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  1. LOL - Actually the BC Liberals have put BC in the worst Debt in the history of our province... Nice try rewritting history .
  2. People are just tired of Christy Clark and the BC Liberals that steal from our children's public education ( give this money to rich elite private schools ) and take money from kids with special needs. It just despicable and people are fed up with it. Not to mention the corrupt real estate scams happening in our province. With listings being reserved for only off shore investors.....
  3. Tanev is a decent 4-5 but too soft and very little generated offensively I say trade him for a great prospect or pick . Replace him with a UFA to fill his spot during the rebuild.
  4. What about some kind of a player coach ?? Hasn't been done in the NHL in about 50 yrs. Who was the last player coach in the NHL ? Thinking Canucks need someone like...
  5. My choice for the situation the club is in....... An illusionist i think could possibly be the coach we need....
  6. My issue is i may want to bring a checked back as i am looking at 1 month trip. I am thinking it may be 40 dollar surcharge for inter Europe flight. I have been to Paris a few times before ( last time was 14 days about 5 years ago ) this time i am looking at 16 days there as i love the city. Love the area around Bastille. Last time i stayed in the Marais district downtown ( loved the location ) and this time i am looking at staying in an apartment near Jardin de Luxembourg - border of St Germain and the Latin quarter.... Paris is just an ideal city to walk and wander around in. Wish i could travel just with a carry on. Maybe i can reassess to see if i could do it. I have never been to either Venice or Nice so i am looking forward to these new visits. I really like to try to go to a place i have been to before and then add 1-2 new places. My concern about Venice and Nice in the summer is the crowds. I am just hoping ( optimistic ) i can find some peaceful less touristy areas away from the masses of tourists. From what i hear about venice the crowds tend to be in the Piazza San Marco area and if you get away from that location you can experience a more real Venice....
  7. No Chances Hank and Danny are signed here in Van after their current deal. It is no longer 2011 Canuck fans.... Time to move forward. Love to see Edler and / or Tanev moved this summer. Hopefully we don't protect Sutter in the expansion draft. Soon we should hit rock bottom..... and then we reload for our CUP.
  8. Who to vote for is the question ???? It will be a tough election for voters. I wonder if it will be a record set for voters that prefer to spoil their votes.... There must be a better way forward than the choices we have in this election...
  9. 50 million rubles per year. unlimited free vodka new Canada Goose winter jacket Matryoshkas dolls for his wife no income tax extended life insurance if death occurs in a plane crash
  10. That is not NHL toughness. My rec team has tougher guys on it than those 4 ...
  11. I like almost everyone i know is in the vote for ANYONE BUT Christy.......
  12. By hiring TFW's - local wages can be suppressed. It stops supply and demand coming into effect and raising wages. In my city i know a guy worth about 5 million dollars ( agri production / export ) that brings in local workers at minimum wage... Rather than hiring Canadian workers that would probably demand 16-20 dollars per hour.
  13. Canucks team tries to intimidate teams with NICENESS. Like when our guys pick up sticks off the ice after the whistle and bring them back to the opponent..... The Canuck niceness techniques basically makes opponents feel guilty about hurting our players and/or scoring on our goalie. So the Canucks choose NICENESS over TOUGHNESS. It is Bennings strategy to win in the new NHL...
  14. That is incorrect. By importing low paid labour. Employers are artificially depressing local wages to maximize their profits....... This is hurting every day Canadian workers that can not get any kind of a wage increase because employers prefer to bring in low paid TFW workers instead..
  15. With the crap weather i am dreaming of Sunshine - planning a summer get a way..... Paris / Venice / Nice would be the plan. Inter europe flights seem pretty cheap.