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  1. Observations from row 5 in the visitors end by the face off dot... - good effort tonight, the team wanted it! - loved the standing O for Brock - Peteys pass was right in front of us, there wasn’t much room there but he threaded it! Sweet goal! - Miller is a beast! - Pettersson and Miller were definitely getting POd with all the interference, clutching and grabbing with no calls. - Jake was trying, he had several hits lines up just to have an Isle players move. I think he’s pissed being on the fourth line. - Demko many great saves! - there were many Isles fans in our corner, and the shoot out puck came from our corner. losers. - Edler did a great job boxing out in front of the net, and Meyers was effective using his size. - refs were bad, but I thought the linesmen blew several iffy offsides and icings. - have a re-newed appreciation of the effort, speed, size, and skill of the players being so up close. To watch the game on an iPad or 40” tv and say that Meyers is a bum or Jake isn’t hustling, forget it. These guys are trying and it was fight for every inch out there tonight. ate lotsa popcorn, drank a few beer, great night! Go Canucks!!!
  2. Hustle. I see Gaudette, Motte, and, Stetcher, hustle, every shift. Everyone else.... When the game isn’t going your way, you work harder. I just didn’t see the determination and effort required for games at this time of year.
  3. As soon as that first goal went in, you just knew how the game was gonna go. I was drinking beer, but I switched to margaritas, so this ones on me. I’ll stick to beer next game. Sorry.
  4. I hate losing to the Bruins SOOOOOOOOO MUUUUUUCH! And I hate the rats smug lil face. The bruins just put me in a place that for the whole game I’m waiting for something awful to happen, like an uncalled injury inducing hit, or a massive comeback. But tonight, OUR BOYS GAVE IT!!! I’m so proud!!! Our boys answered every single thing the bruins threw at us, whether it was a goal, a cheap hit, non call (Markstrom stick in the mask, not a high stick penalty?), fight, what ever. 9-3, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Go Canucks!!!
  5. That was a frustrating game to watch. I guess I gotta drink more beer.
  6. I drank some beer during the first, 4-0. Was kinda full, didn’t drink too much during the 2nd, 4-2. Drank some more beer, 6-2. I guess I know what I have do from now on! Go Canucks! (I gotta go pee)
  7. As crappy as the last 2 games have been, I’m taking a different spin it. As much as I want the Canucks to be in 1st, and in the playoffs, our core players are young, and learning. We need crappy games like the last 2 not only for the young players to learn, but for management and coaching to see what is exposed and needs to be fixed. I have a feeling in a couple years, we won’t be seeing games like this. The core will be experienced, stronger, and have a better supporting cast. im just glad the last 2 games were also on the road. Imagine dishing out $100+/seat, plus beer and dogs for a dud game like these 2? Go Canucks! I believe!
  8. That sucked. the major difference between the Canucks and scumbag bruins, every single Bruin player hustles and takes the body, every shift. Not sure if they play like that on game 3 in 4 DAYS (not nights), 4th game on a 5 game trip, 3 times zones away, but they sure work hard. Bo was getting pissed, but not much in the tank today. Someone here said they should have put in Bailey and MacEwen. Totally agree. Put some meat and potatoes in the line up. I hate the bruins.
  9. Some takeaways from this game (thank you pvr) putting Brock back with Elias sure created some spark! when you don’t practice 3-3, and suddenly the coach throws you there in overtime, you may, just may look completely lost, Jake and Sutter. demko looked solid, maybe that third goal though.... man our power play has to get better. But give Carolina credit, they were aggressive on the kill. carolina look like a team who likes to act and play tough, but as soon as you push back, they flop and whine and cry to the refs. lastly, I put all the blame on short house. Just before Carolina scored their 2nd shootout goal, while the player was skating in, he said “Demko is 7-7 in shootouts!” jinxed...it...totally... 3/4 points on back to back afternoon games in the eastern time zone, Good job guys! I’m proud! Keep it going! Go Canucks!
  10. One thing about St Louis is they make you earn your win. Glad to see our boys didn’t quit, kept working. Peterson with some push back, not taking any crap. And Meyers with some crunching. One thing about hard working Stanley cup champions, is they know how to clutch, grab and impede juuuuuuuust right..... And Demko, sweeeeeeeet.
  11. Ya I saw that too. Part of me wanted someone to give Kane or say Karlsson (one of their “stars”) a shot, but part of me was proud the boys turned the other cheek, and the Sharks successfully made themselves look bad.
  12. Complete game, and the best Canadian national anthem I’ve heard in a long time.
  13. 9 out of 10 doctors agree, there’s a horseshoe buried deep inside the jets.