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  1. what i read on instagram , jake is sitting...but guess we find out sunday
  2. Vancouver has a hard time scoring against WPG Goalie, what they gonna do against other good goalies, they need to figure things out, or its gonna be face palm playoffs
  3. WPG goaltender always does well against us, and i knew it woulda been a low scoring game, as it will be hard for us to beat conner tonight
  4. They thinking about opening up the borders between US and CANADA ....if justin does that, we are all doomed, they way the US are being infected and the people dont care, they care more about there rights, than social distancing ....im very scared if we do open up. I was so happy we didnt get chosen for being a HUB city, than heard they might be opening up the borders...SIGH
  5. NOTHING, since they on SN and Hockey Night In Canada
  6. no clue why theres even a thread for this, all it does is cause drama and false information
  7. 1000 bucks is on toronto , cause NHL loves toronto so much edm/van have no hope in hell.
  8. Alot of this will happen esp with the recent BLM/Political stuff going on...carter wont be the last and i also call BS on his claims, pretty pathetic to do this now with NO factional evidence
  9. x00x

    NBA Discussion

    Well NBA season is probably gonna be cancelled so most likely one less sports event, such a sad time, and not sure if NHL and NFL can even play, so gonna be a boring year till next year 2020 will go down as the worst year in history ( or atleast one of the worst years )
  10. well china scientists have come up with a possible drug to stop the virus, so keep fingers crossed https://www.msn.com/en-ca/health/medical/scientists-in-china-believe-new-drug-can-stop-pandemic-without-vaccine/ar-BB14iosh?li=AAggNb9
  11. Well atleast we have bundesliga ....they played over the weekend, was weird seeing no fans lol ....and La Liga will be starting soon too
  12. No , i have all the sports stations on TV, why would i have to pay for payperview when i woulda seen it for free on sportsnet ....alot of people are on a budget esp now since alot arent working, dont think alot could afford payper view ...that woould cost alot of money