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  1. Yes, he is. Think they said he was close, maybe next game. But I guess you never know with a concussion.
  2. Finland - Germany 2:56 min left in the 1st period SOG 14 - 1 Score 1 - 1
  3. Coincidentally Götze published an article on The Player's Tribune yesterday:
  4. Two years ago he was out for more than half a year because it was discovered he was suffering from a metabolic disease. He still isn't his old self yet (probably never will be) but he has been one of our best players this season. Certainly the most improved player. While he barely played at the beginning of the season he was pretty much guaranteed a starting spot during the second half of the season.
  5. Treutle was in net I think. Grubauer is still injured. GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLL!!!!
  6. Our record transfer. One of the weirdest signings we ever made.
  7. Something like that, yes. Brandt and Hazard for a combined 50-60m € would be amazing on its own. Out as well: Schürrle and maybe Philipp. Guerreiro might be a candidate as well (PSG interested?)
  8. Oh well. We played our third best season of all time in the Bundesliga and it still wasn't enough. Bayern played a ridiculous second half. Kudos to them. The best thing about this season is that we are 43 points ahead of Sch*lke. Now I hope some of the rumoured transfers come true. Heja BVB!
  9. Looked like a concussion, sadly. I was very impressed with him as well. Very poised for his age. Pretty much, I think. In theory Denmark could overtake us. But they would need at least 7 points in their remaining games against Slovakia, Canada, Finland and the US. So highly unlikely.
  10. Refs doing their best Kelly Sutherland impression. Ridiculous.