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  1. So Goldy has a great game and doesn't get a chance in OT? And then you put both Sedins out at the same time? Sedins are great but they are too slow for 3-3.

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    2. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      I can understand why no Goldie based on what peaches said but I don't get putting out the Sedins. It makes me sad to watch them get hemmed in over and over again. 

    3. coastal.view


      giving them a chance at glory for the last few times ?

      i'm starting to believe they will be packing it in after this season

      i really do not see useful roles for them next season


      and i'm a huge sedin fan

      but i think it's coming to an end

      they again are gonna fall short of hitting 50 points

      i really doubt they'd get 40 next season if they did return



    4. RetroCanuck


      ya you'd like to see them go out playing decent, so Im hoping they retire. But you never know. Goldy could be the next Sedin, he has the offensive talent and unfortunately the same defensive deficiencies. Yet he's a faster skater. Im really hoping he has a Sedin spot next year.