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  1. 4-3 Flames 1st Period - 2 goals 2nd Period - 3 goals 3rd Period - 2 goals
  2. No doubt Bo has been a horse. I think Patrice Bergeron is the runaway Selke this year. He is having a unreal year.
  3. Ughh I really dont want to get into the Kesler talk again but I just have to correct you on a couple things. Your right that Kesler did ALOT for this team but by no means did HE single handedly almost win us a cup. And your right no one hated him when he was on our team (no need to state the obvious) but its more of the way he treated our team by asking for a trade and would only accept to go to 2 teams... The way I see it is that I dont even blame him for leaving but if your going to request to go to 2 teams only, why not just leave during free agency. At least the fans would respect you more.