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  1. Its an annual event, we have to make sure it comes true esp in the year that Drai is finally in the playoffs
  2. Thanks for processing Nail. Could we please call up Mitchell Stephens? Also, I noticed that Czikas is not on our team yet. He should be IR'd. Thanks!!
  3. Fleece is an understatement. This is bull$&!# ngl whichever way you look at it but whatever, not surprised anymore
  4. Think your explanation makes it worse. A 2001 Toyota Camry for a 2020 Porsche Cayenne
  5. Like how did this get through? Two top D prospects outside of the NHL for ???????????
  6. Dude, just planning to repeat and three-peat. Let him enjoy his 31OAs
  7. We’re moving Spurgeon end of day today. Send in your best offer
  8. Looking to move one of either Haydn Fleury or Brendan Perlini end of day tomorrow. Please reach out ASAP .
  9. Hey boys, nice to be back again after a short hiatus! Looking for an AGM spot @Watermelons lets run this town like in CDCFL. Hire me please.
  10. You wildin'. Main reason why we won the past 2 season
  11. Hey guys, We were shopping Draisaitl earlier in the year and he has been insane for us ever since. I think we will shop him all year round now . In all seriousness, we are leaning on keeping him and to facilitate that decision, we will be taking one final round of offers so feel free to offer your best. Everyone else is also available not named Pastrnak Cheers
  12. COL IR Placement: C Bryan Little Recall: D Haydn Fleury Thanks @Nail!
  13. Looking to move all draft picks, prospects in the minors, Bryan Little, and Tyler Bozak for more playoff depth (cheaper or expensive). Inquire now as we are looking to make 2/3 trades today or tomorrow
  14. Hey guys, I will be stepping down as GM of the Flames. Made lots of trades to contend hard so I hope the next GM stands pat . Just wanted to say thank you for all of the good times especially to MM somethingvery and Azzy for giving a newbie like me a rebuilding team back in 2016. You guys took the chance on me and I am forever thankful. Ill still be around in CDCFL and lurking so feel free to drop a line whenever Best of luck boys! Cheers, maroe
  15. Morgan Frost @Canuck Surfer
  16. Dylan Sikura @Canuck Surfer
  17. Rasmus Sandin @Canuck Surfer
  18. Michael Ferland @Canuck Surfer
  19. Troy Terry @Canuck Surfer
  20. Ryan Getzlaf @Canuck Surfer
  21. Carter Hutton @Canuck Surfer