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  1. What if the game is SIM 4.0 Themed?
  2. I’m in for the next one, but let’s wait til we get closer to Xmas/Xmas break because I think more people will have the time free. 50 page 1st round or bust I say.
  3. It used to be a it’s reality. Last 3 mafia games I’ve played...WW, 112, LL...all got me. Smh
  4. GG. Thanks for hosting falcon. Props to 112 for clutching. Props to LL for going 2 for 2 on his investigations. Stupid bulletproof vest Please stop investigating me. Thanks
  5. On mobile, don’t have a copy post ready Final Words: I @Beluga Whale
  6. On top of that, I would never be a whistleblower. Where I’m from, snitches get stitches.