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  1. Your ultimate muscle car

    me too. MOPAR on nocar lol
  2. Your ultimate muscle car

    '70 Hemi Cuda.
  3. Didn't read all your comments, might have been mentioned, but just want to point out to all the people freaking out saying "wtf why didnt JB trade him for a late first or second round pick at the TD?" smh Just goes to show you that obviously no one wanted to give up anything for him when no one has yet to sign him for nothing. Trades can only be made if somebody wants to give up something.
  4. Jim Benning Review?

    Exactly why i said I was not sure, but possibly my least favorite. This is one that we can only see in time. Even at the time of the trade I thought it was an ok deal and was never upset about it. I like Granlund and think he is a good fit for our team. OP just wanted favorite and least fav, so i had to choose one. (obviously i am having a hard time finding faults in JB's trades as so many others seem to find so easily) I can't think of any that clearly stick out as a bad trade, and overall i think this was a good trade for us. I never was sold on Shinks skill level being able to translate to the NHL, but if he was able to put it all together, he has the skills to be a great goal scorer. But that's just it too, he could either be a top six goal scorer, or nothing at all, doesn't fit a bottom 6 role. My odds have him at nothing. I just would have liked to see his progession for at least another year I suppose. I completely agree with you that Granlund will probably become a good 3rd line guy, 2nd line is a bit of a stretch but hey, we can all hope for that!
  5. Jim Benning Review?

    So far have to say I am pretty happy with what has happened under JB. I think most of his moves have been solid and like the direction that the team is heading. Most of the haters on here are a little bit delusional in thinking what could/should be done, especially in trades that never happened, but were wished to have happened that were probably, in reality, not even a remote possibility. Also want to highlight something that I like that he does for the drafting thus far that has garnered a lot of complaints on these boards. Drafting more safer picks rather than swinging for the fences with the high risk/high reward player. When you have a prospect pool as terrible as we had, you need to stock it with as many NHL capable players as you can, even if that means 3rd/4th line potential. If you take a few big swings and miss, well, you pool doesn't get any deeper. Once a decent pool is established, then you can risk a couple picks. Also, with the few picks we have had, can't screw them up. Favorite trade: Mcann+ for Gud+ Least favorite: Not sure yet, but possibly shink for granlund (although this goes along with my previous comments about taking less risks, granlund is a 4th liner, shink remains to be seen if sticks in the nhl)