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  1. Hope you enjoy your retirement cheque’s in Utica !
  2. Gudbranson terrible nhl defenceman but a great fighter .
  3. My expectations for OJ at the time of the draft was he would turn into a top 2 dman, he still might but it looks like top 4 is where he will head. I'm confident he will be a NHL player.
  4. This isn't even close. 2011 was one of the most dominant teams to hit the ice.
  5. LE deserves all the bashing. He is a complete floater. Terrible contract can't wait to see him toil in utica.
  6. Silky mitts

    NBA Discussion

    I'll take living in miami with all that cash any day lol .
  7. Silky mitts

    NBA Discussion

    I can see it now houston down by one twenty seconds left on the clock,capela goes up for the defensive rebound but is pushed out of the way by westbrook, westbrook runs down the court looks up harden is wide open for a three, westbrook hesitates then promptly puts up a three.. its an air ball. Proceeds to give a terrible post game presser.
  8. wow thats a great signing for that price
  9. Add Harman Dayal while they are at it. Kid is bright as hell.