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  1. Honestly tho, why make up the doc dm story, what were you trying to achieve there? With no proof, which you obviously had/have none of, I don’t get it lol keeping my vote on Qwags as I know for a fact I never Dm’d him and can’t understand the logic of a non-mafia going with that play
  2. Completely agree with this. I like TL as a vig option.. Zfetch could be laying a trap for a mafia member to false claim before announcing TL had claimed all along, would also make sense due to the non cross fire.
  3. Why the change of persona then after the other killing role had died out?
  4. Yeah i agree with this, Qwags does seem the likely vig option out of that, but then how do you explain the whole "Lewt messaged me claiming doc" bollocks story.. if he is non mafia and making up a story like that, what good is that to anyone?
  5. Hold up.. you would literally vote everyone else over Qwags atm?
  6. If he is anything other than scum then I literally give up
  7. If I was vig wouldn't I come forward to Zfetch? Either way im not sure theres a reason why anybody wouldn’t go to Zfetch at this point, maybe they have tbh.. there hasn’t been crossfire recently. And for the record, if ANYBODY has doubts over Qwags, the dude said I dm’d him claiming I was doc (I mean if I did do this it would be the craziest role claim ever), left the DM then kicked him out, then after being confronted on how crazy he was, the dude unvoted me and votes for a freakin dead guy!
  8. Am I the only one here that thinks AV is Vig for the reasons previously explained?
  9. I mean I’d slam my head into a door but I’d even understand a “I believe Qwags over lewt” and a vote on me over a vote on falc ffs
  10. Zfetch ur drunk, if you are suspicious of AV and crazy enough not to vote Qwags, why the hell are you voting falc lmao
  11. Ill fix this for you “He PMd me, left the conversation AND kicked me out of the convo”