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  1. Oldmanpower

    [PGT] Detroit Red Wings at Vancouver Canucks | Jan. 20, 2019

    Why are people on here complaining about how we won a hockey game? We won,move on to the next game. Markstrom has been playing awesome and is keeping us in a position to win games for the past month. We are a much improved team in many areas and have Petterson. Anyone last summer predict this? I think not. Enjoy the ride......
  2. Oldmanpower

    what if...

    what if i won the 60 million lotto max? would i share with canuck forum? hmm...
  3. Oldmanpower

    [PGT] Edmonton Oilers at Vancouver Canucks | Dec. 16, 2018

    Why is Mcjesus 2nd star? Horvat went head to head with him and outscored him? Not only that, Markstrom played outstanding. Mcjesus shouldnt have been a star. All Canucks dang nab it!
  4. Oldmanpower

    [GDT] Flyers @ Nucks 7pm PST Sat Dec 15 2018

  5. Oldmanpower

    [PGT] Minnesota Wild at Vancouver Canucks | Dec. 04, 2018

    I really dislike the November-December Canucks. Please just stick to the October version please.
  6. Oldmanpower

    [PGT] Minnesota Wild at Vancouver Canucks | Dec. 04, 2018

    I remember this one time, we scored 8 goals in one game...........
  7. Oldmanpower

    [PGT] Dallas Stars at Vancouver Canucks | Dec. 01, 2018

    Not enough talent on roster. Period. Be patient. Holes to fill all over roster. Backend in particular.......
  8. Oldmanpower

    [PGT] Vegas Golden Knights at Vancouver Canucks | Nov. 29, 2018

    Boeser, Horvat and Petterson. All we had tonight. We need to add more than one good player per year.........
  9. Oldmanpower

    {GDT} Canucks VS Knights Nov. 29th, 2018

    I love Elf, classic
  10. Oldmanpower

    When did you become a Canucks fan?

    1972. She's been a long grind........
  11. Oldmanpower

    Is it time to fire Travis Green?

    Bring back the minus
  12. I love the nucks no matter wat!
  13. Me an mrs power down in Cabo san lucas for our 25th anniversary! Mrs power passed out, im tryn to foinb the game on my uipad. Hope icn gettr done an wach the game on my eyepad.! Go canucKs gO!
  14. Oldmanpower

    Who has a better shot Brock or Petey?

    Off shinpads no one can touch Edler! My vote stands!!!!!!
  15. Good goaltending we get a point or better, average or worse nada. Go youthfull Canucks!