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  1. Yep, and its not like we are cup contenders so why not get a top 15 pick in this deep draft?
  2. Any advise for someone buying their first house?

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    2. luckylager


      Coastal, it wasn't my intent to "disparage an entire industry".

      I just wanted to stress the importance of bringing in someone who understands the actual structure from foundation to peak and is actually allowed to remove/move materials in order to make those assessments.


      The home inspector didn't find anything other than some funky DIY sink plumbing in the bathroom, two electrical sockets that weren't up to code because they were too close to the floor, and he recommended hard wired smoke detectors. All of those things had already been identified by the time he came through anyways.


      @RetroCanuck - tldr: be diligent in the inspection stage. Get your tradesperson friends to take a look and buy em scotch for it. If you dont have those kinds of friends, look for referrals for a good contractor who does inspections. I believe most will as it gets them a foot in the door with a new homeowner who will most likely be doing renos.

    3. Nuxfanabroad


      Sometimes I just wanna' yurt in a rainforest.



      Pay for a home inspection and make sure it is by a responsible company,that way you will have a list of projects that should be addressed in time.

      Put a bit of extra money aside because there is always something to give you a headache and unless you are super handy or a contractor you will need that cash for something.

      Always make sure you can handle the mortgage without starving.

      Get used to not having extra money to go here and there,but once you start to build equity the banks will love you.

      Talk to people in the neighborhood if you get a chance to find out a little about the place you are going to purchase(was it a drug house,was someone murdered there,is it a good neighborhood for kids etc.)

      GOOD LUCK!


  3. This Im fine with resigning Tanev but it cant be long term. If he does resign and Tryamkin signs then we have to trade Stecher and waive/trade Benn Hughes-Tanev Tryamkin-Myers Edler-Rafferty
  4. I agree, but I understand Tryamkin's thinking. Sign him on a 1 year deal. You dont want a guy thats uncomfortable, stressed and out of place. If his wife unhappy his play will suffer. Let them come over and get accustomed to our beautiful province. They wont want to change teams if they have just gotten used to Vancouver and North America as a whole
  5. I don't really care about the $ amount but we cant be signing him long term. 3 years at 5M is what Id want. Would be awesome to have him back, especially if he remains healthy. Hughes-Tanev Tryamkin-Myers Edler-Rafferty Brisebois-Benn Fantenberg walks. Stecher's rights + Motte traded for Kerfoot
  6. Or just dont resign Toffoli. I like the player but theres always risk signing an aging skilled player
  7. Tryamkin Rafferty Rathbone Woo Juolevi are 5 very good defence prospects with top 4 potential. Surely a couple of them will hit
  8. True, but you also want the chance for guys to earn a spot in the bottom six before working their way up the roster. Lind, Podz and Hogz for example could play bottom 6 before moving up to partner with Pettersson or Bo in the future.
  9. What if Hoglander earns a spot out of camp? What if we do sign Brome? Pearson as a UFA trade chip next season could be a big win for us as we need to rotate in our young offensive players. Hogs, Podz, Lind will likely all need a shot at a full-time spot within the next two years opening up a lot of trade options. This might also depend on if Toffoli resigns with us.
  10. Biggest thing last year (this year?) was that we remained completely healthy on the back end and therefore couldn't audition any of our younger players without potentially messing with our playoff chemistry. Although I would have personally preferred to see Rafferty, Brisebois or Juolevi get some games instead of Fanta or Benn when their play was down. I don't think we can keep Tanev unless we are allowed to compliance buy out Eriksson and Sutter. That opens a spot for Tryamkin and allows some competition within the bottom 3. Though if we do manage to resign Tanev to a short term deal (will only be injured more often as he ages) then we could trade Stecher. Hughes-Myers Edler-Rafferty Tryamkin-Stecher Benn
  11. Thats just a stupid question to ask. Of course he's not going to Utica, that seems very obvious
  12. Liked everything you said until this. I just don't see Bailey as a full time NHLer. Went on a hot streak there which was awesome, but he seems to lack a physical or dynamic aspect to his game. Reminds me of Grenier. Totally agree with Virtanen though, who probably would have put up 20G 40P this season. You don't give up your fastest winger that can play a very physical game. Cup winning teams have those guys.
  13. I think we are set at goal with Demko. Markstrom as well if he doesn't cost to much but we cant get locked into a goalie longterm/ for to much money. Golaies are just far to inconsistent. Forwards are good On defense I think its time to give Rafferty a shot, but hopefully resign Tanev. Tryamkin is the big piece Im hoping we can add to the backend next year. Pun intended