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  1. Unvote vote Rocket MH hasn't even been paying attention. Would rather go with Rocket over him for now even though they feel like they could be 50/50.
  2. I wouldn't say you have been slanking. MH and Rocket...that's slanking. You started off pretty active as well...collectively, the effort level has dropped since like round 2 from everyone it has felt like, not just yourself.
  3. BJ DM NIK LL Hoggers Kurisu Rocket MH I guess...Still seems hard to believe that both MH and Rocket are both scum but I guess it's possible. Kurisu and hoggers are the deep wolf options. Just going to assume and ride with NIK and LL being town.
  4. DM and I were investigated. And you are about to be lynched. Unvote vote MH
  5. The Intoews MK was calculated...too calculated for an MH/Rocket mafia team to make. Kurisu is the standout prime suspect. Only other person I would consider is hoggers.
  6. Toews being naive puts Kurisu back in the PoE. He wasn’t very active after the investigation reveal and immediately changed his mindset on J23, going from protecting him to outright lynching him last round. Rocket, MH, are 50/50. MH has been absolutely useless and Rocket is only 1 tier above.
  7. I think it’s possible there could be 2 sheriffs. Maybe a real one and maybe a flavored one. That’s just 1 possible explanation. The other issue is figuring out mafia. At least 1-2 more. Regardless, MH and Rocket need to be figured out soon and I bet there is 1 there.
  8. I think you might be leading in votes right now. Really don’t want to mess this lynch up after we lost 4 TP last round.
  9. Oh wait...NF ain’t tell 11. We got time.
  10. Reeeally don’t want to lynch a sheriff, but also doubt the existence of 2. But it’s possible as well...grr