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  1. This sucks man. Hoping some one like biech can get the position
  2. Silky mitts

    NBA Discussion

    AI will always have my respect for dragging that 76er squad to the finals and managing to actually win a game against the lakers.
  3. Silky mitts

    NBA Discussion

    Jordan is firmly at the top position. His dominance was something else. Lebron is number two , with a shot to surpass Jordan. Which imo he will not.
  4. The fact he can still move like that is extremely frightening
  5. Rumours gyms reopen May 19?
  6. Some of the rumblings which have been coming out are concerning if in fact they are true. Such as the canucks scouts wanted Larkin at our pick, but JB insisted and went with JV. And the big one which was that JB was all for Glass and was overruled by Linden for EP.
  7. Weisbrod is such a clown. The guy who was behind the infamous ROR offer sheet . Would love for him to get the boot.
  8. Man this is going to be such a mistake . This interview I heard by sat left me feeling terrible .
  9. Whats everyone's guesses to when gyms reopen
  10. Hbday eagle. Probably the most underappreciated canuck player in history.
  11. Lots of work and overtime at the hospital. Fortunate to be making money and a difference so cant complain.