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  1. Ranking our free agent signings

    I'm not going to go around and around with you but I'm calling BS on this, you are using it as a mockery and don't have the courage to admit it. Jim Benning deserves respect and we are lucky to have him here.
  2. Ranking our free agent signings

    Ok Marybyrd. I am happy that James Elmer Benning is at the helm, the rebuild is starting to show some fruit and in a few years the team will be a powerhouse.
  3. Ranking our free agent signings

    Ah one of those who can dish it but can't take it. Gotcha I bet you are fun at parties...........
  4. Weed

    Cool, I'll have to check them out lol.
  5. Weed

    From years of having to work next door to some low income housing where they only seem to smoke weed and make babies. It's a very disgusting disgusting smell (the weed part )
  6. Weed

    Lol, yes.......... as far as I know
  7. Ranking our free agent signings

    What's your deal with the Elmer stuff? Who cares what the guy's middle name is and your mockery pretty douchey.
  8. Weed

    Thanks for Trudeau and the disgusting smell
  9. They have a plan of drafting well and are working well together, seems like a lot less tension and a lot less ego. Sorry to say but Linden sounded like a fake politician, mind you not to the level of Shanahan who always sounds smarmy but he takes that to a whole new level. Linden was the one who wanted to be loyal to the Sedin's and other older players which you don't get the same feeling of that now anymore.
  10. Linden is my second favorite player after Henrik Sedin but to be totally honest I don't miss him at all. The current management team seems to work very well and they come across as being honest. Linden sounded fake a lot of the time, never thought I would ever say that but there it is.
  11. HHOF soon to call on 4 more former Canucks

    I'm with the others, Luongo and the Sedin's are a lock but not a chance that Kesler gets in. Far better players than him are still on the outside looking in.
  12. Elias Pettersson | #40 | C/RW

    Looking back to the first few pages on this thread are pretty funny, only will get worse as the kid develops and gets better.
  13. Elias Pettersson | #40 | C/RW

    You got the turkey on?
  14. Hamonic on Injured Reserve - Broken Face

    I feel bad that he got hurt, seems like a really good guy. Props to him for going up against a really tough customer in Gudbranson.