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  1. He has been skating in Kelowna during the pandemic on private ice during the crisis. He went out for a drink and what’s the big deal? A lot of guys go to clubs they are entitled to a life too. Patrick Kane goes out all the time and he is just fine. People now a days are so sensitive to other people these days.
  2. Wuhan tested 10 million people In the last two weeks so why can’t we? Now wether that useful is another question.They found 300 positives but didn’t seem to indicate those infected were spreaders.
  3. I see Sweden is reporting 2200 virus cases today up from 600 last week. So doesn’t look like there strategy is working.
  4. Somebody I know was getting tested today in one of the drive through testing sites and some guy with Alberta plates yelled from his truck put him in the morgue. It’s idiots like that and the ones in Toronto that ruin it for everyone else. We’re all entitled to an opinion but we have to respect each other.
  5. Pretty much right on there. There is not many end games to this crisis and certainly as you’ve said vaccine development is very tricky. The worse thing they could ever do is rush out a vaccine that either isn’t effective or even possibly make it worse. There is a reason it’s such a methodical process but it seems to me that’s it just being rushed this time around. If we were to find a vaccine that works within 18 months that would be an incredible feat but i just don’t see it. I just hope we find a solution as people are hurting and I feel for the people that are directly effected by loved ones sick or dying from the virus and I also feel for people who are losing their businesses they spent years working so hard for. I hate to say it but we’re in this for the long haul and we need to stick together for each other as times are tough. It doesn’t matter if your politically left or right this crisis effects us all in every way possible. Im somebody who personally has underlying conditions but I work an essential job that directly helps all Canadians I’m willing to go in every day because people need it right now. My hope is for balance. At least in BC in seems like we’re in one of the better situations.
  6. It’s pretty naive to say someone with mental health issues or is suicide can simply get help. You lost me there. I know people personally who have gone through issues and hurts me to this day I couldn’t of intervened more. This crisis is the tipping point for people on the edge. When you lose your business or your job and your in isolation and you have no one to socially distract you that’s when danger sets in. Im not suggesting the far right extremist attitude that thinks this entire thing is a scam. All I want is balance. I want this crisis to impact people in the least way possible. The other aspects I mentioned cannot be ignored. Deb I’ve seen a lot of your posts on here since this thing started and I agree with most of it. I don’t want people to think I don’t care but feel that there is so many unintentional consequences that even lead to death that aren’t covid. I’m with you that I’m overall pretty pleased with our response in B.C. versus other places in the world and even in Canada.
  7. There is a lot of unknowns. I think it’s safe to say nobody truly knows the perfect strategy. I have heard that the people who have shown to get it a second time and a really mild case and didn’t shed very much of the virus. Some of them very well could have been a false positive the first time too. I did acknowledge in my posts going back that there is an element of risk trying to build immunity as we don’t know all the answers. And never would I suggest putting someone with underlying conditions in a vulnerable position. That would be extremely irresponsible and I’ve gone out of my way since this thing started to do us many kind acts I can do for friends and even strangers as were in a time of crisis and some people really need the help in a big way and I will happily go the extra mile for those people.
  8. Um suicide is death. How are you going to work through that later?
  9. What about all the other negative consequences of this virus due to lockdowns? Economic damage. Domestic abuse, mental health, starvation, child abuse, depression, suicide just to name a few. Yes I realize if you allow things to open freely you will have problems too as you mentioned there will be very small percentages of the younger population that is affected. No matter what route you take it’s a sad situation and we can’t just make this perfect for everyone. your right Sweden is around 30 percent right now versus neighbouring countries that are at like 2 percent. If there is a second wave it likely won’t affect Sweden as they have more built in immunity then a country like Norway. We won’t know until this is over what was truly the right strategy. One area in Sweden where they screwed up was in the care homes and you’ll notice I’ve never suggested that we expose anybody that’s vulnerable and asa society we should even more to help those people in this crisis. whatever route is taken it has to be sustainable. Already a lockdown is proving to be something that can’t be prolonged. Nothing has really changed since we closed down the country and now we’re reopening society because of outside pressure. Eventually we will be in exactly the same spot we were in March but severely damaged from the lockdown consequences. I respect your opinion and when it’s all said and done will know what was right and what was wrong . have a good day.
  10. George Laraque also does have asthma and obviously any one with an underlying condition definitely needs to consider how much exposure there getting.
  11. Agree 100% samurai. The general population doesn’t have the numbers in front them yet showing exactly how bad the damage from this recession will be. I was just reading that the global airline group expects a loss of 315 billion due to the virus. That’s only one sector. When this is all over and people truly see how this virus effects them it will leave a lot of thing a to consider. Some people will have to make permanent changes to there lifestyle they were used to. There are many aspects to this virus that need to be considered and obviously lives matter I don’t disagree and smart decisions need to be made to ensure people stay healthy. Mental health is a big component of that too and as you had lockdowns take a toll. I’m not an expert by any means but I really hope our government makes some good decisions when this is all said and done.
  12. You definitely raise an interesting point and something I have thought about. The US with all there heart disease and diabetes should make them ripe for this virus to attack. So far underlying conditions seem to be playing a huge role in who fares better or worse.
  13. You don’t have to get so defensive just because someone else has a different opinion then you. I stated in my own post that there is risk in whatever decision you make. Whatever route a government takes it has to be sustainable. Shutting everything down only works for so long and as we can see the reopening trend is in full force. Dr Henry stated today that she expects us to be back to normal by next summer and that events greater then 50 people will need to wait until a vaccine. I will be shocked if we get a vaccine by next summer and more then likely it will be upwards of 2-3 years away if not longer. Sweden could reach herd immunity within the next couple months with a death rate just marginally above ours. I’m not suggesting that we remove every restriction as obviously social distancing, hygiene, avoiding establishments when sick etc should be followed. Closing businesses and restricting people is not sustainable for the long run. If we don’t get a vaccine at some point we have to face this virus head on. I respect your opinion and your right nobody truly knows what the right moves are. I’m just of the belief that there is a balance between public health and economic consequences. The post mortem on this crisis will be very interesting.
  14. If they quarantined the elderly and people with underling conditions it possible to build herd immunity without an onslaught happening. A large percentage of deaths are from people in the care homes. Now I realize there is risk there as we don’t know if the virus can infect a second time. I’ve heard scenarios where if we don’t get a vaccine we could be dealing with this for 5-10 years. Still lots of questions.
  15. I’m one of them. I apologize. I’m just so used to where I need to go in the store to get my stuff and I don’t look at the floor. Eventually I’ll pick up the rituals and then by that point it will probably all be over.