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  1. Pretty sure they took a devastatingly large value loss at one point today on the NYSE. IIRC it was 20 billion.
  2. I'm old enough to remember when it was EnterNexus. I remember when it was renamed to Nexopia and that was a big deal in my school. Good ol' OG Canadian teen social media. I will say I met some really cool people from there and it was basically teen Tinder.
  3. The guy had his hands on just about everything comedic in Hollywood for decades. The Jerk is a highly underrated movie and hands down my favorite movie of all time. So many hilarious scenes.
  4. To quote many movies and TV shows: ARE YOU MAD!?
  5. No one has ever explained why it wouldn't be a legit cup win, even though it was almost the end of the season when play stopped and a play-in team would have to win more games than any team has since 1926 to win the cup.
  6. If that means going back to the skate jerseys, I'm all for it.
  7. Yeah they did and it didn't mean jack because they didn't do anything in the playoffs but lose in the first round 4-1.
  8. In 94 and 2011, the teams were at least considered playoff teams and/or contenders. They weren't really even expected to make the playoffs in 82. I can see why people would like to reminisce about that run, not to mention it was the first finals run for the franchise.
  9. I think the thing that hurts most about 2011 is whats happened since. We have barely even made into the playoffs and when we have we got beat. Its gunna hurt a lot less once this core wins a playoff series (at the very least).
  10. Somebody has to be the crushing punch of reality, especially with the Canucks fanbase.
  11. They'll overpay him and he'll end up crapping the bed next year. Just wait.
  12. I grew up in Gibsons and spent a lot of time in those forests. It's a shame because everyone should get a chance to see some of those old trees. It's unreal to see a tree that is wider than most full size longbed pickup trucks.
  13. So glad to see so many people using ScrOGs.
  14. It's basically a wildcard round. Not the playoffs but not really the regular season either. Should be fun.
  15. I started up my race car this morning. I figured the neighbors a few blocks away needed to hear something badass for once.