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  1. Albertans have been retiring to the west coast for years.....
  2. Conservative party definately is toast if another CDN right party gains traction. Game over for them.
  3. Good for you. Yes, BC public schools have been very strong in the past in terms of quality. BC highschool sports for 99.9 percent of the athletes are really just recreational. Play with your buds and have fun leagues. NCAA spots are pretty tough to obtain on teams for CDN's and . CIS is good quality sport but the scholarships are pretty sad for the amount of time the athletes put into their CIS teams..... Really hope that the last 15 years of BC Liberal govs and the current NDP gov haven't done long term irreparable damage to our bc public education system though... It was a gem in the past.
  4. Your dad sounds like he is / was a very smart man ......... Private schools don't have little things like catchment areas to worry about for their teams players ....
  5. WE ARE ALL CANUCKS ! Bo is a beauty.
  6. Yes, agreed. Ron seems like a turd. Time for him to go as well... clean house. Bieksa would be great.
  7. Great day. So happy to hear he was fired. 20 years too late but what the H.... Just enjoy today for the great news.
  8. A province facing the end of its dying oil and gas industry ( with huge clean up / remediation costs heading your way.... ) would be very foolish to consider separation. Long term it makes zero sense for Alberta. Its like the guy that blew all his money in the casino going on Instagram saying he wants to quit his well paying job now......
  9. Most of the gas coming into BC from Alberta these days..... is from Albertans farting and talking at the same time..... It is negatively affecting the thought process of Albertans and leading to increased Co2 emissions coming out of Alberta.....
  10. About 20 years ago... I decided to turn off the volume on the TV the second Don Cherry segment started. Haven't seen / heard his ignorant comments on hockey / life for many many years. Don't miss his segment one bit.
  11. Wow, thats terrible that people that work in the public education system are the same ones working against it......
  12. Other private schools have academic entrance exams and don't accept any special needs kids... Why should my tax dollars go to these schools which are elitist and don't allow kids to meet / work with all the various kinds of people we have in our society. There i no way one dollar of BC taxpayer money should go towards a private school. You want to send your kid to a private school , then pay for it yourself.
  13. ROFL - 2 minimum wage jobs put you at the food bank.... Pretty early in the day to be partaking......