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  1. The Hockey Guy? I like most of what he puts out.
  2. It's called living in Canada, not everyone is a softy from southern B.C. Manitoba is a nice place and if I wasn't so attached to B.C. I would move there.
  3. He's really overrated, don't want anything to do with the guy. There's a good reason the management there went off on him publicly (which they never should have done) Can't see any team winning with the guy, just like Dallas..........
  4. I'm no fan of the media in general. We can get better information here and in the case of other types of media other than sports independent journalists like Tim Pool on YouTube. The media as we knew it is dead but they are trying to hold on like a dying dinosaur gasping for air. That's why there is so much negativity and outright lying these days in most media. What really gets me and it seems hardly no one says anything about it is that the Toronto Make Believes are owned by the same media companies who are broadcasting the games. Talk about a huge conflict of interest. They can tamper with players on other teams and also have constant negative stories about other teams especially Canadian rivals while putting out the continual fluff pieces praising the Leafs. That is why I'll never cheer for them at any time, it sticks and no one says anything about it. Hope this doesn't sound to negative lol.
  5. Entitlement, for what exactly? The victim mindset here is over the top sometimes.......
  6. @peener you got this one right too! Maybe you will win the lottery sometime soon as well.
  7. K whatever. I have been a fan since 1982 so that blows all your theories out of the water. Like's too short to live in bitterness from the past, it's only a game for crying out loud. On your death bed I doubt anyone will be thinking about hockey. It will either be regret from a poorly lived life or gratefulness for living a great one.
  8. Can't believe people are still upset about 2011, that was 8 years ago already. Long since time to move on. Looks good on Toronto, everyone except their management knew they weren't tough enough. Hope the Canuck's build a balanced team and include some toughness with skill instead of just getting high end but soft players. Kadri was the only "tough' player they had and obviously not very smart. Now he's going to get what he deserve's for being a rat for so many years.
  9. It's going to be a top 3 this year I can feel it, they are due for some lottery luck. They have been doing a great job regardless anyway getting fantastic players like Boeser, Pettersson and looks like Hughes too that should have gone much higher in the draft. In hindsight Pettersson should have been the first overall pick in his draft year as almost anyone would say after his rookie year.
  10. Good letter, unnecessarily negative title to this thread. The future is bright and is worth the wait even if it takes longer than some people hope.
  11. My nephew lives near Calgary and he and his dad are big fans so I'm hoping the Flames do well this year.
  12. I doubt you do but when it's been one lie after another I'm not buying anything. Al Gore's infamous predictions have all failed and the world has not ended yet. I'll let Patrick Moore the founder of Greenpeace speak for me