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  1. 1. Well Sutter was an alternate captain with Carolina at the age of 23 and would of eventually become one in Pittsburgh. Also, Its hard to become an alternate captain on a new team right away especially considering when the team has guys like kunitz dupuis malkin letang orpik on the team. There is no doubt that Sutter will eventually get an A on this team and i like to think most canucks fans feel the same way. 2. Vrbata gave a list of team that didnt want him. Period. Benning saw the value of keeping Miller over trading him to once again put a younger player (Markstrom) in a better position. Also who knows how the season goes and if Benning sells Miller at the deadline or not. With Erickson, people complain about the term but I personally do not see the term as an issue. I feel he can still contribute later in his contract because of his skill type, and hockey sense. Ussually the players that rely on their speed are the ones who slow down considerably ( speed- main concerns with Lucic and Laad). I look at Erickson at 36 like Ray Whitney, Cory Stillman, Mark Recchi and Lee Stempniak. Guys that are/were still very productive as they got older because of thier style and hockey IQ. Also you and I both cant judge this deal. Only time will tell. Its a little premature wouldnt you say. 3. Chicago is a completley different situation. They were never sellers (non playoff team) and were always trading YOUNG players or all stars that teams wanted. Its a really bad comparison. 4. You clearly missed the entire point of this thread. Gudbranson and Sutter are examples of managment putting younger players(horvat and hutton) in better situations. Also, Benning just said that a primary reason for thier persuit of another left winger is that it puts Sven in a better position. Another example of Benning looking out for our young guns. 5. The major reason why so many rookies and young players got a shot last year were the rash of injuries this team faced. If it wasnt for injuries than we most likely wouldnt have had such a high number of players get a shot with the big club.The other young players who got regular time with the club earned it. 6. Virtanen and McCann earned their spot with the team at the end of the 9 game period and played well. After that, they had thier ups and downs but thats expected when were talking about 19 year old kids. At this point what would you expect Benning and managment to do? Send them back down and waste a year of thier elgibilty. That sounds like great asset managment now doesnt it.They set up plans for them and stuck to thier plan for the rest of the season. At the end of the day, both Virts and McCann now understand how to act like professionals and what it takes to be a regular NHL player. And the proof is in the pudding. Look at both of thier off seasons, McCann understands he has to get stronger so he has worked out hard and has gained 25 pounds of muscle. Similarly, Virtanen is getting leaner and working out hard from what we get to see as fans. He has also been involved in the community through out the summer which shows his dedication and maturity. 7. Overall, the real and only question when discussing Virtanen and McCann is, Do you think last year hurt/hindered Virtanens and McCann development and now they wont be able to reach thier full potential as NHL players? Personally, I think last season has had the oppsite and a positive effect on Virts and McCann due to the points I made above . These guys now know what it takes to be pros and NHLers, and they have shown by their off season that they are commited, dedicated and have matured. If you agree with the fact that last season season hasnt hindered thier development then your post is how you would say " blah blah blah" But once again, only time will tell. As a result, this virtanen and McCann discussion is pretty much pointless. Nuck89 out
  2. 1. How many of the guys you just named are considered to be captain material like gudbranson and alternate captain material like sutter? 0! How many of those players you named are highly regarded by other organizations and players as leaders ? 0! That list is basically a list of 4th liners and young players who never panned out. Seriously tho David Booth and Raffi Torres are the first names that came to you lol come on man! 2. Chicago had no choice but to trade those guys because they were well over the salary cap. If they had a choice and cap space, do you think they would have traded Buff and Saad? 3. Fringe players maybe but thier young players who still have room to grow. Some might pan out and some might not but only time will tell. Also, we're talking about young players not 30 plus guys. Furthurmore, Sven Baertschi was one of those so called fringe players, how' d that turn out? Turned out to be one of our best and most consistent guys in the second half. 4. Like it or not, Virtanen and McCann earned a spot on the team and Benning made room for them like he said he would. This lets every young player know if you work hard and youre ready, than the organization will make room for you. Also, if Virtanen makes the team this year again what does that mean? We didnt rush him? Only time will tell if we rushed him. You cant say and neither can I. I could keep going but really whats the point. David Booth and Raffi Torres lol.
  3. Id have to repectfully disagree on your stance of McCann and Virtanen underachieving and would argue the complete opposite. I think so far they have overachieved to already have had 1 year experience playing with the big club at 19 years old. I would be interested to know how many players in that years first round have already played an entire season with thier NHL club?
  4. Thats beside the point. Role players or superstars, benning is doing a tremendous job with our young players. Im not saying we first line players or better prospects than edm, just simply saying that hes priortizing and doing a good job with the young players we have.
  5. Completly agree! I wrote the Dan Hamhuis and Frank Corrado stuff because many people believe that he did not do a good job. However I am not one of them. I feel with the trades he really had no options.
  6. You missed the point. Im not here saying that our prospects are more talented than winnipeg and edmonton.They're not! Im saying that benning is trying to put our young talent in better situations where they can reach their full potential. And benning is doing a trememdous job at that.
  7. I would like to see etem with horvat and hansen. I think that line can be very effective and etem could put up some good numbers. I like granlunds game. He goes to the dirty areas and seems to be more of a playmaker. He just needs to add some muscle to his frame.
  8. No worries! Its all about having the right balance. Im more of an old school type myself and not a huge fan of analytics to tell you the truth but thats for another day. Cheers.
  9. Well said and 100 percent agree about the hamhuis and even the vrbata situations at the trade deadline.
  10. Thanks! Took me a while to put it all together lol.