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  1. Happy birthday, Joe! I hope you've been having a great day. Lots of love from California :wub:

  2. where you at?



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    2. Cramarossa


      I lurk occasionally but mostly hang out on twitter with TS. I'm @i_love_canucks on there.

    3. TNucks1


      @Cramarossa , why dont you post on the CDC anymore though, season finally starting and the GDT/PGT are finally coming around.


    4. Cramarossa


      This site just stopped being fun. Too much negativity from most. I like all the folks I follow but don't really talk to any of y'all enough to log in that often. 

  3. Will you be running "create a player" again this season? 

    1. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      I hope so, if you are @Zhukini I'd like to sign up again 

    2. Zhukini


      Was away and busy most of the summer, just settling back in now. I’d like to, look for signups early next week :)

    3. 112


      oh hell yes

  4. Are there any foods you disliked as a kid that you now enjoy as an adult?


    For me it's Brussels sprouts, spinach, and black licorice.

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    2. Shift-4


      Gravy and sour cream

      Liver and turnip still suck

    3. Wilbur


      Hated mustard as a kid, like it now (on things that make sense).


      In reverse, loved mayo as a kid.  Absolutely despise it now.

    4. Wilbur


      Oh, and you like black licorice?  Well, Cram, the 1920s called and they want their taste buds back.


      Sorry, but that's the truth :P

  5. As I get older my mental health just gets worse and worse. It's scary to think that my new "normal" is a permanent decline in the accuracy of my perception of the world around me, and a continual struggle with depression and anxiety. It's so hard to accept that I will always be fighting this, but will never win.
  6. Confession: I own 50 pairs of underwear. Unrelated: You look like you'd smell good.
  7. Is no one going to wish Loui happy birthday :-/



    Grattis, Loui!

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    2. Ghostsof1915


      They might want to take #21 out of circulation, it seems cursed. 


      It's all Josh Holden's fault!


      (Lumme was the last really good #21) 

    3. -AJ-


      @Ghostsof1915 Sutter wore it in his first year here before Loui came. Earlier than that, Raymond wore it for 5 years and he had a couple of pretty good years early on. Lumme definitely wore it best as a Canuck though.

    4. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      how did a thread, wishing a guy a happy birthday, turn into a put down thread? things didn’t work out for lou here but he isn’t an ogre. 

  8. I used to get sad mostly just in the winter, but now it's taken the sunshine from me too.
  9. California native here Anaheim and LA are about 30 miles apart, so it's definitely a drive between the two. There is a bus you can take (I think it's called Flexbus?) geared mostly toward commuters that can take you between the two, otherwise renting a car for that leg of the trip might be a good idea. I just did a little Google searching and saw that the train (amtrak and/or metrolink) is another option. Cheap, but takes much longer. Avoid traveling by car during rush hour. Starting the trip in Los Angeles is somewhat inconvenient because you'd have to drive from LA to Anaheim and then back to LA in the span of about 24 hours for the first part of your trip. There is a small airport (John Wayne - SNA) closer to Anaheim, so you might be able to fly up north from there though. For the second leg of the trip flying from Los Angeles area to San Jose is less than an hour. The airport in San Jose is not far from the arena, and the arena is centrally located across the street from an Amtrak / bus station. I am not super familiar with the best neighborhoods to stay in near San Jose, but I do know it's a very expensive area in general. There's a British pub down the street from SAP Center called The Brit that I always go to before games. I've run into some other Canucks fans from my area (farther north) there so say hi if you see us!
  10. I have 274 unread notifications. 

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    2. 112


      I get 274000 retweets on the daily

    3. coastal.view



      see if you can make that an even 1000

    4. Jaku


      It just means we miss you :)

  11. Yes! Most actors were light skinned, dark haired/eyed with long hair and beards.