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  1. Your ultimate muscle car

    me too. MOPAR on nocar lol
  2. Your ultimate muscle car

    '70 Hemi Cuda.
  3. Jim Benning Review?

    Exactly why i said I was not sure, but possibly my least favorite. This is one that we can only see in time. Even at the time of the trade I thought it was an ok deal and was never upset about it. I like Granlund and think he is a good fit for our team. OP just wanted favorite and least fav, so i had to choose one. (obviously i am having a hard time finding faults in JB's trades as so many others seem to find so easily) I can't think of any that clearly stick out as a bad trade, and overall i think this was a good trade for us. I never was sold on Shinks skill level being able to translate to the NHL, but if he was able to put it all together, he has the skills to be a great goal scorer. But that's just it too, he could either be a top six goal scorer, or nothing at all, doesn't fit a bottom 6 role. My odds have him at nothing. I just would have liked to see his progession for at least another year I suppose. I completely agree with you that Granlund will probably become a good 3rd line guy, 2nd line is a bit of a stretch but hey, we can all hope for that!
  4. Jim Benning Review?

    So far have to say I am pretty happy with what has happened under JB. I think most of his moves have been solid and like the direction that the team is heading. Most of the haters on here are a little bit delusional in thinking what could/should be done, especially in trades that never happened, but were wished to have happened that were probably, in reality, not even a remote possibility. Also want to highlight something that I like that he does for the drafting thus far that has garnered a lot of complaints on these boards. Drafting more safer picks rather than swinging for the fences with the high risk/high reward player. When you have a prospect pool as terrible as we had, you need to stock it with as many NHL capable players as you can, even if that means 3rd/4th line potential. If you take a few big swings and miss, well, you pool doesn't get any deeper. Once a decent pool is established, then you can risk a couple picks. Also, with the few picks we have had, can't screw them up. Favorite trade: Mcann+ for Gud+ Least favorite: Not sure yet, but possibly shink for granlund (although this goes along with my previous comments about taking less risks, granlund is a 4th liner, shink remains to be seen if sticks in the nhl)