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  1. Vancouver needs to sign Brendan Smith asap. Although I have no idea what is wrong with him considering he's been waived after signing a 4 year 17 mil contract . He always been a positive possesson and plus player. His corsi for has always been good too even this year. Easy decision imo, then you can trade edler or Hutton.
  2. Should've gotten foligno out of the sabres when he was available. Top 10 in hits every year.
  3. Van - Buff (Proposal)

    I like the proposal to be honest I also think a Tanev and Baertschi and the 33rd oa should fetch Reinhardt and a their 8th. I also think it's feasible considering buffalo has to make a move to get in the playoffs this year they have too much talent to waste another year and Reinhardt wants the chance to be a number one and won't be with Eichel there.
  4. Sounds pretty good but the canucks are going to need some more meat up front. That's a pretty undersized top 6 that will have trouble against the weight of the Pacific imo. Maybe getting a big winger on the third line who can slot up would work like Wilson from the caps?
  5. [Proposal] Rebuilding Plan

    This is the most prospects the canucks have had in ... Possibly ever. Benning is being cautious with what he says after the fine for tampering so I'm gonna give him the benefit of the doubt for now. The moves to bring Goldy and Dahlen are not amateur moves. And granny and Bae are looking up even though I think Bae will be expendable very soon but will net a decent pick or prospect or both.
  6. [Proposal] Rebuilding Plan

    I think everyone underestimates Horvat ceiling and he's making a name for himself proving people wrong. He was supposed to be a bad skater and his ceiling was a third line center. He's put up his first 50 point season at such a young age and his determination is definitely in the top percentage of the league. In his prime he could be a 70 80 plus point player and a beast in playoff hockey. I also think this draft is not as strong as in the past few, however I think Casey Mittlestadt could turn into a star first line center (hoping he's available at 5).
  7. I think he should get signed and be put in offensive situations, increase his value and he could get a decent return in a trade for next year's draft which is supposed to be deep. If he gets on pace for 40 points could net a net second or early third rounder on team looking for some offense.
  8. Arizona-Van (Proposal)

    I don't think the canucks take two wingers at 5 and 7. I can't see them passing up liljgren and makar. I also think they'd still take vilardi or glass who can both play wing as well as center in case Strome doesn't live up to his potential. There's just too much depth at wing currently in the organisation for Benning to do that and not enough elite talent down the middle or in our defensemen. I think more realistically and with what's will be available at 5th it's either Glass or Mittlestadt and at 7 Makar or Liljegren . Just my opinion if the trade goes through which is unlikely considering Stromes potential.
  9. Arizona-Van (Proposal)

    While I agree being patience is important in certain situations, Jim Benning pulled Baertcshi and Granlund out of Calgary and has revived their careers. Both are top 6 players now and in a year or two could net a first rounder. Good teams like Chicago know how to continuously flip players and build talent year after year. The oilers for 10 years thought their patience would pay off and it didn't. It took a GM willing to make a splash and a generational player to change them.
  10. Anaheim (proposal)

    The 20 goal void would easily be filled with Boeser and Goldobin. I also think Reid Boucher has more potential as a sniper than anyone thinks, as his confidence built through game you can see him becoming more and more dangerous. Losing Baertschi or Granny won't hurt as much. This is an awesome proposal especially if the canucks cab land a top 10 pick and a prospect for Tanev then this is a great set up moving forward.
  11. Arizona-Van (Proposal)

    I think rather than the 2nd Banning should target one of their prospects they have a lot of options. Speeds the rebuild for us.
  12. Van - Tor, Van - Washington (Proposal)

    Maybe a Tanev and Baertschi for Evander Kane and buffalos 1st + could work? Bufallo maybe ads another pick like a 3rd. In a dream they give up Nylander and a first for Tanev and s 3rd but they probably wouldn't.
  13. Van - Tor, Van - Washington (Proposal)

    You don't think kapanen and s first is fair value for Tanev? What would be make more sense in you opinion?
  14. Cale Makar could be that defenseman imo. He has dynamic offensive defenseman written all over him. Casey mittlestadt also has 1st line center potential, I think he has potential to be the best center in this draft. Speed with elite IQ... lethal combo
  15. Good proposals in this thread am around. Both Philly and Dallas could use Tanev and it itnwoukdbt be unrealistic at all. This would definitely speed up the rebuild. Getting Patrick or hishcier and cake maker would be some serious building block moving forward.