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  1. I thought he said he matched? I was talking with him couple days ago
  2. and he still turned me down without hesitation.
  3. This was pre-lottery -- I had LAK's 1st (4th overall at the time) and even gave him the option to substitute Glass for the other 1st rounder
  4. I legit offered 3 1sts for him and he still said no... I just dont get it.. and how you could keep Makar without giving him up in a deal like this is just mindblowing
  5. If JE14 traded him, would it be counted as sign and trade?
  6. Arent you Dion himself, the legend? How could you say that about yourself?
  7. Didn't you have Erik Johnson before @Canuck Surfer
  8. We would like to release Andy Andreoff, Chris Terry, Bobby Farnham, and Mat Schmalz Could you also fix Newhook's contract? I think it should be unsigned 2021 instead of 2019! Thanks so much!!
  9. Just because you use a real person's name does not mean you can hide from us @thejazz97 WELCOME @Oliver Thompson!