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  1. IMHO if I was Marner I would be asking for Mathews money no question. Leading in points. Was their best player the last playoffs.. just because he’s a winger doesn’t mean he has less of an impact on the game. Just because you can win a face off doesn’t mean your more valuable then the better player beside you.. am I right or am I right?
  2. Hes not going to sign with Columbus for 10.5mil. If hes going to sign there its going to be 11.5mil+
  3. Let's not forget about our friend anton rousell when hes back from IR.
  4. Question... since we have committed a 1st round to Tampa one of the next two years. Are we able to trade the 2020/2021 picks away? lets say we don’t make the playoffs this year and we get our lottery pick. If we trade that 2021 to a team it essential means they have to hand it over to Tampa trying to make sense of the whole thing.. if anything could clarify that would be great
  5. Not happy about this at all... this is the exact type of deal we should be trying to make.. getting a 2nd 1st for next year opens up all possibilities for pursuing a trade for a top 4 dman... or keep the 2 picks and be laughing at the draft.. we should have been making these kind of moves for the last 4 years
  6. Podz is an absolute stud... never thought JB would have drafted him. Ballz move. Buy out last year of his khl contract and bring back tryamkin... maybe JB is an evil genius ....