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  1. I think the Calder voting should go to the rookie with the most points, not by some secret ballot of personal preference, just stupid.
  2. Toffoli isn't going anywhere, you just can't buy that kind of skill and cup experience.
  3. I think we should try to hang onto Toffoi, we all found out how scoring can dry up in the playoffs when your going against a strong goalie and defense. Markstrom on the other wont be so crucial seeing as how Demko can play in big games baring any further concussion issues.
  4. So proud of the team and how they hung with the best, just hope they can continue to get better and keep the key pieces of this team together.
  5. I think Brock is playing injured, he's looked totally ineffective since early in the St Louis series?
  6. Couldn't have said it better myself, the guys a whiny two faced little official lover who's always hated the Canucks, remember the Burrows incident.
  7. Reave's: Gonna squash me some Canucks...... Toffoli: Hold my beer.........
  8. Yeah its really too bad that we've had to suffer for almost 50 years without a cup and these fools come in and are basically gifted a cup contending team........Sigh
  9. Thought from the start of the game they should have had MacEwan in the lineup.
  10. Trust me Vegas will be throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Marky to see what he's made of, especially if they've watched the highlights of his sprawling save off the officials body in game 5. I will say the Canucks are going to have to clean up they're own end though, if they continue to have turnovers in they're own end the top teams will make them pay.
  11. Unfortunately the officiating decides so much of the game. Just once i would like us to have a full healthy roster with fair unbiased officiating all the way through the playoffs just to really see where this team stands in terms of competing with the best.
  12. Yeah sure but we should be able to have fair, unbiased,and competent reffing, this is a professional league after all.
  13. Still pretty darn tough when you have to beat the refs along with the Stanley cup champs, it's no wonder the Nucks haven't won a cup yet? I guess when your the defending champs you get those breaks as well. Good on the boys for not giving up.
  14. Yeah i know what you mean i have the same problem....lol
  15. Whole Blues team is dirty, sure glad the refs are calling penalties that are actual penalties. They can't beat us from the box.
  16. Any update on Miller, heard something about a possible injury?
  17. I'm sorry but as much as i loved the Sedins this is the type of moxy we need going forward.
  18. .With guys like Horvat and Miller at the helm i don't think these guys can help but but go to war for each other.