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  1. He is well liked in the dressing room. Quite popular.
  2. There is atleast 5-6 walking around my neighborhood
  3. For what’s it worth just last Saturday when I was in yaletown there was a hockey player hammered big time definitely not social distancing the player ? Barzal
  4. Not nearly as much stuff going up the nose though
  5. Nothing wrong with this at all. The club is under restrictions, this is the same as going to a cactus club. Dr.Bonnie Henry says it's ok its ok,
  6. Don't worry the usual canucks twitter female users will be rushing to her rescue and also all the simps on there. Anything you may say negatively will probably be spewed as a woman hater.
  7. Like when did we start snitching on our own players. We have such garbage fans at times, no wonder lots of players don't want to play here
  8. Online streams, maybe shell out money for big games on weekends and have the boys over.
  9. The fact our top guns are young players will also be a big advantage as a lay off won't be as much of a hindrance to quickly gain their legs compared to some older vets
  10. Honestly I am all for the movement and everything . My brother in law is actually black . But it just seems kinda silly to be having protests here in Vancouver .
  11. We need him to pan out because of our cap crunch .. Toffoli and Marky are the ones we should sign imo, which means bye bye Tanev. Rathbone the way he is trending will be a solid addition to our top 4 d corps and can really help alleviate some cap concerns coming in on an ELC. I think he is probably a year and a half away maybe two however, though it seems NCAA d usually adjust quicker to the bigs.
  12. Jack rathbone we need this guy to pan out as a top four desperately
  13. As of now I can only book up to three workouts in advance . So it is quite annoying trying to squeeze in workouts especially when you can't get the time slots you need especially around work. A whole month would be great, lucky you man!
  14. Booking workouts is starting to become a major nuisance