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  1. Voted Lever Nominating Darcy Rota.
  2. I get that would be possible, but not while every team plays "the same number of warm-up games". Unless you have a bunch of extra games that don't count towards anything, which since time is limited would make even less sense.
  3. ^ pretty much what I was about to say, so I'll have to find something else to fill my time. Obviously sport hacks are desperate to write about something so they punt out endless speculation. The bit I don't get from the article was... I'm no mathmetician but how is that just nearly impossible? Not sure who I'd rather face between Oilers and Colorado, losing to Edmonton would be more upsetting but beating them would be more fun.
  4. Voted Ohlund who's obviously got this one. More importantantly nominating this guy... Darcy Rota. Close to a PPG, made it to the SCF and would've achieved even more if he hadn't busted his neck.
  5. I suspect Bure will win by a bigger margin than even Putin gets, but I voted for him anyway. In keeping with the Russian theme, nominate Fedorov Mogilny
  6. Voted Linden Nominate Chaput Mogilny
  7. I voted for Trevor in the first round and haven't changed my mind, but since Hank came first I figured I had to go for Daniel. Nominate Wellwood Quinn
  8. I've seen it suggested a couple of times, think it gets the Nucks in so I wouldn't be to upset if they went that way but if a team had just won 3 in a row and had all of them wiped out they'd be justifiably upset. Points % is pretty simple and reasonably fair, but it's looking more and more like it's done for the season. Hope I'm wrong, but in the meantime I'm quite enjoying the early nights (most games start about 3am my time).
  9. True BUT... That tie break procedure is designed purely to decide the standings during the season, if you're one point behind a team at the halfway point and they've played 3 more games who cares about the order? It would look really weird to put a team above one with more points, but everyone's aware there are 6 extra potential points available to the team behind. If the season is halted with an unequal number of games played, the situation is fundamentally different. At this point it's looking increasingly irrelevant but if they can't get all teams to an equal number of games then point % is the best way to go. Knowing our luck, if it's to decide draft order they'll use % and if it's to decide who makes a truncated playoffs it'll be absolute points. Incidentally I've always thought the fact that draws are effectively worth 3 points is unfair but that's completely irrelevant to this situation.
  10. Was tempted to vote for Bure on skill level alone, but I guess to me greatness includes more than that so went Linden. Nominate Eriksson Ohlund
  11. It's been dead most of the year because Nucks have been in or around the playoff positions all year. They've never tanked on purpose (just sucked the proper way) so I can't see it starting when they're finally close to making it. Urgh this is so dumb it's making my head hurt. Fortunately this thread is already conforming to Eriksson's Law as it circles the drain. Any chance NJ returns our pick for LE?
  12. Apropos of nothing. Does anyone know how many minutes have Tyler and Tanner have played together since their reunification? Pretty sure I'm not alone in wanting to see how that would work.
  13. For what it's worth, I'm guessing that '4th' line will play more than the supposed '3rd'. I actually quite like Motte and Virtanen on the same line. Sutter tends to win face-offs so that's something ( I'm still hoping Sutter shows his worth again soon, cos when he plays to his strengths I really like the way he plays, but last few games )