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  1. Hes still a kid and will gain weight. His style has little bearing on his 6'2" he could be very fit at 190. I dont see that hampering his play at all. How quickly he gains weight and what he does to gain weight will affect him. That said, petey already told us he wont get heavier on purpose. It is very possible while doing reflex and fast twitch muscle training to add muscle. Hes going to eat healthy and work at hockey skills and he will gain purely because he isnt done growing. Peteys body will grow like a good hockey rebuild slowly, the right way building through the rink instead of the draft, lol (beer pun.)
  2. Where would we be with gudbranson?
  3. It would be pretty good if somehow unrelenting bettman cheers thundered through the building. Maybe we could get a game officiated fairly.
  4. In Markys case a nomination IS a win. Hes gone from struggling to keep his job for years to becoming a world class goaltender. Yes Ian Clark is a magician but marky never gave up, put in the work and kept his head up. Congratulations Jacob.
  5. Didnt see any fire in Virtanen. Stecher is doing it all. Demko will be ok. Too many invisible players in blue and green.
  6. It wont be long before were adding Quinn Hughes face to pictures, for the purpose of propagating his growing legend.
  7. Horvat is a Horse but he wont mature until next year. When he matures he will be ready for Studding. He will F$%k the opposition.
  8. Word on the street is that Jim Benning Generally manages the Vancouver Canucks .
  9. Pettersson one of 5 Canucks who didnt register a shot. Wtf over.
  10. If we had a #1 Lw and a top D prospect with some size it would drastically change the look of this team. If they dont grab a F.A L.w or Top 2 D , I'm fine with that too. I'm surprised there is little mention of what Stecher has done in this thread. The media is starting to come down on management, aqua always wants playoffs, it could be J.B last year as G.M .
  11. Sign panarin and draft atleast 2 D with the top 3 picks.