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  1. BC citizens living next to the alberta border are now pruning their shrubs..
  2. Thats because you are an Albertan now.... and Albertans think they should be allowed to crap in other peoples pools / piss in their neighbours flower beds whenever they feel like it ..... because thats the way it is done in Alberta.
  3. Sadly when most young people are incarcerated.... they come out of detention centre worse off and more advanced in the criminal world than when they entered..... Canadians don't value / invest in reducing child poverty and quality public education is being destroyed..... and this is the end result. Look for more and more of this as our country falls further and further into decent..... Meanwhile.... the 1 % are getting richer and richer though.
  4. Why not send it to Alberta.... that entire province is a rotten dump and Alberta outdoor Air stinks like a dirty outhouse / rotten eggs on a hot summer day...... {img][/img] @Ryan Strome
  5. Dream on Dreamer Oilsands crude headed for price shock in 2020 due to new fuel standards
  6. I am sure you will . LOL . Hopefully by that time . JT can announce the pipeline expansion project is cancelled. No need to spend that kind of money on a product no one in the world wants at a profitable price... in a dying industry.
  7. BC Court... LOL . Do some research on the BC Supreme Court.... We are very fortunate to have the CDN Supreme court.... Lets leave it at that.
  8. BC Supreme Court... LOL . LOL LOL BC has no justice.... at least we have real judges / real justice at the CDN Supreme Court.
  9. I had an interesting experience this week. I was shopping at SuperStore because i am cheap...... when i walked through the produce area.... A . carrot yelled out to me..... TAKE ME HOME...... GET ME OUT OF HERE....... I thought it was kinda weird..... Does this prove plants are conscious ? I am not sure. Long story short.... i walked on by and grabbed come broccoli . instead...... Talking veggies aren't very appealing to me.....
  10. I think the secret to losing weight is..... Cut back on carbs Cut back on sugar Replace wine with vodka Only beer allowed is Guiness Smart smoking but only when drunk Listen to Electronica or Acid House instead of pop/country/jazz/rock Do 10 pushups everytime you want to open the fridge ( put a 10 sign on the fridge door ) That is the diet that i have been on. Lost 20 pounds over the last 2 months... and its SUPER fun......
  11. Canadians don't value education. Look at how crappy our BC schools are becoming..... yet BC citizens stick their heads in the ground and pretend everything is going great......... No wonder why parents are moving to private ed here in BC. BC governments have year after year dismantled BC public education system. Sad really to see it all happen while the public / our intellectually lazy mainstream media keeps shouting.... Lazy Overpaid teachers..... etc etc etc....
  12. Always ironic to see a bunch of 60 year old MEN writing legislation that determines how WOMEN control their bodies.......
  13. Thought you said you lived in USA .... maybe you said you owned a place there. Sorry if was wrong. Pretty sad / depressing to see womens rights disappearing in the USA though...