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  1. Darth Canuck

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Los Angeles Kings | Feb. 14, 2019

    Great effort by the kids. Brisebois is a keeper. Except for that 3rd goal where he and Grubranson got mixed up, Brisebois boxed out players from the crease, made good outlet passes, and was strong on the boards. Nothing flashy but effective. When (if) Edler/Tanev return, time to sit/send down Biega and/or Pouliot. Gaudette continuing the growth. MacEwen playing solid, but needs to throw hits. I think he’s still timid. And a shout out to Motte, who on 1 shift pounded Doughty into the boards twice. Nice. With 7 regulars out, I did not expect a win, but I’ll gladly take this. Play Marky against the Sharks, then rest him, play the new guy against the Coyotes. Give Marky a good rest, he’s better that way. Go Canucks Go!!! I believe!
  2. Darth Canuck

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Anaheim Ducks | Feb. 13, 2019

    This game was over as soon as we heard it was Boyle’s first ever game. Stupid Canuck curse. Geez and more injuries now too! Thanks hockey gods!
  3. Darth Canuck

    [PGT] San Jose Sharks at Vancouver Canucks | Feb. 11, 2019

    Oh man.... That at is one good Sharks team. Every line has speed, strength, and skill. Tthe derfense defend well, pass well, and clear the front. The sharks can play fast, or heavy, or however they need to. I’ve watched almost every Canucks game this year, and no team exposed the Canucks weaknesses like the sharks did. (The hockey gods didn’t help either. That second goal was just cruel) Maybe, just maybe, this will be an eye opening moment. Lately the Canucks have been somewhat succeeding with sloppy half assed first periods, super hot goaltending, poor defence, and/or sad power plays. Maybe this game will point to the players to start giving a full 60 mins, to Green taking over the PP, and getting some consistent lines, to Benning getting a 3rd goalie fast, to start dumping some staleness for futures. Gaudette and MacEwen showed that more youth are ready. Not all at once, but let’s give more a try. And thank you to all the fans at the game, who gave DiPietro all the positive support we could. Go Canucks Go! I (still) believe!
  4. Darth Canuck

    [PGT] Calgary Flames at Vancouver Canucks | Feb. 09, 2019

    Yahoo!!!!! Gritty win! The Marky was in the Zone! Remember when Benning picked The Marky over Lack??? Great penalty killing! You could sense the determination after The Brock’s phantom trip and Beigas unfortunate penalty that the PK didn’t want to give up a goal. i thought the power play looked better, just no result. Stetcher finally on there is damn exciting! He has no apprehension skating the puck in instead of the drop pass. Anyone notice how Tachuck wasn’t his usual a-hole self. I wonder if the refs and/or Grubranson said something to him. In fact I thought the flames in general weren’t doing much bs stuff. Maybe Hamonics face reminded them! Time to sit Pouliet and/or Beiga, let Brisboise play and put Tanev back on the other side. And time to either buy or trade for another AHL goalie. We’re gonna burn out The Marky like before. Beagle and Roussell, once again, great signing. Motte, strong game. Go Canucks Go!!! i believe!!!
  5. Darth Canuck

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Washington Capitals | Feb. 05, 2019

    This was a learning game. Canucks played hard, but the Caps had everything go their way. Puck bounces, refs, reviews, goaltending. The Canucks can walk away knowing they’re still young, still learning, playing hard, playing well. Against most teams this effort would’ve been a win. Markstrom, awesome game. Hutton awesome game. Virtanen had some good stuff. Poor Bo, ssssqqqqqquuuuuueeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzing the stick.... he won’t stop trying, and the puck WILL start going in. Go Canucks Go! I believe!!!
  6. So this popped up on my Texture account. Forbes 2018 list of the value of the NHL teams. The Canucks being #9 I think is about right. After seeing this, I guess spending to the salary cap isn’t as dramatic as we think. It’s only 10% of the value. Maybe we shouldn’t sweat some of those contracts being handed out. The Aqualini Family are doing pretty well I think! I find it surprising that our expansion brothers in Buffalo are worth just half. I wonder how long Vegas will be that high, and how long the NHL can prop up Arizona and Florida. And Detroit and Philadelphia (and, yes, Edmonton) still retaining value even during rebuild. I would have thought player endorsements would have been much higher, especially for Crosby. Relative to other sports, NHL players don’t make much in endorsements. Maybe I should teach my boys to be women’s tennis players instead! Or just own an NHL team instead of playing for one!
  7. Darth Canuck

    [PGT] Buffalo Sabres at Vancouver Canucks | Jan. 18, 2019

    The Thatch has arrived! And it’s looking like The Bo is getting his mojo back! That was a sweet pass to The Brock. I wish Green put The Jake on against Skinner after the little dust up, The Jake was p!ssed! Ad Skinner to the list of lil POS. Leivo, good game, keep him with The Pete when he returns??? I think so. Tip of hat to Pouliott, good game bruh, keep it up. I’m a fan of Grubranson and the heavy game he can bring, but man these fast teams burn him. This Buffalo team is gonna be good, we should not under estimate them next time. Im on vacation in Ixtapa, and the hotel wifi is scetchy, it would cut out or pixel-ate just before every Canuck goal! Arrhgggg!!! Had to watch the goals after the game to appreciate them better. Go Canucks Go!!!! I believe!!
  8. Darth Canuck

