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  1. I can't right now but will have more time opened up in August.
  2. If an actual's bail, I would agree. But I doubt he ends his career on major L. Although it would be fitting.
  3. Yeah can't fall for 112's tricks again. Unvote vote 112
  4. I'm just gonna pick a random person and join a blind TP alliance with them. @Baer. first invitation. "TP" buddies?
  5. Wait, who's the mod and when is nightfall?
  6. Ok I have time for a speed round.
  7. I can't right now, but I'll have more time available in August.
  8. My mafia profile of you does have one footnote that says you have a decent chance of being related to Benjamin Gates and the Gates family. It's a very detailed profile.
  9. Well I was thinking... high end: Arno Dorian low end: peasant who gets the guillotine for eating cake on the wrong day. Whereas during that time period it is high end: ....well anything below Stalin had a pretty high percentage chance of ending up in Siberia. low end: ending up in Siberia
  10. @112 @falcon45ca @luckylager @Beluga Whale If you could go back in time to any time period, what/when would it be? Personally, it fascinates me as a history major, as there are endless possibilities. If I wanted to be basic, I would say French Revolution, heart of Paris. I can only imagine the romance, horror, and fun of the local citizen then, but knowing my luck, I would be reincarnated as Marie Antoinette. If I host a mafia game, I think that will be theme. But only if BW plays.
  11. This is horrifyingly accurate and relevant. 2 weekends ago I was ordering drinks for myself and someone else. I was led to believe we were both keeping pace with each other, but when she left for the bathroom while I was still sipping my drink, the bartender came over and told me she had switched up her whisky sour for a ginger ale the last time I went to the bathroom and didn't tell me. He told me because he was nervous for my well-being.