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  1. My wife wouldn’t let me watch tonight, she said I’m bad luck and get too grouchy. Hmmm maybe the losing streak was my fault and not Greens?
  2. I really thought our top two lines played well tonight. ( jake with bo). Demko as well. After that our lack of depth is exposed
  3. Sutter, Benn, Fantenburg,Stetcher, Rousell, Erickson. Need to play better or need to be replaced. This is fight for every minute time.
  4. Markstrom hasn’t always been bulletproof. Remember all the first shot of the game goals? Agreed Demko could have been better, however this is a team game and we can’t be reliant on our goaltending to bail us out every game. How about a forward or forward line bail us out of a game by scoring more than 2 goals in a game? There’s alot of passengers on this train right now.
  5. I definitely was a jake trader. Today , i feel shame.
  6. We are not soft, kind of a firmer team than the last 4 years with much higher, younger skill and enthusiasm. But, we have playoff caliber goaltending. we could be a dangerous playoff team!
  7. Has to be one of the best Saturday nights of the season! Leafs get rocked by an oldtimer and Canucks spank Boston. I’m opening another bottle!
  8. Respect to Big-Z. However Marchand is a weasel. No more trades. I like our team. Lets grow from within. We need help, call up from Comets. We have a good mix of skill, veterans and leadership. Let it ride JB! What a great Saturday night.