    [PGT] Arizona Coyotes at Vancouver Canucks | Jan. 10, 2019

    The Bo, the Brock and The Sven played well tonight. Looks like The Bo is getting his mojo back, he seemed to have lost some jam lately, probably all the wedding planning going on... I thought most of the kids played well, Goldy with some slick stick handling, the Guad being, well the Guad, and the Jake was throwing some mass around. I feel bad for Goldy, he had some good shifts, can't buy a goal, Gaud goes out, slames in a deflection. Something tells me Goldy has been given an ultimatum. Perform or else. Jake still needs to intensify! Is Sutter rusty, or is his shoulder still not 100%, or is he helping on the farm too much? That boy is off. Sutter and Granlund in OT, please no. Gaud and Goldy and the Stetch next time please. Kemper's reaction when he stuck his stick out and Sven knocked it out of hands! Ha! Its like he stuck his tongue in the fan and complained when it got cut off! Coyotes burned one of their lucky charms having that kicked in goal count. Big thumbs up to the Cantina band! Pure awesomeness! Go Canucks Go! I believe!
  9. Darth Canuck

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at New Jersey Devils | Dec. 31, 2018

    The Canucks were not going to go 6-0 on this road trip and we all knew it. I think everyone here will agree that if there’s a game to lose on this trip, it was this one. We got Xmas presents by beating the Oilers and Flames, and boy oh boy do I hope we beat the Leafs. That second period was great, but sometimes the puck just ain’t going in. And this might sound crazy, but we need to play Nillson more. Markstrom plays better when rested, Nillson plays better when he, uh, plays. When we lost 1-0 to Winnipeg, that loss sucked, sucked huge. This loss..... meh.... Happy New Year everyone! Go Canucks! I believe!
  10. Darth Canuck

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Calgary Flames | Dec. 29, 2018

    Wow. I mean Wow! (I'm in Cancun, and little toasted, but watched on the centre ice package. Third period a little fuzzy...) This team is playing playing very disciplined hockey. Sure the Flames had more shots, but the shots were handled very nicely by Markstrom. We were opportunistic and patient. Thats good coaching again. Good road game. It was said during the 2nd I think that The Bo took a shot during practice that hurt him, maybe a reason why The Bo wasn't his usual "The Bo!" Very impressed with Baer and his effort tonight. And Stetch as well. Welcome back. The Grub is awesome, not one little bitch from Thachuk, not much BS from the Flames. They know if they mess with The Pete or the Brock, lil Johnny is toast. Harmonic skating around with his Kylo Ren mask is proof enough. Go Canucks!!!! I believe!!
  11. Darth Canuck

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Edmonton Oilers | Dec. 27, 2018

    I’ve got a friend who’s a big oilers fan. For years I endured “Sedin sister” crap, so McMuffin was born. My phone/iPad actually auto corrects to it now!
  12. Darth Canuck

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Edmonton Oilers | Dec. 27, 2018

    Good, disciplined game. Damage was done in the first, rest of the game was to smother. Motte is a beast! McMuffin only had a couple dangerous rushes, that’s good coaching. Anyone notice the Jake hammering McMuffin in the third? And Lucic not doing much when the Grub was on the ice? I certainly didn’t like Motte getting hit from behind into the boards by Nurse. That was in the danger zone and in the numbers. On to Calgary, that is going to be a tough game, gonna need everyone going! Go Canucks! I believe!
  13. Darth Canuck

    [PGT] Winnipeg Jets at Vancouver Canucks | Dec. 22, 2018

    Canucks played a great game. Everyone played hard, played smart, and disciplined. I’m proud of the boys! screw you refs, you had a direct influence on the game. The jets are a bunch of cocky bastards, I hope someone levels schieffle after that cheap shot on the Brock. I have to get up early for work, how the heck am I supposed to sleep after that game! Go Canucks! I believe!
  14. Darth Canuck

    Should we go out and get a "tough guy"

    With Dahlin coming up soon, Baertschi becomes dispensable. How about Baertschi for Ferland? Both 26, both having concussion issues. We could even give Ferland a raise and still be less than what we pay Baertschi. Carolina wants some offence, we want some more grit. Ferland kept up with Gaudreau, no reason he can’t keep up with Petersson.
  15. Darth Canuck

    [PGT] Tampa Bay Lightning at Vancouver Canucks | Dec. 18, 2018

    Anyone notice Stamkos trying to rough up The Bo in the third? Bo must have gotten to him. But we need Sutter back. Tampa rolled 4 lines, we shortened the bench. Sutter back will release The Bo and give us 2 offensive lines like Tampa. Like Rousell and Beagle, worth every penny right now. Hutton growing before our eyes. Love The Brock standing up for EP. poor Jake isn’t gonna sleep tonight, replaying that break away over and over. But he was a force! Get well Stetch! Your team didn’t let you down! I love this team!