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  1. Rangers vs Hurricanes - Canes in 4 Panthers vs Islanders - Panthers in 4 Canadiens vs Penguins - Pens in 3 CBJ vs Maple Leafs - Leafs in 5 Blackhawks vs Oilers - Oilers in 4 Jets vs Flames - Jets in 5 Coyotes vs Predators - Predators in 4 Wild vs Canucks - Nucks in 4 Stanley Cup Champion - Washington
  2. Larkin is a 1C. Where does he fit? Not sure if your trolling or just didnt put much thought into the proposal
  3. I don't think there is a time frame for these kind of things. There are just some things that are just bigger than sports. I would love this to be on pause for a few weeks only but reality is that this is a pandemic and it's gonna take everyone to come together and stop this ASAP. So to some people thinking the NHL won't let the playoffs get cancelled, you guys need to wake up because that can very well happen if we do not contain this thing.
  4. Had a question and didn't see a topic for it anywhere so I thought I would ask you guys. Since the season has been put on pause and could potentially be cancelled, what would happen with the conditional 1st we traded for Miller? If the season is cancelled, would that mean our 1st automatically is given up next season? If so I find that unfair and there should be a loophole around that trade to prolong it for another 2 seasons. Technically the season would be lost with no playoffs so you can't base it off of our current positions. On the other hand, I hope everyone comes together and just take precautions regarding the coronavirus. It will take everyone's cooperation to be alert and awareness to stop it from spreading.