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  1. Two reasons I don't believe this 1) 1040 2) Sekeres
  2. The most shocking thing about this thread is people that are incapable of seeing sarcasm and someone joking around.
  3. It's a great deal for the Canes, anyone who is complaining about the Myers contract is not being very bright or being willingly obtuse. His deal was fair. Gardiner probably left a lot on the table in other offers that he could have got around July 1st and went with the best deal he could get at this late date.
  4. I hope Khabib looses, he and his merry band are thugs period. They proved they can't control themselves and are violent with what happened with Mcgregor. In no way am I excusing Conor since he is also a dirtbag but it seems like Khabib gets a free pass with many. Would also love to see Ferguson vs Khabib, big fan of Tony and how he fights.
  5. Where do they find these guys? Let me guess they are into "analytics"
  6. All the guys leaving were probably not easily controlled. We'll see if they put people into place that will only push certain narratives. That's what I'm expecting anyway.......
  7. Same here, liked them all but liked Miller the best. Wish he would have been around when he was in his prime 8-10 years ago, he might have been the best goalie in the NHL at that time.
  8. From a team's perspective a bridge deal makes the most sense for young stars since it keeps the window to win in the playoffs open a bit longer before they run into cap issues. 3 years at 5 million would be a great deal for Werenski and hopefully Boeser can come in at a fairly similar contract.
  9. Guys like Miller and Ferland bring what this team needs which is grit along with skill. Hughes and Pettersen aren't exactly bruisers so need a bit of help in that area, the team will have all sorts of skill sets and be able to play in any type of game you want. There are a bunch of gritty guys now on the team which will be great when playoff hockey comes around which is a lot tougher than the regular season. While I do wish they could have kept the 1st round pick I'm on board with them identifying their core, supporting them and moving ahead when they are still young so they can learn to win in the playoffs. You honestly don't know what can happen when they get in, in fairly recent times Pittsburgh and Chicago won their first cups with a very young core group so who knows how it will all shake down in the next few years?
  10. On every subject here not just hockey if you choose the opposite of what KOS thinks you will be right at least 90% of the time.
  11. It seems like that is one of the things they really look for which I really like, tough to play against and good character. Perfect! I remember him saying that there are players who will play in the NHL and then there are players you can win with. Slowly but surely they have been adding the latter......
  12. Ok, I'll give you those points. Still like DC a lot though, seems like a good family man and someone most people would like to hang out with. Stipe should have had an immediate rematch but Dana and DC wanted a big money fight with Lesnar. In the end it all worked out for Stipe and after listening to his press conference he was worn out and the year+ spent with his daughter was exactly what he needed to recharge.