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  1. Wow not only the Hat trick but 3 Primary assists
  2. The White Spot on Georgia just sold for 245m

    This is why I want to move back to Victoria (although prices are high there too). Much more of a community out there.
  3. The Everything Bitcoin Thread

    Everything’s on sale if you’re looking to buy lol
  4. A Millennial job interview

    The less people want to work hard, the more work there is for those who do.
  5. Really wish the Ducks twitter account didn't apologize. They really shouldn't have too. Time for all these people who get offended to grow up.
  6. The Everything Bitcoin Thread

    I use quadriga. Simple to use, although it doesn't offer really any Alts. I decided I'd go with litecoin so quadriga worked for me. Haven't used Binance like said above. So if your looking at getting into Alts quadriga might not be the best choice.
  7. Hockey Analytics Tracking Tag - Survey

    Done. Did the survey from the prospective of when I played competitively however. Thought that would be more valuable. Not too much interest now that the beer is just as important
  8. [PGT] Washington Capitals vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Killer B's
  9. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Detroit Red Wings

    Jake Traintanen
  10. Adam Gaudette | #88 | C

    Don't follow the NCAA too closely. Is Gaudette a early favourite for the Hobey Baker this year? Who else is he competing against this year for it?
  11. I think like most here are really liking Virt and Boeser, disappointed in goldobin though. Not seeing too much effort from him
  12. Top 30 Current NHL Players - #1

    Voted Crosby nominate Matthews
  13. Couldn't agree more on your last bit. Not to throw my cousin under the bus (pun?) but she had passed her N test first try, however she didn't drive on the highway for a year because she was scared to merge. I failed my first N test because I drove "too close" to the line, drove a little too slowly in a 30, and while pulled over didn't come up with enough possible dangers for their little checklist. Guess that's how it goes for young males I guess?
  14. Jonah Gadjovich | LW

    Big shot, good size, but a little slow. Possibly a Nick Ritchie type guy?
  15. [GDT] 2017 NHL Awards and NHL Expansion Draft

    Bergeron snubbing Chiarelli