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  1. Sutter especially, he might even fetch a 2nd if we are lucky
  2. Focht. He's already been quoted in wanting to resign. Lockwood could be replaced by Utunen or Karlsson in my opinion
  3. The amount of money he would give up in that case would be huge. Doesn't make sense to do a degree you don't need when you have a promising professional career
  4. For myself Its Gaudette in the Bigs. Showing he can be a top 9 centre while continuously growing his game. The other big news story for me is the play of Hoglander. This kid has elite skill and has the chance to fight for a spot with us next season
  5. Sutter (50% retained) + 3rd for Kostin seems more fair to me. Tanev + Brisebois to Winnipeg for Vesalainen+ Kovacevic Schaller to Boston for Backes + 2nd
  6. Schaller and Tanev traded. Eriksson waived if his performance remains subpar. Play MacEwen and Bailey instead of Schaller. Play Rafferty, Tryamkin and Juolevi instead of Tanev. Play a car crash dummy instead of Eriksson
  7. I mean, he's got to be better then Eriksson at this point, so he could easily step into our top 6 right now
  8. Always interested in a 6ft+ Right shot defensemen. We sure could use a couple more of them in the system
  9. Its no goal. My best guess is that the pixels of the camera overlap and thats the reason one can see the net in the image as well
  10. Im out of team tank. Then again Im not in team playoff mode yet. This is a transitional year where the kids need to learn from some veterans as those veterans are moved out. So far Ive been disappointed with this year as guys like Eriksson and Schaller, who have no future here, are playing while guys like MacEwen sit in the press box. Need to give MacEwen and Rafferty longer looks this year while also giving guys like Juolevi, Chatfield and Lind a taste at the NHL level. Finish around the 10-15 spot on the draft. Hope for some luck and take the BPA
  11. This game should be a wake up call to Canucks fans as to how this is a transitional year.


    Now is not the future folks. The Canucks have a bright one ahead, but let the young kids grow

    1. Dazzle


      Every team has lost embarrassing games like this. Let's not read too much into this. Obviously there are issues with the team, but things can be worked out.

  12. yep, that does make more sense and its what I expect to occur. I just think a long term deal could add the canucks cap savings while giving Virtanen job security
  13. What would you give Virtanen? I would like to see some term and think 6 years at $4.0 - 4.5M might do it?
  14. Madden plays with more of an edge to his game and not near as high offensive hockey IQ. Although his defence is far superior to Kane in my opinion. Kane is a hard comparable, Id say a Gallagher lite type player offensively with better defence.