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  1. Yeah unfortunately I won’t be able to play this one, I’m super busy irl at the minute with the new soccer coaching season starting
  2. The fact that nobody made any attempt to save z concerns me.. he is probably clean after all ffs.
  3. Didn’t target anyone as per above, 4 tp could die this round so didn’t want to lob a random name out there and be unsure.. I cannot use the antidote and vote in the same round, so if I chucked a random name out tonight and it becomes apparent that they should be saved in favour of someone else tomorrow, I wouldn’t be able to kill a more suspect scum member and would have to use the antidote.
  4. Fair point, but I’m going to flip town and the Mafia get a free kill, if the one shot thing is true and we friendly fire that’s 3 TP, and ffs if Zfetch flips town then 4 town die this round lmfao
  5. Okay you guys got less than 30 mins to save me, I am the fecking Vig, I am town aligned and did not use the antidote. Last night when I had the med kit I had to put down two names to give the kit to and I went for milk and TL since milk “cleared” us, and if his claims were true, then that was my best bet, milk died so by default TL had the medkit today, hopefully he isn’t mafia and the MK is on him. Right now the mafia would’ve killed someone else thinking I am going to be lynched, killing two TP at once, can we pls CFD someone, so I can be of use to the town next round and hopefully Vig kill a mafia.
  6. It’s an interesting role but it genuinely is what I have lol, basically it’s a Vig that can change their mind
  7. I’ll tell you at 9:31, after the special deadline, hopefully the mafia kill the person currently holding the med kit
  8. Nah, I’m tp so the mafia are lynching the fecking Vig AND killing someone else at the same time god damit lmao
  9. What? I am the vig (poisoner) but have the antidote which can be given to Zfetch tonight. I am basically a delayed Vig.
  10. I had the medkit but gave it away last night