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  1. Riding the bus in the AHL after the luxury of the NHL tends to motivate.
  2. How about " In theory there is no difference between practice and theory, but in practice there is "
  3. When you don't have defense your goalie can lose confidence. Devan Dubnyk did well in Minny after Edmonton.
  4. Just for accuracy, a Canadian by the name of Pat Quinn brought this team back from the brink.
  5. Jovo. A give away machine. I liked him but did he ever cough up the puck.
  6. He should trade Sbiza Chaput and Megna for Drouin. That would help the team. Right?
  7. Travis Green will not have a line that is a defensive liability.
  8. It will probably take a few years to get there. I would not be surprised if he is eased into the NHL on 4th or 3rd line.
  9. I agree. My point was It was not a case of Willie not wanting him and now that Green was in charge things were going to change. Subban has not been good enough and Green has been a big reason he did not get called up. As part of the management team he has been saying this guy is not ready for the NHL.
  10. Green is the reason Subban did not get a sniff.
  11. Nobody coached a more wide open fire wagon brand of hockey than Willie over his career. It is hard to do when you have an AHL roster playing in the NHL.
  12. Sounds like you want a guy like Willie D. Built a career of fire wagon brand hockey. It's just hard to do when you're playing an AHL team against NHL teams.
  13. Crow also benches young players way more than Willie and the sh#t show that will happen on here will be hilarious.