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  1. Lateralus91

    NFL thread

    Ugh. The only thing Kaep is hurting by protesting is the personal feelings of billionares and WASP-y rednecks. Couldn't give two Fs about them.
  2. Lateralus91

    NFL thread

    I like Kaepernick and I absolutely respect and support his political views and his form of protest against police violence. However, at the time he was fired he was nowhere near one of the best QBs in the league. Now 3(?) years have passed without him playing a single game and now he's supposed to be NFL ready? I mean I could understand signing him for a minimum contract or signing him on the practice squad. But would he actually be fine with that? Or is he looking for a starting job?
  3. Lateralus91

    NFL thread

    Misses the FG What a game.
  4. S*** the bed in Munich once again. I seriously have no idea how - as a grown man - you can walk into a stadium and forget how to play football EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. It's f***ing ridiculous. Davies looked like Sergio Ramos today. But that is saying more about Dortmund than about Davies.
  5. As soon as Politano comes on as the final substitute he gets spiked in the ankle and can barely move the rest of the match. Sure, unfortunate. But a healthy Politano alone wouldn't have won them the match. Just... no.
  6. More lucky they didn't concede 3 more. Hakimi is a monster. Sad Real will want him back.
  7. Lateralus91

    NFL thread

    Seahawks D has been shambolic today.
  8. Bayern manager Kovac just got sacked. Assistant coach and former Löw assistant Hansi Flick will take over as an interim. Jose Mourinho and Erik ten Hag are top of the list candidates for a permanent replacement according to German media.
  9. Davies played full 90 minutes again. Boateng saw a red card after 10 minutes and Bayern received their worst defeat in the Bundesliga since 2009. Even though they were one man down for 80 minutes they had a terrible game. Davies got an assist for Lewandowski's goal, though.
  10. Davies just scored an own goal in the Cup match against VfL Bochum (2. Bundesliga).
  11. I don't think so. It's probably just the lack of alternatives at left back. Bayern's roster is very thin this season in some positions. Alaba is their only out and out left back. If he can't play they really only have Lucas Hernandez who can play there. But Hernandez is also planned as a backup at centre back. Süle is out long term with an ACL so Hernandez will have to play there when he himself recovers from an MCL. So Davies is going to get some games at left back. Coman and Perisic are pretty decent and Gnabry is probably their best player bar Lewandowski this season. So there have been less opportunities for Davies at the offensive winger positions so far. However, Coman and Gnabry are pretty injury prone as well. I reckon Davies will get a chance there if the situation arises.
  12. Saw them live yesterday. Fantastic show. They have fun on stage and you can see the passion with which they're playing. Singing is ON. POINT.
  13. Alphonso Davies played his first game start-to-finish yesterday against Union Berlin. He played left back and was involved in the second goal. Can't tell you much else though. I have only seen the highlight reel. There was a more important game on at the same time.