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  1. Tanev could certainly be of interest to Florida, as you highlighted in your proposal. He’s not worth a 13th overall pick straight up, but I could see additions making them interested. Sutter, however, will have no interest to them, as his bad contract will only eat into their cap space that they intend on using for Bob/Panarin. In fact, I would argue his inclusion only hurts the trade value of this deal as it damages a current strength of Florida’s (cap space).
  2. Are you nerds (you know who you are) done with your finals yet? I'm ready to get mislynched in round 1 again.
  3. Hello Hello. First off, shout out to @Primal Optimist for all the heavy lifting when it came to trades this weekend, as I was tied up with graduation plans in San Fran (Easily one of the most beautiful cities I have visited...with easily the weirdest people I have met). Glad to be back home. Anaheim currently holds the 15th pick...we do not intend on remaining there. We are open to trading back (as long as it involves a later 1st) or trading up for those in the 5-10 range. Draft picks and prospects would be available in that scenario. Inquire within if interested in either scenario.
  4. None of the players you listed will even get the conversation started to acquire Kessel. In a “down” year, he was still a point per game player. Other teams that are interested are going to be offering more than 4th liners, KHL threats, injury prone players, and carry journeymen. Edit: Nor should the Nucks spend young assets on a 32 year old that makes $8 mil until 2022-2023. Odds are there would be tough cap casualty sacrifices for the team to make when the young guns need their big contracts.
  5. Any chance we could get a minors/prospect update as well before the draft when you guys get the chance? Grazi.
  6. Really excited to draft this player, who would have been taken at 10th had we remained in that position. With the 18th pick, the Detroit Red Wings select: Philip Broberg @JE14
  7. Makes no sense from TB’s point of view, though I do understand the logic you follow. However, Tampa Bay could just call up Cal Foote and have him in their lineup and find another deal to dump Callahan that doesn’t involve their top D prospect. Teams that are cap strapped normally don’t trade their top NHL ready prospects because of their entry level deals.
  8. Phillipp Grubauer's rights are available for a draft pick or 2 for teams looking for a goaltender moving forward. Produced 110FPts after being acquired on February 26. Coming off a .917SV% and very strong playoff performance on an up and coming Avs team.
  9. I'm not even a Colorado fan and I feel insulted reading that proposal. Essentially 3 1st round picks, including a lottery pick for Horvat? If the roles were reversed, would you want the Canucks to give up the 4th overall pick, 16th overall pick, and another young promising player that was drafted in the top 10 for Horvat? I love Bo, and I don't mean to be harsh, but this obviously will never happen on the Canucks end or Colorado's end, so why even fantasize about it? Get real dude.
  10. Detroit may potentially make the 10th overall pick in the draft available. Would be looking for additional picks back including a later 1st round pick.
  11. Boston in 6. I think they are the stronger and deeper team with experience on their side.
  12. Rangers call up Mikhail Vorobyov for the suspension. Rangers waive Matt Nieto and call up Brendan Leipsic.