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  1. Zhukini

    [Report] Oilers fire GM Peter Chiarelli

    Too late, damage done. Have fun Edmonton
  2. Zhukini

    Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    Got the assist last night but hasn’t stood out much aside from the Florida game and going after Matheson, maybe feeling a little comfortable
  3. It'll be interesting next year, the Canucks aren't playing that well but are still getting wins and pushing for a playoff spot. I think Francesco sees this and is already looking forward to his playoff profits next season, if the team steps back I think he's going to see it as a failure and can Jimbo
  4. Zhukini

    [PGT] Buffalo Sabres at Vancouver Canucks | Jan. 18, 2019

    I really thought Leivo fizzled out after his first five games and was a dime a dozen, man he looked good tonight
  5. $&!# all these shots off the mask for a guy with concussion issues are scary
  6. I try and go to one or two games each year, mostly to see players I don't get to see and really should, other than McDavid. I've seen Crosby and Ovi three and two times respectively for example, and Its fun that Buffalo is in the top 5 I want to see live now. See lose live of course.
  7. Zhukini

    Flames to retire Jarome Iginla's No. 12

    Favourite flame, could do just about everything perfect. Congrats to him
  8. Zhukini

    Kesler And Ducks..

    Favourite player from that 06-13 Era and still is. Hasn't won a cup yet but neither has anyone else significant on those teams so oh well. Gave the team an attitude its been missing since. Still remember when Dustin Brown had his way with Luongo and he was the only one who bothered to react the next time they played.
  9. Zhukini

    [Rumour] Canucks interested in Micheal Ferland

    Isn't Virtanen supposed to do what he does?
  10. Zhukini

    [PGT] Florida Panthers at Vancouver Canucks | Jan. 13, 2019

    Do you remember Hutton's rookie season? Everyone was saying how good Guddy would be for him and we know how that turned out. Hughes is miles ahead of where Hutton was but Guddy is about the same, I think he's best as a 6th man who gets about 16 minutes a game and just has to worry about clearing the net, being a presence and not icing the puck. Tanev is the perfect partner for Quinn
  11. Zhukini

    Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    I think he's probably best playing 13-14 minutes a game on the third line and getting good matchups against bottom pairing defencemen. Struggled a bit playing with Bo.
  12. Zhukini

    CDC Create a Player [1998/99 Version]

    Early retirement but at least put up great numbers in Europe on the way out and got a couple decent seasons with Detroit Thanks for hosting, was v fun!
  13. Zhukini

    Quinn Hughes | D

    not just a few, I counted at least 7 should have been sure goals that either just missed or were saved. Points didn't do him justice this tournament, aside from the game against the Russians, he absolutely dominated
  14. Maybe Sutter would want to go back to Alberta, and they can stop pretending like the want to play Draisatil at centre away from McDavid
  15. Zhukini

    Nikita Tryamkin | D

    Weren't you the one who was endlessly defending Vrbata the one year he checked out because he didn't get to play on the twins line anymore?
  16. Getting rid of Sutter would be amazing
  17. Zhukini

    Erik Gudbranson | #44 | D

    It’s cool i like dinosaurs too
  18. Zhukini

    Erik Gudbranson | #44 | D

    A staged fight hooray
  19. Thomas Vanek ghosts in the playoffs, he's not the player I'd want to add if a miracle happened and we were in a playoff spot. The Clifford deal would be alright, but I'd rather just dump granny and free up a roster spot for next year to make room for a younger player trying to make the team. Lousing Pouliot is a plus But in the end that's still a roster that would have a hard time winning 1 game against the flames
  20. Zhukini

    [PGT] Arizona Coyotes at Vancouver Canucks | Jan. 10, 2019

    Shh not so loud
  21. Zhukini

    Erik Gudbranson | #44 | D

    Ho hum another one. Awful to semi awful is positive I guess
  22. Zhukini

    [GDT] Yotes @ Nucks 7pm Jan 10 2019

    How many shutouts in 5 game does a boring team make? The coyotes don’t help