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  1. Why so many mononucleosis cases for hockey players?

    Maybe she married someone who has no character either. Nice straw man argument there........
  2. I really hope they get a good deal and get players that actually want to be there. Be nice to see the tide turn again and good things start happening for them again. Oh and the Leaf's and their lamestream media owners suck..........
  3. [Signing] Maple Leafs sign John Tavares

    You're dead to me now, JT, what a joke of a franchise. Can't believe he is going there.
  4. So is the GM and I'm no fan of Shanahan either....
  5. You're dead to me JT if that's true. I can't believe he would go to the most pathetic team in the league......
  6. It seems like Tavares might be a bit of a drama queen, make a decision already
  7. I'm not a fan of Nylander because he seems like he is super soft but in fairness I guess he can still learn to have some push back. Dude looks like an ugly woman though.........
  9. I would do it for a lot less than 3 million! Should one be so unlucky.........
  10. So many here think they can do a better job which is laughable. It's all part of the negative media narrative of this market, Benning deserves respect for what he has done here.
  11. Stupid comment, find another team then.
  12. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Derrick Pouliot

    The media that owns the Toronto Maple Laffs trying to hit their competition when they are down. Why they are able to own the team when it's such a conflict of interest is beyond me.
  13. Matthew Thiessen | G
  14. Matthew Thiessen | G

    My sister went willingly and will never leave either. We had lots of brutal wind here too, makes us tougher than people from the lower mainland
  15. Matthew Thiessen | G

    If I ever was forced to leave B.C. I would live in that area in a heartbeat