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  1. No a honest transparent government gives parents the facts.. and lets parent decide on the safety / welfare of their kids... Transparency with government is a good thing. Lack of transparency will lead to parents on social media spreading rumours.. and then parents not trusting schools or the VSB. Honesty is the best policy. VSB and NDP should be ashamed of themselves for misleading parents....
  2. This is how it happens in some other places... A football-loving mom watching a middle-school game in Ohio was Tasered and arrested Wednesday for not wearing a mask. The unmasked woman, identified as Alecia Kitts of Marietta, and her mother were watching a football game in the city of Logan when she got into a verbal altercation with a local cop about violating the state mandate over face coverings, according to the New York Post.
  3. Required when our own NDP government fails its own citizens... Transparency by our gov. would eliminate social media rumors...
  4. Salim Jiwa @realreporter · 7h #bcpoli Despite the dishonesty of Vancouver Coastal Health and refusal to to make public school exposures we have 41 schools and 1 board office reporting infections. Live list.
  5. Appreciated reading your well thought out views on Covid. Thanks.
  6. I wonder if Sweden might have a few less tourists than England / France - could that play a part in lower rates of transmission ?
  7. Heh, we ( NDP ) are trying to win a unnecessary. SNAP election here. during a Pandemic...........
  8. NDP Party ..... from twitter Tracey Flattes @ceilidhf · 8h Replying to @pattibacchus @VCHhealthcare and @adriandix So if I take a 3 hour flight and someone onboard is positive, I can find it publicly listed...but my kid spends 6 hours in a class, 5 days a week with someone positive and it's a big secret? Why the double standards?
  9. Researchers from the University of California suggest that mask-wearing could also reduce the severity of COVID-19 infections, leading to more asymptomatic cases. The idea is that masks can block a significant number of virus-infected droplets, decreasing the dose of the virus a person inhales, and ultimately reducing the chances of severe illness.
  10. Government spin , spin , and more spin . Snap election now. Do the math.... - put it all together....
  11. Sucks living in an anti science / anti mask province - BC. Can you tell Dr Bonnie Henry in BC. No mandatory mask policy. #bpcoli Quote Tweet CBC British Columbia @cbcnewsbc · 6h Experts warn that at this point in the pandemic, when the benefits of mask-wearing are growing clear — and COVID-19 cases are rising rapidly — Canadians should be donning their masks more, not less.
  12. Social media is an excellent place for people to discuss issues that affect our communities. Sad that our BC gov and Vancouver School Board have decided to cover up Covid exposures happening in Vancouver schools. NDP government has failed us all in BC. At least Surrey is properly reporting Covid exposures to their schools parent communities Credit once again to Surrey for doing the right thing.
  13. #BrokenBC #antiSCIENCE-BC From twitter.... Emily Lapkin @emilylapkin 1h My child has had a mask in her backpack every day this year. Not being worn regularly. But she panicked when she didn’t have “inside shoes” packed, because that’s a rule. So there’s a rule about inside shoes, but no rule to wear a mask in the midst of a pandemic. Do better #BCED.
  14. I can't vote for an ANTI Mask Premier..... so Horgan can not get my vote. Sumon Chakrabarti, an infectious diseases specialist with Trillium Health Partners in Mississauga, Ont., noted most schools are doing well and said the best solution was to limit class sizes. While masks can help, they’re not necessarily a cure-all. “Masks help when you’re in a situation where everything else is in line,” he said. “If you’re in a room with 35 kids in a small, poorly ventilated room, then the masks aren’t going to save you. That is the biggest thing governments are struggling with.” Masks decrease risk by reducing the generation of aerosols by infected people, said David Fisman, epidemiologist at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the University of Toronto. “I am not surprised that crowding kids together without masks is spurring infections,” he said. “It will take a few weeks to percolate through to parents and grandparents, but this is a very foolish way to proceed.
  15. Sounds like Canada is in for quite the winter flu combined with covid season...