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  1. True. Plus eastern bias. Makar and Hughes are so elite that I hope one of the two dmen win it.
  2. Cale Makar looks really hurt. Hand the Calder to Quinn Hughes now.
  3. I’ve heard from people close to the situation that this was going to happen for a couple months. I would be shocked if Myers wasn’t here but anything can happen. If we get him around 6 million I think it’s a great deal. You definitely need big defensemen that are responsible. If you asked me before the playoffs how Jay Bouwmeester was I would say probably washed up but after watching them win the cup I think Jay is playing an integeral role for that team. We need guys like that badly because we are going no where with guys like Pouliot and Hutton.
  4. I would love to get Zegras or Byram even if it means trading up.
  5. I agree. Thomson was good rigjt out of the shoot this year. Some kids need time when they come to north America but he looked really good. Will be interesting to see what his draft club does with him now that he bolted back to Finland instead of playing for a memorial cup host.
  6. Makar is pretty good too. Thank god we didn’t get Patrick
  7. I would do a deal for the first overall pick even if it includes boeser or horvat. As long we keep our pick at 10. Boeser is RFA so having a top line center at the start of entry level fits our timing better. I would never overpay for the first and Boeser and Horvat are proven talents so we’re not giving them away so basically only if it’s a fair deal.
  8. Hopefully by the time 10 rolls around we see Turcotte or Zegras. The only one I don’t want is Krebs.
  9. I agree with your points. I thought he was a very hard worker. I know people who work in both the WHL and the AHL and it's an extremely different pace. The AHL is not an offensive league and players are grown men that are simply bigger and stronger. I remember listening to an interview with Kole and he basically said he had to learn how to cook, grocery shop and all the things you have to do now that you don't have billets. Every player is going to adjust at a different pace. It's pretty much a given that from age 18 to 22 these kids are going to get considerably stronger and Lind has the skill part already. Time will tell but I think too many people are rushing judgement. I also don't have a problem with Lind and Gadjovich playing limited minutes. What kinda coach is going to sit his best players and say here Kole and Jonah the first line is yours. You earn your way up.
  10. Obviously it would be nice to win the lottery but I see a lot of good picks in this years top 10. Outside of Kakko and Hughes my picks would be either Turcotte or Byram. Although we need defence we equally need another elite top 6 forward so BPA it is. There is always this scenario too? Say we lose the lottery it might actually be worth trading down? Depending how far the Canucks would be willing to drop you could probably get 3 solid prospects back and quantity for this team would actually help.
  11. Right! Honestly EP might end up being the best out of the top 5. Brilliant. We've drafted the perfect balance of skill, speed, size.. We got good goaltending prospects and now we just need a number 1 dman. Please Dahlin!!!!
  12. I think they really liked Makar too. I hope they would have traded down if they won the lottery but I doubt it. They would try and sell a first overall pick to this market.
  13. Losing the draft lottery was a blessing in disguise. I'm stoked about this kid! We finally got a sniper in Brock and Elias can dish the puck which will be a lethal combination. Well done Jim.