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  1. You can have a gun to my head, cocking the hammer back, pee running down my leg like a rushing river and even then, without a doubt, I would not make this trade to save my life.
  2. Immigration has been a part of Canadian culture since Canada has existed and people have forgotten this. Not only that, but immigration is necessary in order for economic growth of any kind to continue. Hell, the birthrate in Canada would be in the negative if there wasn't any immigration. The problem is people have forgotten and ignored the fact that much of Canadian culture and lifestyle is actually built on what people from other places have brought to Canada and made a piece of Canadian identity.
  3. I'd shore up the D a bit more with some depth, maybe add a decent top 6 forward if the deal is right. This team doesn't need all that much tweaking.
  4. I would rather risk seeing if Madden turns out to be a good player. It's more likely than not and even if he's middle of the pack or lower, he's forward depth and we're going to need that the next five years as the current core is coming into its own.
  5. I wouldn't be comfortable getting rid of a goalie who is still developing and on course to be an amazing goalie because we had a goalie on the last year of his contract have a career year. If Markstrom re-signs and can repeat this season upto the ASG next year and Demko still has trade value, for sure do it.
  6. Reaction videos are the mumble rap of YouTube videos.
  7. Simply put, the Wild just don't have anything that the Canucks don't already have or need. This trade would work out REALLY bad for the Canucks.
  8. Absolutely spot on. Abby is definitely getting populated enough that it would make sense sooner than later. Granted we're talking about the BC government here so it will probably be built 20 years after it should have been.
  9. The Ring of Honour should be for players who personified the team for the era they played in. I think Burrows was more than an appropriate choice for that team.
  10. They've been in Costco for about a month now. Only place I have seen them.
  11. The team is almost there, they just need some tweaking to become a playoff team. Besides, I'd rather they're slumping before the ASG than after it.
  12. Tanev is one of the few consistent players (when healthy) that we've had during this rebuild. Seems insane to trade such a loyal player and one of the better defensive defensemen in the league for a prospect player to come up.
  13. I would think the whites would be more suitable for something like a Winter Classic or Heritage Classic game.
  14. I think even Bettman is going to avoid a lockout considering thats the inaugural season for Seattle.
  15. Wrong? Since when is trying to put everyone on a level playing field going to be wrong? The problem is the world is no longer catering to whites and white people are having an identity crisis over it. White people were behind the Chinese Head Tax, the Komagata Maru fiasco and Residential Schools. We can't ignore the fact that racial injustice for several hundred years has almost exclusively been done by whites throughout the world.