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  1. [GDT] 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    Maybe before drafting the road runner, not now, I hope he can play with his head up, can't wait to watch him skate against guys like Marner and Barzal.
  2. (Proposal) TOR-VAN

    Interesting, would do Liljegren and 1st for Tanev, don't wont to move him but would do that trade. TO would hesitate unless they think Lightning are interested. Cal Foote and 1st, prefer Foote. Canucks counter with Gudbranson/Vanek for Martin Leivo & 2nd.
  3. (Poll) Who should be the next head coach of the Vancouver Canucks?

    I would be on the phone with Ken Hitchcock and Travis Green right now. One of these two, or better yet both if Canucks can make it work. Hitchcock, player development and assistant coach and Green as head coach, no more than 3 year term.
  4. It is time to take calls on the entire roster and be prepared to move any asset which improves core. As far as I am concerned the core of this team is Horvat and Tryamkin. Anybody else should be open for discussion. Number one focus should be a centre under 24 who can play in your top 2. RNH and Oilers 2017 1st rounder for Sutter and Gudbranson. If Oilers want Miller, add a 3rd. Allow Burrows his dream and send to Habs for 3rd. These 2 trades gives Canucks 10 million in extra cap space, opening the door to do something really big and helping out expansion issues. Maybe time to call Ken Hitchcock and check his interest to joining Canucks organization. It is time to play let's make a deal.
  5. Glad Torts told Botchford how happy he was to see him again, such a troll. Columbus maybe the only team that could take on the Sedins but unfortunately I do not see them moving. Would be nice to clear 26 million in cap space for next year by moving, Sedins, burrows and miller. There would be a lot of free agent options available if they were gone by deadline this year!!
  6. (Poll) Willie Watch

    I put my faith in Linden to know when it is time to pull the trigger on the Coach, for anyone to suggest there is someone out there who can make this team win now is delusional. There is no quick fix hear. I would rather the team made statement with a player rather than laying blame on the coach. Willy still has my confidence until Trevor says otherwise. Last time I looked, the coach wears a suite not the colors, this is a capped out team which will not be able to improve until the Sedins are gone.