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  1. Avs doing great this year, will be a very tough game to win , so hopefully the nucks come to play sat
  2. Tanev will retire a canuck, so all the hate minus well stop, hes been very good this year, our best shot blocker, puts his body in danger for the team every game he plays, what more can u expect from a player , hes probably blocked several GREAT goal opportunity's .....hes human, he will have bad games like anyone else, even EP40 has had some bad games...so deal with it. Good callups, hopefully both get in and help the team win more games
  3. sad day loved him on HNIC .....hockey is going down the drain with all my old favs being let go
  4. and seatle are the only team i cheer for, since whitecap ownership are total trash, and the whitecaps will never be good, since they dont spend money, look at toronto , they spend money and make so many MLS cups , they may not win em, but man they atleast make the playoffs
  5. lol like i said in the other threads, reality is catching up , canucks had a easy schedule ........and another game were they scored 1 goal again lol
  6. they wont fire him, they gave him a contract extension , so we stuck with him, for atleast this year anyway
  7. nay, just reality starting to set in, canucks had the easiest schedule to start, and they now comming back to earth ...things will start getting harder and harder and no more easy games like we had, but playing like this vs chicago and jets who have injury issues is something to worry about, but guess we will see what happens on sunday
  8. Well its GG another game were we only get 1 goal ....
  9. hes a good coach, but is still considered a rookie , he will make mistakes, hes young .....best thing is he will need to learn from them
  10. so gullable , face the truth they comming back to earth and smelling reality , plus they have had the easiest schedule lol
  11. canucks having a hard time with a wounded jets team think the start of the season was a fluke if this keeps happening they look so bad the past couple games...not sure whats going on, i think teams have figured out the canucks, and are locking them down now
  12. they will never fire newell, hes to well liked by ownership, green and JB....even if his PP stinks and they know it, he still will be there
  13. Bet money he wont be playing this year, and next year is maybe 30% chance ....i wouldnt hold my breathe on this guy...FFT
  14. It wont be a blow out this time, but i still feel we can win, so im guessing the score will be 3-3 , and van wins in OT 4-3