a player" again this season? 

    1. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      I hope so, if you are @Zhukini I'd like to sign up again 

    2. Zhukini


      Was away and busy most of the summer, just settling back in now. I’d like to, look for signups early next week :)

    3. Master 112
  2. Aside from Vegas and Sanjose they’ve got a good a chance as anybody although Calgary will probably also be ahead as others have said the problem is the Central. There probably will only be three teams from the pacific making the playoffs
  3. Really? I saw the opposite, Jake started the year off really well and then faded and faded some more as they year went on even when he got to play with Brock and Petey. I think they're counting on Pod being able to do what Jake does and then some
  4. Very okay with the supposed contract. I like how this team is shaping up come playoff time but I still wonder if they'll score enough goals to get into the playoffs in the first place.
  5. It’s too crowded there HAS to be a Sutter trade in the works
  6. Anyone who wouldn’t match this is out to lunch
  7. I find Sat different but boring. Refreshingly Different because he could find a way to spin you breaking your nose into a positive, but it gets old
  8. I know it all seems nice but there are a ton of western conference teams who will be a lot better next year. We can get slightly better each year but when the other teams are starting out 6 feet ahead its hard to Catch up in a season. Man I don't think I could watch Sutter and Lucic together on a line without falling asleep.
  9. His retirement letter https://www.nhl.com/panthers/news/luongos-open-letter-to-the-fans/c-308071408
  10. Hey it could be a lot worse, maybe it'll lessen the excitement to spend so much money on a certain someone
  11. It certainly is an exciting time to be a fan. We’ll either get a playoff run in Vancouver again within 2 years or a new GM. I’ll be ok with either of those
  12. Lazar is just the guy who ate the cheeseburger off the ice. He can't skate, I think he signs in Switzerland this year.