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  1. And will blame everyone but himself too...........
  2. You must watch Valuetainment, they guy has amazing guests on and they are very interesting. I heard Michael Fransese say that on there and he would have known about that kind of stuff. I love how he turned his life around and walked away from that awful life. They have tried to kill him but so far they haven't succeeded.
  3. Can't believe people still want this guy, trouble follows him everywhere he goes. Sorry to say he is a real dirtbag........
  4. Don't miss him even a little bit, much more peace since he left and everyone is on the same page. He was my favourite player after Henrik Sedin but in management he rubbed me the wrong way and came across as fake. Love what the current group is doing.
  5. Yes he was constantly complaining about everything the team was doing for the last number of years and will now try to jump on the bandwagon again. Sorry @kingofsurrey no room for you
  6. A big no to Jamie Benn, questionable character at best, lazy, overpaid. Can't believe people want him here, he was called out by the Star's brass because he is playing awful.
  7. Morally and ethically you can't vote for the Green's, NDP or Liberals, everything they believe is based on lies.. The Conservative's are almost as bad. It's easy to decide how to vote in this election, anyone who the Media pushes or makes excuses are the one's you don't want. Don't forget that the Liberal's paid off the media with 600 million of our tax payer money. The one's who they try to silence and spread lies about are the one's you should take a good look at. Maxime Bernier and the PPC have my vote, they are the closest to what I believe in and is why they have my vote. The establishment (media, politicians etc) are threatened by them which is why they are trying to destroy them.
  8. He was a favourite for a long time but I agree he looks bad in all of this. Things turned for the better after he left the team, everyone seemed to be on the same page after that.
  9. Really like Biega and wish him all the best, I'm glad Canuck's management worked hard to make sure he had a chance to play in the NHL, looks good on them.
  10. I don't think so, Even though Barry Trotz is a great coach Green is a good coach too. It's only been two games so far and I'm sure they will figure it out soon. Too many "sky is falling" fans are overreacting and are ready to jump off a bridge because of a couple of bad games. The rest of us are in for the long haul and there will be more good times coming up in the near future.