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  1. These playoffs showed so much, which players elevated their play, who didn’t, who thrived in certain game styles, who didn’t, and who played injured. This is what Benning has wanted for awhile, something to get a good gauge if this team, and he got it. And now we, as excited fans, get to watch the next phase of Bennings build, And hope, oh boy oh boy, hope it brings us to a Cup! Go Canucks!!
  2. Despite the fact I’m crushed over the loss, and my dislike for Vegas is strong (not Boston strong though), I would like to think during the hand shake, several Vegas players and coaches showed some serious respect towards the Canucks, and even seemed a little humbled. Yes tonight’s game was a dud, but in the big picture, our boys have turned a corner, and have earned some serious respect. Good night to all you awesome Canuck fans. 2019-2020 season Post mortem report tomorrow after a good sleep, just like Demmer.
  3. I think the team was emotionally and mentally fatigued. You get a 5 min power play, and you can’t drum up the intensity? The core players are young, and hit their limit. Even some vets had an empty tank. Im so proud of what this team accomplished, the growth and experience gained from these playoffs will be huge. This is the start of something wonderful!
  4. A lot more urgency we could have won this game... Game 7 of the second round, this team is gonna BE AWESOME!! Go Canucks!!! I (still) believe!!
  5. Wow! Just wow! There...is..no....quit!!! Demko, the defence, shout out to Motte and Beagle, the forwards, just wow! wow Go Canucks!!! I believe!!!
  6. And that, my friends, is called stealing a game. Thatcher, Brock, that is all. Go Canucks!!! I believe!!!!
  7. Awwwww crap. Vegas is really good at knocking down passes, frustrating. Our boys tried, effort was there. I don’t think playing last night is an excuse. Brock with a great effort tonight. Pretty much everyone gave it. Welcome back Myers. I do think the team is emotionally spent. First playoffs is tough. First playoffs in a bubble is tougher. And then first playoffs, in a bubble, and suddenly becoming worldly spokes people for BLM can weigh very heavy on a 20+ year old. When I was 21 I was in college, not in an intense Atmosphere like this. I tip a frothy beer to the guys for everything they’ve accomplished so far is such conditions. Last game someone thought Miller must be playing injured. I agree he’s not shooting. Go Canucks!!! I still believe!!!
  8. Canucks deserved a much better fate in the first. Did everything right, hustling, good passing, shooting, just couldn’t bury it. Vegas gets a couple of chances, perfect shots and in. But Give credit when credit due. Vegas played fast, skilled and big. Deserved the win. I wonder if there was chirping this time? Roussel, that’s 2 10 minute misconducts. You are targeted and will get called for everything. He’s a distraction now, and does no good to the team when sitting for 10. Time to sit him, bring in MacEwen. Our boys did lots of good things tonight, just Vegas was on their game, and puck seemed to be bouncing. The sky is not falling. Go Canucks!! I believe!!!
  9. Good rebound game. 1st period wahoo! 2nd period clenching teeth... 3rd period whew If Jake can throw more of those hits, that’d be great. Vegas doesn’t like getting hit. Welcome back Toffoli! I believe!! Go Canucks!!
  10. Sometimes you hear about something, study it, watch it, talk about at it. But it really doesn’t sink in until you actually experience it. Our boys knew Vegas was fast, skilled, and big, but it didn’t hit them until game time. Deer in head lights. We had nothing. I liked Roussel’s energy, but I didn’t like his antics. Do not give the other team ammo. Rest, analyze, regroup, execute. I believe! Go Canucks!!
  11. Myers fist pumping with his left hand, which last game was gingerly in his pocket. Getting healthy?