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  1. Hindsight is always there lol Personally I think our current fanbase is undervaluing a lot of our players. Demko has always been thought of as a starting goalie of the future and therefore valuable. Virtanen was almost a 20G scorer last season and would have been had it not been shortened Juolevi is seen by many experts as a top 4D yet this sight wants to trade him just to dump some cap We have so many talented young players that people are undervaluing some of our more role player prospects that are still valuable and will be key NHL players in the future
  2. Beside Pettersson for me. Podz retrieving pucks and going to the net opens up so much room for Petey and he can tap in Petey's passes
  3. Walk away from Toffoli or trade Boeser, no room for both in my opinion. Resign Markstrom, but protect Demko at the expansion draft. Demko is the future but having Markstrom for another year is ideal. If Markstrom isn't selected by Seattle then you have a solid trade piece
  4. If Demko feels good I agree. You cant take out a goalie playing this hot. That said Demko looked tired so it wouldn't hurt my feelings to see Marky in. Either way Im proud of this team no matter the outcome
  5. Not sure if anyone answered this, but I read on a site that Bettman issued the decision to take draft picks rather then go the monetary route which would have been a fine of $250'000 or more. I believe the article was in TSN and the decision was made, due to Covid reasons and the struggling financial league.
  6. You read the rest of that sentence right?
  7. Shouldn't have a hard time making room. Lots of options -Toffoli resigning... seems unlikely -Sutter, Pearson (and Baertschi) in their UFA seasons. Trade or walk in UFA. Maybe resign Pearson -Ferland likely has to go on LTIR. He's risking his entire future to keep on playing -Eriksson retires... praying, yet know he likely wont. Maybe waived or seattle expansion. We could have a very good young team in 2 years, with Horvat, Pettersson and Hughes leading the young core. Hogz-Pettersson-Podz Miller-Horvat-Boeser Roussel-Gaudette-Virtanen Motte-Beagle-MacEwen
  8. 23 or less if I remember right. 31-8teams. Edit: Unless theres something new with this odd season
  9. Fair for sure in my mind. Id ask a later round pick as well
  10. Lind is the other guy Im looking forward to see grow as a player. He's definitely my dark horse to take a spot next season. Its going to be very interesting to see how our lineup unfolds the next couple years. Ferland's injuries, Flat cap, seattle expansion, Russian players coming over and lots of young skilled guys coming up soon and needing spots currently filled. Its an interesting time to be a Canuck fan
  11. The only way I don't see this year being a success is if the playoffs get cancelled due to Covid. Losing our 1st round pick and not gaining all the playoff experience we can would hurt

    1. Pears


      Zero chance of that happening with how air tight the bubbles have been so far. 

    2. goalie13


      We're not really losing our first.  We did get Miller out of the deal.

    3. goog16
  12. Agreed, if he would take $4.6 for 4 years Id consider it, but the UFA market would really have to be terrible this offseason for him to take that. That said if a trade of Sutter, LTIR of Ferland or a Retirement of Loui occurred id consider paying up for him again if Tanev and maybe Markstrom are resigned first. Ive been wondering if this UFA market may see more short term deals as players and agents are forced to take less for the next few years.