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  1. My favorite cologne scent.
  2. Mangoes sounds like a family name. Unless there is a passage or line about betrayal or something, I’m guessing mangoes might be good guys?
  3. Mangoes is his character name I believe.
  4. Pass the blunts out imo.
  5. Real sheriff don’t give away your position.
  6. ^stats updated above. Players that aren't listed here could also be available out of Atlanta!
  7. I thought Ceres did last night?
  8. I feel like I should be suspicious of MR right now but I don’t have a solid reason at the moment.
  9. Falcon kind of had a group of nothing posts last night after round start. I don’t really have a favorable opinion of Ceres right now in the battle of SS vs. Ceres part 2. He’s using Round A a lot to hang over SS’s head when SS goes on the attack, but Round A is irrelevant at this point. Zfetch making him sheriff cuz he had the most posts last round isn’t something I’m willing to believe.
  10. Was it decided that nightfall was 24 or 48? Aka tonight or tomorrow?