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  1. I'd go with option 2, add in drafting two or 3 amazing defensive prospects who go in the 2nd - 3rd rounds after we manage to move a Baer, Pearson, Stecher, Ferland or Sutter type out. The boys wanna go to the show, light up that Marky, alien, flow, millervat fire in the quiniverse and unleash the amped tannen.
  2. In the long term it was probably a blessing that Bo felt the way he did, I bet it made him work harder and more considerate. As the Captian he will know the challenges of the younger players, which is clutch in terms of there the team is at in its rebuild and the impending influx of young players. Also Bo will be able to speak to the new guys in a way that reflects experience having been through it already.
  3. Markstrom. Until January his stats were mediocre at best. This guy wants to be good and has great character. Ian Clarke has given him the tools and I think Markstrom will have a career year and continue to be as amazing as he was since January of 2018.
  4. Captain wishlist. Bo Horvat Elias Pettersson Derek Dorsett Troy Stecher Alex Burrows Brock Boeser Jacob Markstrom Quinn Hughes Antoine Rousse Nils Hoglander Tony Robbins.
  5. Canucks are top 8 this year, around 100 points. All the core guys have breakout years. Our goaltending is unreal and we have to goals to back it. When our power play/toughness is firing teams will think twice about taking liberties and stupid penalties. Hughes and pettersson are penalty drawing monsters.
  6. I'm curious to see what Jim does with Boeser, I'm worried were going to lose him. Also how will he move out a contract or two? We played pretty heavily for Miller given how Tampa was handcuffed. So now with our disadvantage in this negotiation I dont see how we dont give up a Virtanen or a baertschi/tanev and picks to unload a guy and bring back a lower pick. We also might have to ship markstrom.
  7. Nothing mythical about a troll. Cause there you are. What's to dispute about a point made by a person who has missed the entirety of the experiences had by those involved? What's to say to someone who has analysed a situation to some level of scrutiny that completely whiffs on simple humanity? Even if this act is 80% positive and 20% negative as a generality, the guy grabbing the 20% obviously doesn't know very much about it.
  8. "MystifyandCrucify troll commentary and life from under a bridge." Available free on Canucks Forum.
  9. Oh f$%k. Then go to the grad of a disabled kid and tell noone. You guys are perfect right? He did a very selfless act , you clowns are over here whining and trying to find something wrong with it? Grow up , go do something charitable yourselves. Virtue signalling? F$%k off with that . Quinn Hughes is a class act.
  10. Such as Class Act, This kid has it all, all the intanglibles.. Hes got the tangibles too. He could not have done a better job of representing his franchise, from his Season to his speech to his post award interview. Draft time now baby. Cmon jimbo snatch up some picks.
  11. Hes still a kid and will gain weight. His style has little bearing on his 6'2" he could be very fit at 190. I dont see that hampering his play at all. How quickly he gains weight and what he does to gain weight will affect him. That said, petey already told us he wont get heavier on purpose. It is very possible while doing reflex and fast twitch muscle training to add muscle. Hes going to eat healthy and work at hockey skills and he will gain purely because he isnt done growing. Peteys body will grow like a good hockey rebuild slowly, the right way building through the rink instead of the draft, lol (beer pun.)
  12. It would be pretty good if somehow unrelenting bettman cheers thundered through the building. Maybe we could get a game officiated fairly.