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  1. the iPhone 8 thread

    No, sadly the new iPhone won't have a headphone jack
  2. How does CDC rank Dahlen?

    Still super impressed Benning managed to get him in that deal. Probably #5 or 6. Should be good with Petterson.
  3. [GDT] 2017 NHL Entry Draft

    why wouldn't u trade down .... for this guy... I'm shook
  4. [GDT] 2017 NHL Entry Draft

  5. [GDT] 2017 NHL Entry Draft

  6. Boeser has a decent season but does nothing spectacular, about 40 points. Bo is leading scorer again with about 60 points. Sedins each finish with around 40 points. Canucks finish in the bottom five again and again get 5th overall pick for the next draft. They finish slightly above last year with 71 points. Eriksson has another lackluster season. Virtanen doesn't do too badly, but is still an overall disappointment. Granlund does about as good as last year. All in all it will be a very similar season to this last one. I hope the Canucks prove me wrong.
  7. It's official, the Vegas Knights select...

    Say what you want about Sbisa but he did have his moments. Could've been worse I suppose.
  8. Andrew Scheer elected Conservative Party leader

    I'm not denying the law's existence itself, I'm just saying I'd rather not have to pay for something I morally disagree with. In contrast, you were saying you were happy to pay for abortion. I doubt Scheer would actually cut funding to it, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.
  9. Andrew Scheer elected Conservative Party leader

    the right to choose to kill unborn babies? Yea, who wouldn't want to PAY for that.
  10. Didn't ever think I'd say these words but... Go Preds?
  11. When I fail my physics test tomorrow and my teacher asks me why... this is it
  12. Anderson, standing on his head
  13. Tanev to Buffalo. (Proposal)

    Lol what? Out of curiosity, who's number one in your mind? Because there's Jamie Benn, Ovi, Brad Marchand as much as I hate him, etc etc. Those are just a few guys I can think of on the spot. You're telling me that Hall is better than at least two of those guys?