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  1. Minnesota hangs up and blocks the canucks for that offer.
  2. Silky mitts

    NFL thread

    Mahomes is a total stud. Niners and pack should be a good one.
  3. The current narrative for the clown ass bitter bros on twitter is that the pacific is incredibly weak . Good lord these guys are so pathetic and desperate for their own narrative.
  4. First in the pacific baby! BIG TUNA on a &^@#ing roll lets go!
  5. Okay didn't know Henrik came out of retirement and is wearing 18
  6. great strides jake has been taking. So glad to see it.
  7. anyone going to be tuning in for the mcgregor fight
  8. Silky mitts

    NFL thread

    Chiefs and flip flopping between pack and niners. Going to take pack on the spread though
  9. If we should target anyone from New Jersey it should be palmeri. Make it happen jb!