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  1. Defense - worse this year after losing Sbisa and Tryamkin Forwards - worse as Hank , Danny and Loui E are getting yet another year past their prime and will see production drops. Lost Hansen and Burrows. Goaltending - worse now after losing Miller Coaching - should be an upgrade this year. So basically i can't see the team really making much an improvement. Should be a bottom 5 club again this year with another solid draft pick. We will struggle until a few more of our prospects advance further in their careers. Tough time to be a Canuck fan. I am just going to focus on watching the kids develop and improve.
  2. PVR'ed the 2011 game 7 so i would have it forever. Never been able to rewatch the game... too painful. I am still trying to forget 2011 - maybe in another 20 years the pain will subside......
  3. Not a fan of the Dorset contract. 2 more yrs at 2. 6 per year is pretty brutal for a guy that sticks up for his teamates by getting beat up pretty much every time he drops the gloves.... the guy has 43 NHL playoff games played and 0 goals kinds of sums it up.
  4. Will Gaunce even be healthy to start the season off..... didn't he have shoulder surgery earlier this summer ?
  5. Photo of OJ leaving his Parole hearing....
  6. WTF Bowling is not lame at all. My co ed competitive team takes it pretty serious. We all hit the gym a few times a week and work on Core fitness. For pre season we do the Grouse Grind a few times and even did a tougher mudder last time.. Well all of us accept for Reggie.... he smokes WAY too much and said no to the Grind / Mudder events....
  7. #BrokenBC
  8. Of course there are solutions. The question is can we find a BC government willing to tackle the issue.
  9. Vancouver will be a bottom 3 club again this year. Select another top prospect and then in 2018 we start a slow steady climb back up the standings...
  10. Broken BC - Really the BC Liberals had to go. I think it is time for another government to have a go at this massive Housing Crisis... We are going to see even more massive number of homeless people throughout BC cities ..... In July, the average price of rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Vancouver hit $2,090 a month. Similarly, rent for a two-bedroom grew by 2.5 per cent in July to $3,230 a month.
  11. Actually homes now are now starting at 700 - 800 thousand Abby and Chilliwack.... so its now not only a Vancouver problem.
  12. Agreed. Seems like H and D love the city of Vancity. Both are way to classy guys and fan favourites for the club to drive them out mid contract. Both of them have been pretty clear they have no interested in going to separate teams... so once again pretty much untradeable. We were so luck to get to watch their magic for so many years. When they likely retire at the end of next year it will be end of an era for the canucks. Maybe the best era ever for our club.
  13. OJ trial was payback for the Rodney King trial. Simple.
  14. One thing for sure as our club moves forward it is pretty clear that more and more our young prospects will be given opportunities to crack our NHL lineup.
  15. Both Hank and Danny had NTC/NMC so they were basically impossible to move..... Basically the last few years their production has really dropped off. It happens to pretty much all older players... Legends to our team. Will be pretty sad day next year when they retire from the canucks.