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  1. This game shows the depth and balance of the team that Benning has built. The Bo and Petey were held off, but we still generated offence (turd period not so much) All 6 defence played well. Liked the Benn crunch. Marky. That was a tight game, no space. Marvin the Martian wouldn’t be pleased. Leivo has my vote for most frustrating player. Puck died on his stick. I agree with another poster maybe Leivo is being showcased for a trade. Ferland is coming around, he was throwing some meat around, saw some hustle. Maybe revert back to the original plan, 6-40-79, 53-9-70. Jake looks lost. Maybe Jake-Guad-Sven? Credit when credit is due, Schaller, good game. Go Canucks Go!!! I believe!!
  2. Captain Bo!!! I gotta put a C on my jersey! Wow, not sure where to start. Frequently a CDC whipping boy, but credit when credit is due, Sutter had a GAME! Scoring, killing penalties, winning face offs. This is the guy we traded for. Helped kill the 5-3. The kids are getting into it now! Boeser is getting going, and Pettersson still has more to give, I like the direction they’re going. The Q! And Miller, wow. Anyone complain about that trade is loco. (I know it’s only 3 games but wow) And how about that guy sitting by the visitor penalty box! What a coat! And the bling! Great game everyone! A good bday gift for my Mom! Go Canucks Go!!!! I believe!!
  3. I’m just curious. Should Green get the boot AFTER JUST 2 GAMES, who replaces him? I hear Craig MacTavish is available. And so is some guy named Willy something. While I agree Brown needs to go, and Baumer is still in above his head, Green is doing fine, just requires better assistance. Don’t swing the axe without thinking where the tree will fall. Go Canucks Go!!!
  4. Didn’t look crisp tonight. Passes were just off, reads just off, breakouts, and dump ins, Smith is gonna get those every time, we should know that by now. I didn’t like the low energy of some our guys. The Bo and his line were good! Miller, good pick up! The Pete and his line couldn’t get time and space, have to credit the coilers for that. Ferland wasn’t too noticeable. I guess we’ll have to let these defence pairings simmer and cook a little bit, all 3 looked somewhat discombobulated. Myers played well. Hughes, well, his offence was good, but his defence.... he needs to get used to NHL speed. He got burned quite a bit. No problems with Marky, made some good saves. And holy crap, really, game 1 and the refs are pulling this crap? I usually don’t bitch about the reffing, but Smith yanking the stick out of Pearson’s hand? Get some more practice, we need to gel a little more. Go Canucks Go!!!, I believe!!
  5. I’m usually not much of a conspiracy theorist, however.... Back in 2013-2014, New Jersey was fined by the NHL for circumventing the cap for Kovalchuks contract. This from mynhldraft.com “New Jersey must forfeit their 1st round pick in either 2013 or 2014 as a penalty from the NHL for circumventing the cap when signing Ilya Kovalchuk. They also forfeited their 2011 3rd round pick and $3 million.” # 30 - The NHL alters their punishment on the Devils for the Ilya Kovalchuk cap circumvention. They are given the 30th overall pick in the 2014, which they are not allowed to trade or transfer to another team. The NHL is also forgiving $1.5 million of the fine. **Original penalty ** New Jersey must forfeit their 2014 1st round pick as a penalty from the NHL for circumventing the cap when signing Ilya Kovalchuk. They also forfeited their 2011 3rd round pick and $3 million. Now that Kovalchuk is back playing in the NHL (well, sorta), I wonder if the NHL has felt bad about being mean to Josh Harris, and is kinda evening things out. Maybe Harris now has a nice cushy job at Apollo Global Management waiting for Bettman??? Ahhh good thing I go back too work tomorrow, too much time on my hands looking at Wikipedia.... now on to see how the Wirtz family bribed Bettman...
  6. I think all the guys ranked 8-12, we can’t lose with any of them. Benning should try to pick the guy with the most jam in his pants, the most edge and backbone, the anything to win gene. I don’t think any team ahead of us will be willing to trade down to us, unless we make them an offer they can’t refuse, which would probably cost us something we don’t want to do. Trading down might be an option, go for more picks. Dallas or Ottawa might be itching to move up. Our 10th for Ottawa’s Columbus 1st and Ottawa’s 2nd, hmmmm.... If I was Benning, I’d look at the teams with multiple 1st rounders, and see if they want to make a deal (like Buffalo and it’s San Jose pick for ???) We Bo at 9, maybe we can get Bo Junior at 10!!!
  7. Last year, someone, I apologize I can’t remember who, but full credit to them, had a remarkable idea to make a donation to a charity based on the draft results for the Canucks. I think this is a wonderful idea, and thought it should continue. From me this year... 1st overall $300 2nd $200 3rd $100 to the Misty Creek Animal Rescue here in, ahem, Calgary... Go Canucks! I believe!!
  8. If we get 3rd pick, do we trade down a few spots? That Russian kid is supposedly #3, and well, our luck with Russian players ran out with Bure.
