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  1. BowtieCanuck

    An Important Role for the Sedins (which makes complete sense)?

    The twins more than did their part for the team. Let them enjoy retirement.
  2. I'm more so referring to the fine tuning of a roster that makes a good team the best team.
  3. I like Benning's drafting ability (who wouldn't at this point) but he's not the kind of GM that builds a budding team into a contender. We need a GM soon that will make the moves to make the team a contender.
  4. BowtieCanuck

    Rumor New Home and Away Jerseys for Canucks

    I'm guessing it just stick in rink jerseys being used for the 50th season. It's possible they might be moving away from green and blue for the Seattle team (long shot but you never know) or just removing the 'VANCOUVER' writing that honestly was just a copy of the 'DALLAS' writing on the Stars jerseys of the mid-00s.
  5. I'm sure there was Canucks fans who thought the same thing in 1976.
  6. BowtieCanuck

    Shot blocking should be banned

    Meh. As a recovering shot blocker, I think its a skill that belongs in the game. That stupid trapezoid and the rule that comes with it, now that is something that needs to be taken out of the game.
  7. BowtieCanuck

    Did the Canucks come back down to reality?

    Until the defense improves and goaltending is not a joke, this 'fast start/drop down to reality before Christmas' thing will be a yearly tradition.
  8. BowtieCanuck

    When did you become a Canucks fan?

    I moved to Canada April 29th 1994, watched my first Canucks game the next day which happened to be game 7 of the quarter finals against Calgary and Bure scored in double overtime. Been a ride or die Canucks fan ever since.
  9. It would make no sense at this point to sign Karlsson, especially considering his age.
  10. Agreed. If the Saudi kingdoms were left to deal with it, sure we might have had some political instabilities still but we wouldn't have had things like 9/11 and the current anti-west ideologies we have now.
  11. The saddest thing about World War I is it was such an unnecessary war that was caused by old oligarchies adjusting to new international ideals and ideologies. Millions died because of it and led to a war that became completely necessary.
  12. Good riddance. Considering what he did to his victims before he killed them, he got what he deserved.
  13. BowtieCanuck

    Riots of 2011

    How I wish the bolded statement wasn't true but people from Surrey almost feel this need to live up to the stereotype in moments like this. Plus Surrey was REALLY, REALLY bad back then.
  14. BowtieCanuck

    [PGT] Minnesota Wild at Vancouver Canucks | Oct. 29, 2018

    The NHL rules (correct me if I'm wrong people) states that a player only has to only play nine games in a season to have a year of his contract 'burned'.
  15. BowtieCanuck

    Riots of 2011

    I went to a pub in Yaletown to watch the game that day and took transit all the way down to Vancouver (from Langley). The whole trip down, buses and Skytrains were filled with moronic people talking about how they were going to riot, most of them already drunk before the game started and were openly drinking and smoking weed on buses and Skytrains. The riot was going to happen no matter what and thats the most embarassing part of the whole thing. I passed the Canada Post building on my way to the Skytrain and they were already rolling and burning vehicles before the third period even came to an end. As a lifelong Canucks fan, it was truly embarassing and heartbreaking to see.