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  1. Pfft, Hughes Juolevi Rathbone Thats a top 6LD to be very happy about soon
  2. Haven't watch so can't speak directly too that, but I have heard he has deferred to Veterans so far that have been producing instead of shooting himself. I believe his shot rate per game is only 1.5. Keep in mind he's still learning and had a rough year last year that would have hurt his confidence. Also its not like all the players are playing well down there currently, guys like MacEwen are also really struggling to put pucks in the net as well.
  3. Yep, Leivo has looked real poor this year. Id like to give Virt a run in that spot. He plays his best on the left side and has been playing good physical hockey recently. Honestly Greens line choices and consistent changing is what will be the death of him.
  4. Hopefully all of those with the exception of Podz will be here next year
  5. Perhaps, I think its more of a tunnel vision thing. He's not much of a play maker and more of a skilled scorer with good hands. If he learns to read the ice and his teammates more I think he could become elite. Hopefully he's not a Yakupov
  6. Disagree, if he wants to make it to the bigs then he has to do the high percentage play. His other goal from behind the net was different because he had few other options and wasn't in a prime shooting area
  7. I don't dislike this, but in a 1-1 game take the shot from the slot and put your team up top. No point showboating
  8. For me that bolded point is the thing most fans need to remember. This team isn't cup competitive in its current form, in 2-3 years as young guys mature it could be. As for Baer I think he's pretty interchangeable with Leivo and Pearson. Leivo especially hasn't been having a good year so Id be fine if Baer filled his spot for a few games. This should be the year where Vets help to transition our young players, but also make way for them via trade. Schaller for MacEwen, Sutter for Gaudette, Tanev for Juolevi and maybe even Marky for Demko.
  9. This is exactly my opinion and very applicable to other players as well. Sutter is having a good year and should have some trade value, while also allowing Gaudette to play important minutes as a centre and grow. MacEwen can replace Schaller. Tram, Juolevi or Rafferty can replace Tanev etc. Let this budding young playoff competitor grow and play over guys that wont be here
  10. They're so good that we pulled the goalie!
  11. Reality is, if Tram comes over and outplays guys then he will play. If he doesn't then he will sit in the box for a bit. Considering how well he's been playing in the KHL and given his size and play last time here, I can see no reason he can't play just as well as Benn or other bottom 6-7 D. In my opinion you need to trade Tanev this year if his value is high. Your not going to resign such an injury prone player and this isn't a cup competitive team so why not accrue a first or A level prospect. Rafferty may also be able to take a RD spot and deservedly so at that time. Edler-Myers Hughes-Stecher Tryamkin-Benn
  12. I sure don't mind. Petey is still a kid but its fun to see his growth along with the rest of our budding core
  13. Well, Sautner's hurt. Time to call up Juolevi
  14. Boucher has been given a lot of opportunities up here and hasn't been able to transition his game. I think Goldy or Baer gets called up, but there are also younger players like Gaudette, Lind and MacEwen that would benefit from the opportunity more.