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  1. @Zfetch do you need a sub for 112 or you good?
  2. Big month for me coming up. I'll be going on a break. Tag me the next time @Ceres or @Aladeen play. Deuces.
  3. Thanks for hosting @Intoewsables
  4. Total d!ck move by 112. Why did it have to be me
  5. 1's not too late to save me? If nothing else, for comradery?
  6. I didn't believe 112's initial claim on me, but also didn't necessarily believe yours if that makes sense. But when she doubled, tripled, quadrupled, and sextoupled down on it...well...
  7. At least in the blissful ignorance of not thinking you have been investigated, you can post with the dictation and tone you want and even have directional influence. Every post I have written ever since 112 has had me adjust to a different style than I wanted to, and at the very end, I know none of it matters. *shrugs* It is what it is. Nothing I or anyone can do with how luck and the cosmos shape destiny.