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  1. Parts of Germany (Bavaria and various cities and municipalities) already have some restrictions enforced. Others will very likely follow on Monday at the latest. But it's not that you can't go out at all. If you are alone nobody will stop you. You can also go out in small groups if you live in the same household. Just don't sit in full restaurants or bars etc. Hold your distance and you'll be fine.
  2. The right thing to do. With the shoddy health system in the US and Mike Pence in charge of the whole situation this has the potential to get pretty terrifying.
  3. Welcome to the s#$tshow that is the German Football Federation.
  4. Haaland with 5 goals in his first not-quite-an-hour of Bundesliga football. Ridiculous instinct.
  5. Finally.... A shot! Who knew those could result in a score? Can't decide what's worse. Refs or Canucks PP today.
  6. One of the greatest, for sure. Read about him on music forums when Rush ended touring, I remember the articles saying something about muscle disease and him not being able to play without pain anymore. But nothing about cancer. Rest in peace, Neil.
  7. Since switching to a 3-4-3 they've actually been pretty good. I would look at the last week before the winter break as a little bit of an exception. 3 games in 6 days at the end of the year, the last 2 being againt Leipzig and Hoffenheim. And even in those they were the (far) better teams. Just unlucky and/or tired (especially against Hoffenheim). Assuming they keep playing in a 3-4-3, Zorc has his work cut out for him in the winter. Bruun Larsen is not good enough to play. Götze has no position in a 3-4-3. Paco is not ideal up front. Dahoud will not be the player we hoped he could be. As it stands, only Sancho, Reus and Hazard are suitable for one of the 3 offensive positions. Maybe Gio Reyna can get a few minutes. But he's only 17 and I don't know how far along he is. Though he looks brilliant playing in the Youth League. Still, we'll need at least one winger. If we can get Haaland as well, great. But with Raiola as his agent I wouldn't hold my breath. Favre won't be sacked during the break. Maybe if they have another bad streak during spring. But my bet is on him staying until summer. There is no obvious candidate for his position available at the moment. Summer may offer some more opportunities (Farke, Kohfeldt for example). Our biggest problem in my opinion is that we have had no consistent philosophy since Tuchel. High intensity Peter Bosz, followed by low intensity, low block Peter Stöger and now Favre who focuses on low risk passes and a lot of patience in creating chances. This results in the roster problems I've listed above. There are a lot of questions for this season and especially next with possibly Piszczek, Hakimi, Sancho, Götze, Dahoud, Bruun Larsen all but guaranteed to leave and a few others also in question.
  8. Looks like I better get my Scotland trip in before borders close
  9. A Tory begging Germans to vote for the party that wants to get rid of them is comical, if not outright delusional if he's actually speaking to German citizens.
  10. Don't know who would have voted for him on that. Maybe some cats conspired to confuse Alf in order to stop him from eating them. On the official Bundesliga website he's not even listed as a nominee.
  11. Great match from Davies today. Think he got 2 assists? Far bigger news: Dortmund media saying Erling Haaland sighted in Dortmund today. If we sign him we'll have to make Zorc's statue 5 meters taller.