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  1. Lateralus91

    NFL thread

    Wilson with two great games to start the season. Week 1: 14/20, 195 Yds, 2 TD, 0 Int, 134.4 Rating Week 2: 29/35, 300 Yds, 3 TD, 0 Int, 131.0 Rating Also credit where it's due, Schottenheimer made the right adjustments in the second half. First time Hawks start 2-0 since 2013.
  2. Their head coach Daniel Farke is from my home town. Rumours are already saying he is on of the top candidates to be the next Dortmund coach. Love his style of play. Norwich are really fun to watch.
  3. I was able to get tickets for the Barca game (Dortmund last played them in the 90s I think) on Tuesday and now Messi will probably miss that game. Seems I will have to make that weekend trip to Barcelona some time soon.
  4. So, this just happened: One day this would make a great Netflix show. A comedy, of course.
  5. Had those discussions time and time again. Watch the video. He's shorter than most of his teammates and opponents. If he was white, nobody would bat an eye.
  6. So, 14 year old Youssoufa Moukoko just made his debut in our under-19s squad, playing against players 4-5 years older than him. He scored 6 goals in a 9-2 win (albeit against a newly promoted side). Last year he played for our under-17s scoring 50 goals in 28 games. I hope he can translate that into the seniors in a couple of years. He could end up being the best player ever to come out of our youth system. Here's a little clip from last season:
  7. First official new Tool song in 13 years
  8. Our neighboring rival's fans are furious about this:önnies-to-temporarily-step-down-amid-racism-row/a-49923094
  9. Of course there are. Cause you know, they are just "concerned Americans" or "true patriots". The US are in early stages of 1930s Germany syndrome. Get your sh*t together, America.
  10. Don't watch enough hockey outside the NHL to really have an opinion. But for selfish reasons I want Seider.
  11. Price would be alright, yes. Toprak + one of the young guys out. Could be Balerdi on loan. I don't know if Hummels would be the man I would let go first at Bayern. He is still the best CB in build-up at Bayern. Midfield next year won't be any better in build-up. I think it's a weird decision from Bayern. But as a Dortmund fan I'll take it.
  12. So apparently we're in for a Mats Hummels comeback in Dortmund. I don't know how I feel about that.
  13. Third looks best and I never really liked that design. But they nailed that this time. Still won't buy it as I much prefer the blue and green colour scheme. The regulars look pretty decent but a bit lacking. I suppose I still have to get used to the Vancouver not being on there. The heritage one... umm... no, thank you.
  14. Congrats to the Blues! They played an unbelievable second half of the season + playoffs. Goes to show why you should never give up. Now we are one of the few franchises left without a cup. I hope Jimbo can pull another rabbit out of the drafting hat and we'll be able to correct history's mistake very soon! Also, please keep the Marchand memes going!
  15. Snooze fest of a UCL final so far. The highlight was the half naked girl jumping onto the pitch.