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  1. Do you really think small kids are able to effectively social distance ? Hardly the case. By opening schools and providing no PPE / masks / sanitizer to students and schools ... Horgan and Dr. B basically set the example for the general public to not take precautions indoors. This was in my opinion very short sighted. It sent a message to people to not take this virus seriously.... The wearing of masks is not needed. Dangerous message for our government to send out.
  2. It seems like NZ has higher expectations for their leaders than the USA does.... New Zealand's health minister has resigned after criticism of the government's response to coronavirus and his own breaches of lockdown rules. David Clark had already been demoted after breaking rules to take his family to the beach. He said continuing in his role was distracting from the government's overall response to the pandemic. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern confirmed on Thursday that she had accepted his resignation. New Zealand has been hailed as a success story when it comes to tackling the coronavirus.
  3. Now that is very strange... because Dr henry specifically did not support school staff / students wearing masks..... Wow, does Dr. Henry not think school staff / students. and their families worth protecting ? Very strange seeing mixed messages from BC politicians..... I guess Virtanen is just following Dr. B's messages.....
  4. I agree with you but i do think it is imperative our leaders encourage the general population to wear masks when indoors ..... Very strange to see BC leaders sending mixed messages on this topic. Safety first.
  5. Yah, weird. Even. Horgan and Dr. B don't support masks..... Seems so strange to me. Safety first.
  6. 2nd wave is certain when humans refuse to listen to scientists.
  7. Great to be Canadian but BC is a banana republic most of the time. Luckily we have the Supreme Court of Canada which consistently gives the BC govenment a spanking and a timeout. When a company / employer has effective management - there is no need for a union.
  8. I would think in many developing countries without adequate testing / resources ... many deaths are being caused by covid but not being reported as such. I would also think that in a well off country like Canada..... schools could afford a thermometer to heat test staff and students each day......
  9. As a rugby player... i approve of hearts... rugby is all heart.
  10. Alberta reported 69 new COVID-19 cases Saturday, the highest single-day jump in cases for the province in more than a month
  11. Youi choose. A) playoff first round win B] first overall pick What do you choose.... ?
  12. People walking / jogging are health conscious people. Peopel shopping without masks are probably in the store to pick up smokes , potato chips and scratch and wins......
  13. I am thinking of starting up 3 new threads to get Jimmy, Alf and Strome back on site. Jimmy McGill's thread - rate Better Call Saul top 3 episodes all time.... Alf's thread - new performance drug discovered ... better than Viagra.... Strome's thread. - Justin Trudeau - new discovery shows he was born in Calgary Alberta..... Justin Trudeau is in fact an Albertan....
  14. There is always a risk of trading a top round pick for a rental. Personally, i am not for this approach unless it is designed to put a solid playoff club into Cup contention. I don't think the Canucks were in this position this year.... so i was very much against acquiring rentals this year. These kinds of decisions can really hurt the club long term.