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  1. I've read, not all, but most of the comments and I'm surprised at the number who disagree with the contract. A few points to keep in mind: - free agency is a bidding war and there were others interested in signing Beagle - based on our record over the last couple of years, Vancouver is not the most attractive destination for free agents. The only way you're going to get them is by offering a bit more money and a longer term. - I don't think anyone disagrees with our need for more size and grit in the lineup. We now have some good sized centres. - anyone who has played some serious hockey knows that you play a tougher game when there are guys on your team to back you up. I fully expect guys like Virtanen, Gudbranson, Archibald, Leipsic and even Gagner will play a grittier game knowing someone has their back. - imagine how long and loud the complaints would be if we didn't sign these guys and the opposition players ran at Boeser or Pettersson with no push back (it happened to Boeser last year). - the management's job is to make the team incrementally better with each signing or trade. They haven't always done that so I'm not giving them a free ride but I think we are a little better than we were two weeks ago e.g Beagle better than Gaunce. - in the whole scheme of things, it didn't cost the team that much (unlike the Eriksson contract)
  2. 27 Different 2018 Draft Rankings - Top 10 Compiled

    How old were the lists that you used? Surprised that Kotkaneimi, who was a recent addition to most of the top 10's, is not on your list. Also Dobson has moved up on most of the recent reports.
  3. Very happy that the Bruins are gone and even happier that Marchand's antics heavily contributed to their demise. "The Lick" gave Tampa increased intensity and certainly turned the officials against the Bruins. Marchand is a disgusting person who shows no respect for the game or the other players. He is a selfish piece of bull dung and I hope Chara takes him out to the woodshed and beats the crap out of him for the harm he did to the team. Go Jets.
  4. Marchand Told by NHL to Stop Licking Players

    In any other workplace situation, licking someone would result in immediate dismissal and, likely, a visit from the local police. The NHL's response is: "That wasn't very nice, Brad, please don't do it again." Weak and inappropriate. Marchand is a disgusting person who continually disgraces the game and shows no respect for other players. The NHL needs to grow some balls.
  5. [Report] Tom Wilson suspended 3 games

    Wilson was suspended for being taller than Aston Reese. Both players were looking at each other before the hit and both could have bailed but decided not to. It's a hockey play with an unfortunate outcome and not worth 3 games. The NHL is the only major sport that "changes the rules" when the playoffs start then confuses everyone by trying to appear to be doing the right thing.
  6. Marchand Told by NHL to Stop Licking Players

    I was watching this game and was repulsed by Marchand's behaviour. It even made "Pardon the Interruption" (which never talks about hockey issues) only because it was so weird and slimy. Marchand seems to find new levels of disrespect for the game and the opposition players - I'm surprised he only got a phone call. If ever there was a need for a 10 game suspension for unsportsmanlike conduct, this was the time. Marchand can't help himself - he has a serious problem. It's a shame because he doesn't need to do that crap.
  7. Improving the Defence

    I agree that Sautner played well when brought up at the end of the season but I don't think he would have been given the chance if McEneny and Brisbois weren't out with injuries. The point is, Sautner's play shows we do have some young guys in the minors that deserve a chance but we don't seem to create the opportunities for them. Instead, we bring in "projects" and long-term free agents signings that block these guys from cracking the lineup. I get the argument that they have to earn their spot on the team but we should, at least, give them a fighting chance.
  8. Improving the Defence

    Up for discussion, our depth chart (and potential line-up for next year) looks like this: LEFT RIGHT Edler Tanev Del Zotto Stetcher Juolevi Gudbranson Puoliot Biega Hutton Chatfield McEneny Brisebois Sautner Tryamkin??? As one of the teams with the lowest points from the back end and near the bottom of the league in goals against, this is definitely an area that needs some immediate attention, especially some depth on the right side. Drafting some right shot prospects is a priority but will not fill the immediate need. The talk of trading Tanev has some merit considering his potential value and injury history but it only makes the need for a right hand replacement a greater priority. The best free agent is John Carlson, 53 points last year and shoots right but his cost will be high if he even agrees to come to a west coast, bottom of the league team. It would be good to get some of the younger guys in the lineup but that means clearing out some of the marginal players on the left side (Hutton, Puoliot) to make room for some of the younger players (Juolevi, McEneny, Brisebois). My wishlist: trade Tanev, Hutton and Puoliot for draft choices and sign Carlson.
  9. A Bad Restaurant

    I was around when the Canucks entered the league. I had season tickets in the 70's and 80's until work took me away from BC for 24 years. This team has a LONG history of questionable ownership that has hired equally questionable management and, so far, I'm having trouble seeing where our current situation is any different. I have been a very loyal fan but everything has a breaking limit and the Canucks have managed to find mine. I made a career as senior management for a large company so I feel I am qualified to say - if the Canucks corporation were in any other industry, they would be bankrupt because of poor management and customer relations. I'm tired of feeling angry and frustrated after watching their games. Call me when they get it together.
  10. A Bad Restaurant

    Imagine this scenario. You have been going to your favourite restaurant for years but lately they have served you horrible food. When you complain to management, they apologize and tell you that their current chef is old and slow and ready to retire. But they have a new chef coming who is still at BCIT and getting really high marks so please keep coming to our restaurant and eat the bad meals because things will get better. What do you say to the restaurant owner?
  11. Report Cards: The halfway point [Discussion]

    This is much more realistic than the A's and B's given by other posters. It's unrealistic to give a 28th place team a lot of high ratings. Are the ratings meant to be a measure of effort or talent? If you are rating players based on playing to their potential and skill level, then guys like Biega should be rated higher (B) and Edler lower (D), for example. There are players who give their heart and soul every night (e.g. Gaunce) but don't have the skill level to play much better.
  12. Canucks radio broadcast

    Thanks for the suggestions. The "Listen Live" option on SN650 doesn't work for me and I think it may be only for residents of BC.
  13. Canucks radio broadcast

    I'm a Canuck fan living in Australia who likes to listen to the Canuck games while I work. The game starting times here are 9:30 am to 1:00 pm depending on where they are playing. Last year it was easy to go to Radio1040 and listen but the change to SN650 is not as obvious. Can anyone help?
  14. [PTO] Canucks sign Scottie Upshall to a PTO

    Definitely in contention for the best looking wife on the team.