  9. Boy, there sure was a lot of hair product and polo shirts today! Markstrom with every button done up. Jake dressed up, maybe his grandma was watching. Would it be wrong to say that some of these guys look better with their helmets on Anyway... If there’s any dispute of who the C should go to, watch Bo. No doubt at all. I liked what Beagle had to say, as well as Stetcher, Markstrom, Rousell, and even Hutton. We have some quality character in that room. Rousell looks pretty bulky! The body language and answers with Eriksson and Sutter suggests they sorta know what’s coming. I suspect some difficult conversations with their agents this summer. It seems like they know they’re on the outside looking in. And man Sutter looks gaunt, big shadows around his eyes. Doesn’t look healthy at all. Felt bad for Pearson to be sitting where he was. What difference in vibe between the Horvat group and the Sutter group. I loved how some of the guys answered the “are you going to the worlds?” question. A definitive “No”, end of story. Sometimes you gotta be overtly blunt with media. And Beagle saying he and Schenn are available! Have a good sleep tonight everyone, tomorrow we need a lot of luck!!! Go Canucks!!!! I believe!!
  10. Darth Canuck approves of this "Disturbance in the Force"! I don't care who wins, I want to see the Canucks play hard, points for our kids, good goaltending from Demko, and make the Blues earn it if they're so hungry. Last game, leave everything on the ice!! Then go to Cabo.... Go Canucks Go! I believe!!
  11. Not sure how the Preds can be proud of that win. That was some insanely bad reffing. Markstrom, you rock! Hughes! Nice power play work! Poor Gaudette, looked like his stick was a wet noodle tonight. We really could’ve used Roussel tonight, we needed our agitator. Not mad though, the boys played hard, battled though obvious BS, keep improving. Go Canucks!!! I believe!!!
  12. The Bo. Glad Benning finally found a winger for him. After a good summer and a good training camp, look out! Bo and Tanner! Rocking' it! The Sharks always play just on the edge of penalties, not enough to get called, but enough to sorta obstruct, sorta hold, sorta slash, and how many times did Shorty say "Theres a lot of Sharks on the ice". And good on Bo and the team for showing genuine respect for the linesman. Hope it doesn't go unnoticed. 2 more left! Go Canucks Go!!!! I believe!!!
  13. It’s funny. Being a fan of a rebuilding team is kinda like going to the bank and discussing retirement planning. You know when you fill out the banks cheesy questionnaire to find out your risk tolerance, the same questions could be asked of a Canucks fan. Bank: do you understand saving for retirement is a long process? human: yes! Canucks: do you understand rebuilding is a long process? fan: yes! Bank: do you understand there will be many peeks and valleys of your profile during your saving for retirement? human: yes! Canucks: do you understand there will be many peeks and valleys during the rebuild? fan: yes! Bank: do you understand not all you mutual funds/stocks/ETFs will do well? human: yes! Canucks: do you understand not all your draft picks/FA signings will do do well? fan: yes! you get my drift... We answer yes to all the questions, yet when Jake does a fly by and the Flames score, it’s time to get the pitch forks and burn the joint to the ground!!!!! Trade the bum! He’s useless...yada yada... I want a team that works hard every game, shows growth every year, is entertaining, won’t take crap. I’m willing to wait, I understand some players will make it, some won’t. Up until the second wave of injuries this year, all those boxes were checked. Some teams have been very lucky, ie Penguins, Oilers. We’re not. We have to work damn hard for everything we get. And we should not gauge ourselves against those lucky teams, because we’re not going to get their luck. Bit of a rant there, sorry. New puppy, lack of sleep... Go Canucks Go!! I believe!!
  14. My 9 week old puppy had a good poo and pee before bedtime. Gave me nose lick before bed. Is sleeping soundly in her new crate. So tonight is actually a good night for me. Schenn has earned a good look for next year. That is all. go canucks (no capitals tonight) I believe (with a deep sigh)
  15. Let’s not overblow Jakes fly by. Yes he should have taken the body, and he knows it, but this team, the building blocks are young. I’d rather they make all their mistakes now during a garbage season, than during a season when it really matters. My gut tells me that Jake needs a playoff series, to learn how to ramp up the intensity. But the skill is there, to trade him now, would be a series mistake. The Flames should not be proud of that game. A very depleted Canucks defense, some key forward injuries, young team, and that’s the best the flames could do? And the BS they do, with the embellishments by Smith, Tkachuk, and Gaudeau, if I ever hear a flamers fan go on about the “Sedin sisters” or Burrows, they’re gonna get it! Back when the Oilers and Flames went to the finals, all of Canada backed them up, cheered them on, including me. But the Canucks go to the finals, all of Canada, mostly the CBC, cheers for Boston. I will never cheer for another Canadian team. I watch the playoffs to see if there are some warriors, like Beagle, the Canucks can snag. Phew, kinda had a little to get off my chest! Go Canucks Go!!! I believe!!!