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  1. Lol, I gave you a thanks because that was my next reading assignment.
  2. Not sure who brought up the topic of re-reading things, but I bring it up because it was helpful since I didn't take 112's hard claim seriously the first time. It was also good for me to reflect on my own play when looking back. Mainly how I regret my entrance because after 112's hard claim, she, BW, and I dominate the thread for the next hour or so, and it really gets lost within the thread as the masses come in after that. Which is a shame because I think it's a role, if true, that could/would spook the mafia and potentially cause a private reaction in their PM and public reaction in the thread given 112's reputation. While it's very miniscule in the grand scheme of the game, I want to rule out a Kryten/112 scum/scum team, because if they were both scum and wanted everyone to buy 112's fake role, I don't think voting for her immediately is the smartest way of convincing the masses. If I had a do-over, I would have probed WW and Stamkos for not addressing the hard claim since they were around the early entrances, but I'm not sure how I can do that since I didn't address it myself.
  3. Wasn’t a fan of my college roommmates’ trips on it. They acted very normal for the most part, but I could tell when they did because the music on the speakers would be at max volume, and all the windows would be opened, fans running, and air conditioning turned on. At night.
  4. Stamkos gets a TP lean for having the balls to confuse face posts and not post anything.
  5. Had to be, otherwise he would have caught himself and pointed it out to the thread.
  6. Ah I see what you are doing. Nice try but I’m not revealing my scum habits and tells for future games.
  7. Spicy That’s a lot of ghost pepper. Am I scummy or a peaceful agree to disagree scenario since we have almost opposite reads?
  8. I lost $20 bucks at the horse races today. If your not living on the edge, you aren't living.
  9. DJ BJ's Lynch Pool atm: -jazz -MR -WW <-I liked what lucky pointed out. And I think there are some lovers out there
  10. And just like that, MR has town leans and no votes on him. Truly a fuccing King Wizard. I can't decide. What if life's a lie?
  11. I must say, you are an enigma to me. In the nicest way possible.