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  1. Agreed. People tend to forget that the NCAA hockey schedule is much more spread out and they play far less games than the CHL or AHL plays. He's going to need to get used to the NHL schedule pace and stretch. The last thing this team needs is for him to hit a wall and not score and lose confidence in his game.
  2. Truly heartbroken by this news. Hopefully he gets the respect he deserved while he was alive. Truly a Canadian icon.
  3. You remember the 94 series, when you were three years old? Somehow I think your memory of it is based on what you've learned about it more than actually remembering it. The atmosphere of this city was unique from any other time the team went to the finals. It was a mildly talented team made up of good old fashioned hockey trades and good, focused scouting that drafted some amazing steals. 2011 was a team that was much more expected to go to the finals, nothing less than that was acceptable. 94 was a good team that was on its last legs of contending and knew it. 'Never say die' is a term I would use to define the 94 team. Anyways, isn't this the wrong subforum for this? Why would you trade so much depth for players rounding their way to 30?
  4. The team is finally getting to a point where there is depth again, albeit not as much as we need. I'd rather a team with substance that can compete year in and year out than a team with one player that is of such importance *cough*Montreal*cough that if they get injured, the team is hooped. The best Canucks teams of the past have always been the sum of all their parts, not one sided. We do need an impact player on the front end though, that is a given.
  5. They were outmatched every time they were out on the ice and they look really slow. If their play continues like this for the rest of the season, I can't see why the team would want to bring them back. It's time to face facts and move on from them.
  6. Get pretentious. Oh wait.....
  7. Thats completely true when your cover band isn't essentially a punk supergroup. Been rocking this in the car a lot lately. Gotta love when Spotify puts songs you forgot about on you 'Discover Weekly' playlist,
  8. Not even close to their best cover. Seasons In The Sun, Jolene, Desperado are personal favorites of mine but honestly I'd love to see them do a completely new album theme.
  9. I heard the original before I heard the Sublime version, I think its the superior version still. They phoned in their version of 'We're Only Gunna Die' though. For the most part though they did make better versions of the songs they covered. Me First and The Gimmes Gimmes can't really say that.
  10. I am not saying I'd pass on him if we got the first overall pick, I'm more of the though that getting first overall is pretty much impossible for the Canucks. Besides, we're in need of a franchise defining forward, a generational defensemen wouldn't be bad either though. When he was drafted and as he developed we were told he was going to be the next Lindstrom. Never came to be that kind of player. He has definitely worked out as a pro defensemen but never reached the potential he could have.
  11. Dahlin would fill a role we were promised would be filled when Edler was drafted but I'd much rather Andrei Svechnikov. He just comes off as a more complete player and I see Dahlin being a defensive liability, which might be a problem considering he's a defensemen.
  12. I've been stone cold sober at games and been warned about being too loud. With all the high costs of going to a game, disenfranchising the fans who want to be there to support the team during the bad times is not a good move. When I went to games as a kid, the atmosphere was so much more enjoyable to be in. Granted, there was almost always a fight or two starting as the stands were clearing out.
  13. My money on DeBoer. San Jose just feels like a team beginning their downturn this season.
  14. I like the proposal The Hockey Guy on YouTube made regarding him. They should do a true hockey trade with the Avalanche for Duchene. We're overloaded on the front end, I'd rather add depth on the blue line personally.