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  1. I am a woman, but yes. I don't own any K jerseys, so this would be a good place to start!
  2. I'm gutted. Wish he signed with Helsingin Jokerit, but at least he's still close(ish) to home.
  3. Sheltering in place the last nine weeks has just further reinforced how alone and lonely I am.
  4. Gotta keep it moisturized! A good conditioner, and maybe a lightweight oil (like argan oil), especially for the ends. If your ends get dry you can get split ends, which weaken and thin your hair.
  5. Idk if you know how to braid or have done it before, but it's very satisfying to braid long, silky-looking hair. Your hair looks very well taken care of, so I can see the appeal. Personally I'd opt for one long French braid, but I suppose the viking look fits better with the beard.
  6. Your hair! You look like the beast from Beauty and the Beast once he stops being a beast and becomes a man again.
  7. Tomáš Černý carved out 16 year pro career including 10 seasons with four teams in the NHL. He had several appearances on the international stage and won two World Championships bronze medals. His last five seasons were played in his native Czech Republic. Tomáš looks forward to retiring back home to Ostrava, CZE and opening a hockey school for underprivileged kids. Thanks for hosting CAP, @Kurisu! It's been fun. I am so, so proud of my virtual Czech son.
  8. This is awesome. She's just a year older than me...15 year pro hockey career, multiple Olympics and World Championships appearances...that's a bad woman.
  9. Torn ACL = "Injury: none" and 96% condition?? Yikes
  10. Went from playing 79 games to two
  11. Would you do a Zoom video chat with other CDCers?


    A friend of mine did something like that tonight with folks from a facebook group for a podcast they all follow. She's "known" them for years, but this is the first time they've all spoken somewhat face-to-face. They had a great time and talked for hours! Might be a fun thing for folks to do here.

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    2. Twilight Sparkle
    3. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      my grandson has that on his computer and plays games with people all over the usa and canada. he has gone twice on holidays and visited with those friends. once back east in the usa and once to california. i think my ugly face would turn most people off. we already have a written chat line now. 

      how much does renting a box at rogers cost per game. how many people does one hold and how much per person would it cost. if i lived in van, i’ld be up to going.


    4. Cramarossa


      @goalie13 Shhhhh, you're ruining it! :ph34r:



      @-AJ- My friend was worried about that, because the point of the chat wasn't actually to talk about the podcast. She said folks just talked about their lives and families, how they're coping with the pandemic, etc. They had a great time. I think it would be fun to have like a video (or audio) chat GDT type thing for some of these classic games they're showing. 


      @Twilight Sparkle :(


      @smithers joe I'd throw down for a box at a game! I am always trying to meet more Canucks fans. Tough here in California. 

  12. I hadn't been paying attention to anyone else's players but I just took a look and yikes.
  13. This was me before the Jan 29th game in San Jose