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  1. I've mentioned this a few times would be a great pickup for Vancouver if they can get him.
  2. Dahlen was a highly ranked prospect along with a pick for a pool party who has struggled to stay in a weak Edmonton lineup? I think the value is there his 4th overall status only goes so far. Ken Holland also likes his Swedes.
  3. Canucks should've traded dahlen for pool when they still had him. Add a late pick if need be but that should've happened.
  4. I like the tools Jake brings but I'm not sure he will ever have the IQ to be an impact player the way everyone dreams for him to be.
  5. If Chicago retains at least a Million in his salary then it should be considered. His CF for dipped this year but in most year's he's been above 50 percent. I don't think he'd be a huge liability in the defensive zone and he brings some grit. Getting Byram would be massive for the Canucks.
  6. I'm surprised no one in this string mentioned trying to get Mathieu Joseph from them to take on cap. He looks like a sleeper prospect with a offensive upside. Scored well in very few minutes per game this season. Could take a few steps and become the winger we need.
  7. Chase priskie the 6th round pick from the capitals has told Washington he won't be signing and will test free agency. What are the odds Canucks have a play? Anyone know about him? His numbers look impressive and would be our best right shot prospect of signed.
  8. To be honest with woo's development I could see him being a dumba level player if not better regardless so getting dumba would be redundant. Also there's some pretty high end potential in the top 10 of the draft even after the top 3. I like dumba but just don't think the price or time is right for that move.
  9. Juolevi is an LD and Pesce is RD so you could be right but the right side is the issue in Vancouver. Hughes juolevi Rathbone and of dreams come true tryamkin all left side d but the only mainstay on right is stecher. Pesce by the eye test would be a good fit I'm just worries if he fits greens system.
  10. Actually sounds like a really good deal...
  11. Totally agree with you, lock him in to a Mayfield deal will make other teams reconsider taking him on if he's waived and if he shows he can be a solid number 6 then You have a defenseman on an amazing contract with tern. I also think his work ethic could be contagious in the locker room for some of the young d coming up like juolevi.