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  1. quote me on it we win maybe another 4 games out of remaining 14 This team doesnt have wht it takes to be a playoff team
  2. powerplay is too passive. Trying to be too cute. They need to catch a break
  3. if we miss playoffs and can then unload sutter, eriksson and roussel i would consider it as a very good season cause sutter is Shyyt
  4. Tanev and goldobin s contracts are up this year. Roussel, sutter, beagle, eriksson are the ones need to go. Good luck finding trades for them. I just think benning has played all his cards for this year and done more than enuf for this team to miss playoffs
  5. Cant miss playoffs this season, too much at stake. Too many draft picks traded away. We just have to make it. Just have to!
  6. team was never good enuf to make playoffs, that being said toronto is even worse and it sucks that we lost to em
  7. must win game, with marky out, we have to solidify our place for playoffs. Just too much at stake, cant miss playoffs this year
  8. Risto would be a huge upgrade over any of our Rhd. Dude is a beast. Stats dont justify his play. He is just stuck in trash city. if i am buffalo i would want a grade A prospect. Stech is 3rd pairing guy, he would be a throw in for the deal not a primary target. Virtanen + Demko + Stech for Risto and reinhart. Buffalo gets a projected all star goalie and top 6 player and canucks get a top 3 dman and top 6 player
  9. Boeser had been struggling the entire season. He was being carried by miller and petey. Luckily Virtanen had made up for his play this season and tofolli is an upgrade over any other RW we have. Depth saved our ass