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  1. [Discussion] Jaromir Jagr Rumors 2017 FA

    Anyone think he is being blackballed by the old boys club? They don't want him to break anymore records. Especially since no one will play him honest (physically) considering his legendary status. Just a thought. If it's too tinfoily, then disregard this.
  2. Simple. Winning a cup isn't important to them.
  3. Could see him playing a shelterd bottom 6 role for Anaheim, Montreal, and Washington. Would be a nice little addition.
  4. The Muslim community in the soccer world is very respected. Do some research. Some people take the religion to extreme just like any other religion. Overall Muslims here in Canada do a good job assimilating .
  5. I know it's a long shot, but Hamonic is out for a while and I'd love to get Mathew barzal as a complimentary center to horvat. Tanev for barzal? Give or take a few peices
  6. [Rumour] Trouba Wants Out

    • Chris Tanev played more than any other Canadian in the third period of the gold-medal game, logging 8:37 of ice time, and was second to Morgan Rielly for the game. He was on the ice for Matt Duchene's empty-net goal, scored with one second left on the clock, so he was part of the crew that was assigned to protect the one-goal lead with six Finnish attackers on the ice.After the game, I asked Connor McDavid—who really doesn't like to talk much about his own accomplishments, even when he scores a gold medal-winning goal—if he could name an unsung hero among his teammates."It's tough to single one out," said McDavid, before adding. "I think one that comes to mind is Chris Tanev. He was unbelievable defensively and all over the ice. It was the whole group effort. We had 23 guys who were just amazing." http://www.hockeybuzz.com/blog/Carol-Schram/Vancouver-Canucks-Connor-McDavid-Calls-Chris-Tanev-Unsung-Hero-in-Gold-Run/194/77192 Mcdavid showing Tanev some respect
  7. [Rumour] Trouba Wants Out

    Yup Imo still think he is behind Seabrook on this list Top 5 for me are Keith, Doughty, Letang,Pietrangelo,weber burns at 6
  8. [Rumour] Trouba Wants Out

    Beachimen and Del zotto?!? Why not throw bieksa on the list too? As I see it Tanev slides in right after Seabrook on that list. Tanev was the top pairing on worlds team. Don't think "lead" was a stretch. Yea he doesn't have enough to make the world cup I agree, but he is right there imo
  9. [Rumour] Trouba Wants Out

    Please try and stay neutral ahahahah, People have overrated Trouba and underrated Tanev. Tanev isn't a secret anymore. The guy is a legit number 2 defencemen in the NHL. Just led Canada to a world championships victory. You can even make the case for Tanev to be in the world cup team. P.s how have the jets stunk for the majority of their existence? On paper they always look solid.
  10. [Rumour] Trouba Wants Out

    For sure it makes sense, but didn't Hamonic resind his trade request?If I was Winnipeg,I'd be happy with Tanev. Their defence has sucked at defending since relocation.
  11. Bill Waters joined some show in Winnipeg and says Trouba wants out of the 'peg. Here is the link to the video http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/video/watters-trouba-wants-out-of-winnipeg~936567 Personally I'd offer Tanev straight up 1 for 1 deal